iTutorGroup Review: The Truth About Being An iTutorGroup Consultant

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iTutorGroup is a platform that connects online teachers to students from around the world. The students are kids and adults, and the class lengths vary. The company provides all lesson plans for teachers, which makes preparation really simple!

Pay Rate and Incentives
Scheduling Flexibility
Teacher Support and Communication
Platform and Teaching Materials
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Students can book you 24/7
  • Career progression opportunities
  • Teachers can't appeal student feedback
  • Student levels aren't consistent
  • Some teachers have location-based pay

I collaborated with Teacher Kelly on this in-depth iTutorGroup review. She’ll walk you through everything it takes to become an iTutorGroup consultant. She’ll also let you in on some tricks of the trade along the way. Here’s what she had to say:

I am an experienced online English teacher and recruiter and I have worked with several different online teaching companies. I have worked with iTutorGroup since October 2018. Since then, I have completed almost 1,500 online English lessons with the company.

This is a picture of Teacher Kelly working as an iTutorGroup consultant. She wrote this iTutorGroup review to help you decide if it's the right job for you.

I also work or recruit for 13 companies in total: VIPKID, iTutorGroup, Gogokid, One on One English, Magic Ears, SkyENG, Palfish, Cambly, Engoo, Whales and BlingABC. All companies have their pros and cons, so I tell teachers to prioritize their needs/wants and find a company that best matches them! 

If you would like to work with iTutorGroup, apply through the link below to interview directly with me!

What Is iTutorGroup?

iTutorGroup is one of the most popular online English education companies. It has hundreds of thousands of students around the world, and its teaching consultants are located around the world, too!


The company has been around since 1998. This makes it one of the more stable options, in my opinion. A lot of other online English companies are relatively new, and new ones pop up all the time. 

The students are mainly from China, Taiwan, and Japan. There is a mix of children and adults, too. A lot of other online English jobs, like VIPKID, only let you teach children.

iTutorGroup has a few different education brands, including TutorABC, vipJr, tutorJr, TutorMing, and LiveH2H. This iTutorGroup review will focus on my experience as an iTutorGroup consultant.

Is iTutorGroup Legit?

Yes, iTutorGroup is a legit online job opportunity. Just like any other job, you need to meet the requirements and apply before you can start earning money though.

A young student sitting at a desk with a computer. An iTutorGroup consultant is teaching a lesson on the computer screen.

I’ll talk about the application later in this iTutorGroup review, but this job is definitely a great way to earn money online, gain valuable experience teaching kids, and possibly start a new career!

Is iTutorGroup Worth It?

Being a consultant iTutorGroup is a flexible and unique way to earn money teaching English online. Because it’s a huge platform, you don’t need to worry about finding your own students.The company is also reliable and pays on time.

For these reasons (and a lot of others!), working as an iTutorGroup consultant is completely worth it!

iTutorGroup Requirements and Qualifications

The iTutorGroup requirements are pretty straightforward. It is becoming more competitive to become an iTutorGroup consultant, so make sure you meet all of these requirements before you apply. The company also verifies your documents.

        • Bachelor’s degree or higher in any subject
        • Access to a computer with a reliable internet connection
        • A computer with Windows or macOS (Desktop & Laptop are acceptable)
        • A background with the iTutorGroup logo (more on this later)

iTutorGroup also prefers its consultants to have the following:

        • English teaching certificate (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA)
        • At least one year of recognized teaching experience

As you can see, the iTutorGroup requirements are pretty self-explanatory. If you’re a completely new teacher, you may not meet all of them. Don’t worry though! There are companies like Palfish or Outschool that allow you to gain more teaching experience.

Where Do I Get A TEFL Certificate?

If you don’t have a TEFL certificate yet, you can get a TEFL certificate online. It’s very important to study through a reputable company though. 

There are some very cheap options out there, and not all schools accept them because the certificates are very low quality. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you get at least a 120-hour TEFL certificate to work as an English teacher, whether you teach English abroad or online.

A girl sitting at a desk with her laptop and notebook. She is studying for her online TEFL certificate.

An accredited online TEFL certificate usually starts around $200 USD. You can earn that money back within a week of teaching English online! Here are a couple high-quality TEFL certificates:

How much does iTutorGroup pay?

