About Langoly

Welcome to Langoly! I’m Chad, and I started this website for people who love languages.

Whether you’re a language learner or teacher, I hope the language app reviews and online teaching reviews here at Langoly get you one step closer to achieving your language goals.

Who Am I?

I’m a language learner, an English teacher, and I love finding and testing the latest language learning resources.

I started learning German in school when I was 12 years old, and I immediately fell in love with the language. Growing up in the middle of the USA (I’m from a town called Normal), I hadn’t really been exposed to other cultures or languages. All I knew was corn fields and baseball!

Studying German opened my eyes to the world around me though. It stretched my mind and forced me to think in different ways.

My love for German stayed strong all throughout school. I studied it all the way through high school and even in university. I was always the top of my class and could tell you every grammar rule without even thinking. Then I got the opportunity to travel to Germany with my high school…

…and I struggled having even a basic conversation.

My Language Learning Breakthrough

After countless hours of studying and getting the best grades in class, I couldn’t understand why I struggled communicating in German. I knew the vocabulary, I knew the grammar, and I even knew some cool slang words!

But when someone said anything to me in German, I froze.

That’s when I started to realize I had only learned about the language. I hadn’t learned to actually communicate in it.

I spent all my time memorizing everything I could find in German, but when it came to talking to someone, I had to think for myself in German.

And I simply couldn’t do it.

Moving Abroad

My language learning journey could have ended there. For a while, I thought I had wasted all of that time. I spent years learning a language and I couldn’t even speak it. What was the point in continuing?

I still had an underlying passion for discovering new places and languages though.

During university, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland. I was excited to explore a new country, and I thought I could maybe try and learn some French while I was there.

As it turns out, I didn’t have a choice!

This was my first time actually being immersed in a new language. Not knowing any French, I freaked out.

How would I go to the grocery store? What if I needed to buy a bus ticket? Who could I ask for directions if I got lost?

I had to learn as many words as I could and stumble through conversations for a while…but then I started improving!

Moving Abroad…Again

By the end of my study abroad semester in Geneva, I wasn’t fluent in French by any means. I could have a decent conversation though, and that felt amazing.

I had a new confidence in terms of language learning and I started looking for a way to move abroad again the second I got back home to the US.

Insert Belgium.

I found an English-language master’s degree program at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium and sent in my application. After a few months, I got an acceptance letter and went through the visa process. Then I booked my flight!

I figured I’d be fine getting around in Brussels since the main language is French. The main language at my university was Dutch though, so I signed up for a Dutch class and bought a few books so I could start studying before I moved.

By the time I finished my degree, I had a pretty average level of Dutch. Like French, I definitely wasn’t fluent, but I could easily understand what was happening around me.

Applying the Lessons I Learned

Learning to communicate in French and Dutch really helped me wrap my head around what actually helps people learn languages.

I started applying these lessons to the English classes I teach, and I saw a lot of improvement in my students’ communication skills in a shorter amount of time.

I also started researching different language learning apps. I wanted to see how they approached language learning, and my mind was blown. There were so many different apps available!

I found some really cool ones, but I also found some really bad ones.

So how were people supposed to know which ones to use?

Flash Forward to Today

I now live permanently in Spain, and am (of course) trying to improve my Spanish every day.

As I continue to learn the language, I also continue to use different language apps to see how helpful they are.

I’ve learned a lot from my experiences and research – which apps are the easiest to use, which apps genuinely try to help you learn vs those just trying to make money, and most importantly, which apps actually help you learn a language.

Why I Started Langoly

And these are the reasons I started Langoly. I hope my language app reviews help you find the best way to learn your target language. And if you’re a language teacher, I hope the online teaching reviews help you find the best company to work with.

Wasting time with useless resources is frustrating and can kill your motivation. That’s why I write comprehensive, in-depth reviews that tell you everything you need to know – So you don’t waste your time using a bunch of different tools.

All Langoly reviews are independent and unbiased. Some of them do contain affiliate links, but money can’t buy a positive review from Langoly. Only great products and companies get great reviews!

Thanks again for stopping by, and I wish you all the best on reaching your language goals!