Jenny, German expert

Jenny Tehraud – German Expert

Jenny is lingoni’s co-founder and originally founded the German with Jenny and French with Alicia YouTube channels. She manages lingoni together with Jacqueline, ensuring the quality of the learning content and managing the company’s finances. Jenny can be seen in lots of videos on the lingoni GERMAN YouTube channel and in the Instagram stories. She has lived in four different countries and speaks five languages. Jenny loves vegan food, enjoys an eco-friendly lifestyle and has two dogs called Snoopy and Minou.

Lingoni, a language learning platform founded in 2019 by the sisters Jenny and Jacqueline, traces its roots back to the German with Jenny YouTube channel, established in 2015. The channel rapidly gained popularity, accumulating several hundred subscribers within a few years.

The lingoni platform currently provides language learning apps for German, English, and French. Lingoni provides a unique language learning experience by connecting users with native speakers who are not only proficient in multiple languages but have also traveled extensively and immersed themselves in diverse cultures.

Managed by women, the company stands out as an embodiment of female empowerment. With a vision for future growth, lingoni aims to expand its portfolio to encompass more than 10 languages. 

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