Your iTutorGroup pay rate depends on your qualifications and how often you teach. There is a wide pay range, so make sure to have as many qualifications as you can! The iTutorGroup base pay rate ranges from $1.50 USD to $10.50 USD per class

In addition to your base pay, there are also bonuses you can earn!

How Does iTutorGroup Determine Base Pay?

Your iTutorGroup pay rate depends on your qualifications, your location, and whether or not you’re a native English speaker. 

Whether or not you’re a native speaker is probably the biggest thing that impacts your pay. To get the highest rate possible as a non-native speaker, be sure and gain as much experience as you can before applying!

In the past, iTutorGroup also paid different rates for teachers living in different countries. This happened for native and non-native teachers. Your base pay could also change if you moved to another country. However, this is starting to change, especially for native speakers.

iTutorGroup Bonuses And Raise Requirements

When you work as an iTutorGroup consultant, you can earn more than your base pay rate. You have the opportunity to earn bonuses and even get raises! Here’s a quick description of the iTutorGroup bonuses and raise requirements.

A few dollars sittting on a laptop. iTutorGroup bonus opportunities can add a lot to your income!

Monthly Bonuses And Extra Incentives

There are two main bonuses you can earn each month. The iTutorGroup attendance bonus (or completion bonus) is for showing up to every class and teaching. This one is pretty much guaranteed! 

The other iTutorGroup bonus is called the contribution bonus. This one depends on your total hours taught since you started with iTutorGroup, as well as your monthly hours taught. Your iTutorGroup contribution points go up the more you teach.

Throughout the year, iTutorGroup also offers extra incentives. They often have giveaways and prize drawings for merchandise and money. They also give occasional bonuses. This past Teacher’s Day, they gave every teacher who worked a small money bonus.

How To Get An iTutorGroup Raise

For some contracts, it is possible to get a raise. To do this, you need 1,000 teaching hours and to have a rating above 9.5 with less than 3% being low ratings. 

iTutorGroup assesses you monthly for this. There is no limit on the number of raises you can get!

iTutorGroup Bookings

With iTutorGroup, there is no guaranteed pay or bookings. You are only paid for what you teach. To make money teaching online, you need to make sure you have bookings. Your iTutorGroup bookings will determine how much you earn each month.

In my experience, bookings are pretty consistent. Normally, the booking rate is pretty high (above 90%). This can fluctuate depending on what’s going on though, like holidays or exams.

It’s important to remember that iTutorGroup does not have a minimum hours requirement, like some other online English schools. All iTutorGroup consultants should try to teach at least 5 peak hours each week, but it’s not a requirement.

iTutorGroup Peak Hours

To increase your bookings, make sure to open your availability during the iTutorGroup peak hours! Here are the peak hours (in Beijing time):


You can set your iTutorGroup hours for any time, but these are the times students will most likely book you.

Track Your iTutorGroup Pay

It’s possible to track your iTutorGroup pay throughout the month. This can help ensure you meet your financial goals. It’s really easy to track, too.

You can see your upcoming payment under the payroll section of the teaching tab. There’s a clear breakdown of your base pay, number of classes taught, and bonuses and incentives. This page updates a few times throughout the day, so it’s always up-to-date.

How Often Do I Get Paid With iTutorGroup?

iTutorGroup pays its consultants monthly. Everyone receives their payments through a wire transfer to their bank account. This is the only way iTutorGroup sends your payment.

You may pay a fee to your bank, depending on which bank you have an account with. There is also a small fee from iTutorGroup if you earn under a certain amount. The exact fee and threshold depend on the currency of your payment.

iTutorGroup Interview Process

Now that you know all about the requirements and payments, let me walk you through the iTutorGroup interview process. The company has gotten stricter on hiring lately. Fewer applicants are receiving offers, so it’s very important to have a great interview! 

A prospective English teacher completing the iTutorGroup demo class. This iTutorGroup review covers the whole interview process to become an iTutorGroup consultant.

How Long Does The iTutorGroup Hiring Process Take?

There are 5 steps in the iTutorGroup hiring process: application, interview, contract signing, onboarding, and teaching your first class. It’s a pretty straightforward process. If you work quickly, you can complete the whole hiring process in 3-4 days. 

iTutorGroup Demo Lesson

After you complete your application and send in your documents, the next step is your iTutorGroup Demo Lesson. Every applicant is required to do this. The demo is also the only teaching part of the application process. There is no additional mock class, so make sure to prepare! 

The demo usually lasts between 3-5 minutes, and it’s pretty simple. Interviewers can vary greatly though, so make sure to do your best no matter what! Here’s an example of a great iTutorGroup demo lesson:

It’s important to say that not everyone passes. Like I said before, the company is becoming more strict with its requirements. There are also a lot of online English teachers now, so the market is a bit saturated.

Here are the criteria for your iTutorGroup demo lesson and some tips to pass:

You can choose either a live or automated interview, whichever is your choice. If you apply with my link, you will interview directly with me! 

For my interviews, I ask a few questions about teaching experience and reactions to scenarios. Then I have the applicants demo 1 slide. It’s super easy!

Apply To iTutorGroup And Interview With Me!

Sign Your iTutorGroup Contract

After a successful interview (hopefully with me!), it’ll be time to sign your iTutorGroup contract. Then you’ll be an official online English teacher! Exciting! 

Your iTutorGroup contract is very important. This is where you can see your base pay rate and job requirements. While each contract is different, there are some things that are the same for everybody.

In the past, your pay rate and raises depended on your student reviews. Contracts have recently changed to not have ratings affect pay though. Base pay rates have actually gone up because of this!

The iTutorGroup contract is full of complicated words, but there are some things you should check for. This picture shows an iTutorGroup consultant signing his iTutorGroup contract.

The iTutorGroup contract length is 6 months. You have the option to renew it every 6 months, as long as you continue meeting the requirements. 

What To Look For In Your iTutorGroup Contract

The iTutorGroup contract is lengthy and has lots of jargon. It can be understood, but may need a couple times reading it to absorb everything.

Your pay rate is very clear though. In fact, your pay rate is front and center once you pass your interview! There are some other things you should be sure to look for in your contract though.

An online English teacher reviewing her iTutorGroup contract. This iTutorGroup review walks you through the different aspects of the iTutorGroup contract.

Review the expectations for teachers with regards to class etiquette and interactions with students. This is obviously really important. Not meeting these expectations can result in iTutorGroup terminating your contract! 

Pay attention to penalties for cancelling and no shows. The penalties aren’t hefty, but you need to be aware of them.

iTutorGroup Absences And Cancellation Policy

Compared to other online English schools, the iTutorGroup absences and cancellation policy is super flexible. It’s important to review it in your contract though to make sure you don’t impact your bookings or your students.

The iTutorGroup cancellation policy is flexible. This image shows an online teacher wearing a mask.

You can cancel your iTutorGroup class as long as you give at least four hours notice. You are penalized if you cancel under four hours before the class start time.

That doesn’t mean you should wait until then to cancel though. iTutorGroup suggests not cancelling a lot of classes less than 24 hours before the class starts. If you do, you won’t be penalized, but your booking rate may suffer. Students want dependable teachers!

A Walkthrough Of The iTutorGroup Platform

Once you sign your contract, it’s time to learn about the iTutorGroup platform and teach your first class! To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a quick walkthrough of what you’ll see and what you need. 

iTutorGroup Background and Props

First things first – You need to create your iTutorGroup background. You can choose between two options for your background.

One is to have the iTutorGroup logo fully covering your background area. The other is to have a decorated background with a clearly visible iTutorGroup logo included.  These can be done physically or digitally.

Here’s what my background looks like:

A picture of my iTutorGroup background. There is a map, learning pictures, and the iTutorGroup logo.

You can also use props during your lessons. iTutorGroup encourages and prefers that teachers use props, but they aren’t required. I use props and have a variety of 2D printed items, some toys, and other 3D items.

The iTutorGroup Online Teaching Platform

Everything you do with the company will be through the iTutorGroup online teaching platform. Updating your profile, tracking your bookings and payments, and teaching classes are all in this platform.

How To Find iTutorGroup Students

A great perk of working with an online platform like iTutorGroup is that you don’t need to find your own students. They find them for you! The company most assigns students to teachers, but students can also choose their own teachers.

I usually have a mix of both regular and new students. Once you build up your profile and experience, you’ll start to see more regulars. This helps you earn more consistent money!

What iTutorGroup Levels Will I Teach?

iTutorGroup typically assigns kids and adults of all levels to teachers who are just starting out. There are also additional classes that are invite-only. These classes are Oxford University Press (OUP) and demos.

To teach these invite-only classes, you can complete the training that is in the iTutorGroup training portal. The training is typically just slides, videos, and quizzes. You can complete most of them pretty quickly.

iTutorGroup Lesson Plans

In addition to finding students for you, the company also provides lessons for every class. The iTutorGroup lesson plans are pretty straightforward, and you’ll notice a similar structure in most of them.

A blackboard with ABC written on it. The iTutorGroup lesson plans are simple and straightforward. They required almost no planning on your part. This is an important aspect to include in this iTutorGroup review.

Some lessons are great, while others aren’t. You are free to add your own twist to any lesson though. You can add extra slides, photos, or other teaching tools.

Teaching Tips: Your First iTutorGroup Class

Teaching your first iTutorGroup class can be scary. Don’t panic though! The company hired you for a reason, and you are ready to help students around the world learn English. Here are some quick tips to make your first class run as smoothly as possible.

Students can schedule classes up to an hour beforehand, so check your Upcoming Sessions in the teacher portal to make sure you don’t miss a booking. You can view the lesson plan once a student schedules a class, so definitely do so!

When the time comes, be sure to enter your class 3 minutes early. This is true for your first class and all of your future classes. 3 minutes is plenty of time to sort out any minor technical issues you may have, and it also ensures you can start class on time.

Starting and finishing class on time is very important. It’s more important that you teach the entire allotted time though. You should never finish a class early! 

If you have completed the entire lesson plan, strike up a conversation with your student about different topics to fill the rest of the time. 

Before you know it, you’ll have completed your first class. The first of many, hopefully! Always be sure to complete your progress report afterwards for every class. If you have a student no show, stay the full time and still complete the report.

iTutorGroup Classroom And ManyCam

There are 3 different versions of the iTutorGroup classroom. The most common version, at least for me, is TutorMeetPlus. It’s pretty easy to use.

A screenshot of the iTutorGroup classroom. You can see the iTutorGroup lesson plan, your camera, and your student's camera.

With all classrooms, you can clearly see your student, yourself, and the iTutorGroup lesson plan. 

One way to make your lessons more interactive is to use the teaching tools that iTutorGroup provides. You and your student can draw on the slides using different colors, circle items, and erase everything and start again. 

Another tool you can use to enhance your classes is ManyCam. If you want something more engaging than drawing on the slides, ManyCam lets you use virtual props in your webcam. It’s super easy to use and you can add anything you can think of!

iTutorGroup Feedback and Teaching Stats

As you complete more classes, receive more feedback from students, and earn more money, you’ll probably want to track everything. You can see your iTutorGroup feedback and teaching stats in the teacher portal.

You can find your parent feedback in the “Feedback Report” section of the teaching tab. The rating system is 1 through 10, with 1 being low and 10 being high. You should always try to get a 10 for every class!

A teacher reading her iTutorGroup feedback while sitting at her desk. Your feedback is very important with this company, and that's why I included it in this iTutorGroup review.

Be aware that you may need to use Google Translate to read some of your feedback because the platform doesn’t always translate it to English.

All of your other stats are also available in the teacher portal. The number of classes you’ve taught is on the homepage, your cancellations are in the cancellation system, and your absences are in the attendance system.

iTutorGroup Support and Tech Help

I find the iTutorGroup support team responsive and helpful.  I rarely have tech issues, but when I do, they have gotten it sorted. 

If you need support or technical help, iTutorGroup has both a live chat and a ticket system. Live chat is mostly for contacting IT or the scheduling team regarding more urgent issues. You can submit a ticket for most other things.

A computer with a note saying "help" on it. This iTutorGroup review covers the teacher support from the company, which is usually pretty good.

The response times to tickets can vary a bit, but typically they respond within a few days. I typically get responses to my tickets within about 48 hours.

iTutorGroup Competitors And Alternatives

There are countless online English schools nowadays, and new ones open almost every day. To find the best online English teaching jobs and to see if iTutorGroup is a good fit for you, you should review some of iTutorGroup’s competitors. Here are some of the most popular iTutorGroup competitors:

iTutorGroup vs VIPKID

VIPKID is a Chinese company that connects native English-speaking teachers to Chinese students. All VIPKID students are children, so if that’s who you prefer to teach, this could be a good choice for you. That’s why I wanted to include this iTutorGroup vs VIPKID match-up.

Teach English Online with VIPKID

Most classes are 25 minutes, and the pay rate is competitive with iTutorGroup. However, the cancellation policy is a lot more strict at VIPKID. If you want the most flexibility, VIPKID may not be a good fit. To learn more about becoming a VIPKID teacher, read this in-depth VIPKID teacher review.

iTutorGroup vs Palfish

Palfish is another online English company that caters to mainly Chinese students. Similar to iTutorGroup, you have the option to teach children or adults. So it makes sense to compare iTutorGroup vs Palfish when you’re looking at online English teaching jobs.

Palfish is an online company that offers English lessons to children and adults

With Palfish, you can sign into your account anytime you want and start teaching informal lessons over video or audio. Students may call about homework, a job interview, or any other topic.

Flexibility is one of the best perks of working with Palfish. You also set your own pay for informal courses, but that means there’s a lot of competition to earn more money. Check out this Palfish review if you’re interested in learning more.

iTutorGroup vs Outschool

The final comparison I’ll do is iTutorGroup vs Outschool. Outschool is an online school, but it offers a lot more than English. In fact, you can teach anything you want!

Three animations of teachers teaching different subjects. Becoming an Outschool teacher is straightforward and a great way to earn money online.

As an Outschool teacher, you create your own lessons, set your own pay rate, and work whenever you want. The students are around the world, so you can open your availability at any time of day. This is an advantage over schools like VIPKID, where the hours are only based on the time in Beijing. 

All Outschool students speak English, too. It’s a lot of work to create your lesson plans upfront, but then it’s usually smooth sailing from there. Read this Outschool review to learn more about this opportunity.

Other iTutorGroup Competitors

There are a lot of other iTutorGroup competitors, but these three are the most popular. I teach and recruit for a bunch of different schools, but I still think iTutorGroup is one of the best. 

Personal iTutorGroup Reviews: iTutorGroup Benefits

Reading through iTutorGroup reviews like this one, you’ll see there are a lot of great things about this company. Here are my top iTutorGroup benefits:

        • Flexibility: You can cancel classes up to 4 hours beforehand without any issues.
        • Variety: The students are kids and adults. There are different class sizes and lengths, and the company gives you a lot of different material for teaching.
        • Bookings: The company operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can typically book quite a few off-peak hours.
        • Freedom: No one monitors your teaching, and you can deliver lessons how you like. You can also add your own slides or photos to your lessons.
        • Career Progression: There are other iTutorGroup jobs for teachers. This means you won’t always be doing the same things everyday. This is a huge perk for me.

Personal iTutorGroup Reviews: iTutorGroup Downfalls

Of course, every job also has its downfalls. I love working for iTutorGroup, but here are some areas for improvement:

        • Rating System: Students can rate teachers however they like (fairly or unfairly), and teachers can’t individually appeal ratings.
        • Location-Based Pay: Your location can affect or influence your  iTutorGroup pay rate. This means that a teacher with your same nationality and background could earn more or less depending on where they’re located. This seems to be going away though.
        • Lesson Plans: Some of the lessons need a serious update. They are either too short, too long, inappropriate for their level, or other issues.
        • Student Levels: The company often places students incorrectly, so teachers need to do lots of scaffolding to adjust the material or lesson to the level that the student needs.

My Overall iTutorGroup Review

Overall, I would definitely recommend becoming an iTutorGroup consultant! It’s an excellent opportunity for new and experienced online ESL teachers. You usually get classes from day 1, so it’s a great place to start and get your feet wet.

Another reason to work for the company is the money you can earn. It’s possible to earn consistent income and receive pay raises over time. Many teachers are full-time with just iTutorGroup (but I always suggest having multiple companies for security and variety).

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