The Products We’ve Tested at Langoly

At Langoly, we’re a team of language lovers. We’re learners, we’re teachers, and we’re advocates for language education. Every member of our team is immersed in the vibrant world of languages, and we have a genuine passion for helping bring the joy of languages to everyone around the world.

If we recommend a product, it’s because we have personally used it, tested it, and found it effective and helpful. We know everyone learns differently and has different preferences when it comes to language products, so that’s why usually more than one of our team members tests each product – to provide a different perspective that can help you decide what’s best for you. 

This sets Langoly apart from other review websites. Our team independently tests language learning products using a defined multi-point scoring methodology in order to determine which products earn a spot in our “Best of” articles and which we tell consumers to avoid.

If you’re curious which products we’ve tested, you can find a complete list below:

100 Phrasal Verbs to Learn for Life
1000 Hebrew Sentences: Dual Language Hebrew-English, Interlinear & Parallel Text
15 Minute Mandarin Chinese
17 Minute Languages
2000 Most Common Arabic Words in Context
2000 Most Common Chinese Characters
2000 Most Common Japanese Words in Context
2000 Most Common Korean Words in Context
2000 Most Common Russian Words in Context
2000 Most Common Turkish Words in Context
333 Modern Greek Verbs
5 Minute Cantonese
50 German Coffee Breaks
50 Italian Coffee Breaks
600 Basic Words
90 Day Korean
A Practical Hungarian Grammar
A Taste of Finnish
Advanced English Conversation Dialogues
Amazing Talker
American Sign Language Dictionary
American Sign Language for Beginners
Anil Mahato
Arabic for Dummies
Arabic Online
Arabic Stories for Language Learners
Arabic Workshop
Arabic-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
ASL Bloom
ASL Connect
ASL Deafined
ASL Meredith
Audible course
Audible: Everyday Vietnamese for Beginners
Audible: FSI Cantonese Basic Course
Banana Thai
Barron’s 501 Italian Verbs
Barron’s American Sign Language
Basic Kanji Book
Basic Mandarin Chinese
Basic Tagalog: Learn to Speak Modern Filipino/ Tagalog
BBC Learning English
Be Fluent in Russian
Because Czech is Cool!
Beginner’s Finnish with Online Audio
Beginner’s Russian (with Workbook)
Beginner’s Ukrainian
Beginning Learner’s Ukrainian Dictionary
Beginning Urdu
Bilingual Visual Dictionary
Bill Vicars
Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, a Textbook
Brazilian PodClass
British Council
British Council English Online
Bule Belajar Bahasa
Cantonese Corner
Cestina Expres
Čeština s Michalem
Chai and Conversation
Chatty Cantonese
Chinese Demystified
Chinese Demystified: A Self-Teaching Guide
Chinese for Dummies
Chinese For Us
Chinese Short Stories for Beginners
Chinese Stories for Language Learners
Chinese Uncovered
Chinese Zero to Hero
Chinese Zero to Hero (Teachable affiliate)
Class Central
Coffee Break Chinese
Coffee Break English
Coffee Break French
Coffee Break German
Coffee Break Italian
Coffee Break Portuguese
Coffee Break Spanish
Coffee Break Swedish
Collins Turkish Phrasebook and Dictionary
Colloquial Czech
Colloquial Finnish
Colloquial Hungarian
Colloquial Levantine Arabic
Comme une Française
Complete Arabic
Complete Brazilian Portuguese
Complete Cantonese
Complete Croatian
Complete Czech
Complete Danish
Complete Dutch: Beginner to Intermediate
Complete Finnish
Complete French All-in-One (Practice Makes Perfect)
Complete German All-in-One
Complete Greek
Complete Hindi
Complete Indonesian
Complete Italian All-in-One
Complete Italian Step-by-Step
Complete Mandarin Chinese
Complete Modern Persian (Farsi)
Complete Romanian
Complete Russian
Complete Spanish Step-by-Step
Complete Spanish Workbook for Beginners
Complete Swedish
Complete Turkish
Complete Ukrainian
Complete Urdu
Conversational French Quick and Easy:
Conversational Hebrew Quick and Easy
Conversational Italian Dialogues
Conversational Russian Dialogues
Conversational Tagalog Dialogues
Conversational Turkish Dialogues
Coto Japanese Academy
Croatian Experience with Sanda
Croatian Language Academy
Czech Frequency Dictionary
Czech Practical Dictionary
Czech Step by Step
Czech Word Translation Book
Czech-English/English-Czech Practical Dictionary
Czech: An Essential Grammar
Daily French Pod
Damon and Jo
Danish Mastery
Danish Tutor
Der Die Das
Der, Die, Das: The Secrets of German Gender
Deutsch Akademie Trainer
Discover Romanian
Do You Speak Greek?
Dolce Vita with Luca & Marina
Dr. Deepa Gupta
Dutch First
Dutchies to be – Learn Dutch with Kim
Easy Arabic
Easy Arabic Grammar
Easy Croatian
Easy Czech
Easy Danish
Easy Dutch
Easy Dutch Phrasebook
Easy English
Easy Finnish
Easy French
Easy French Phrase Book
Easy French Step-by-Step
Easy German
Easy German Phrasebook
Easy Greek
Easy Indonesian
Easy Italian Phrase Book
Easy Japanese
Easy Languages
Easy Peasy Turkish
Easy Persian
Easy Polish
Easy Portuguese Phrasebook
Easy Russian
Easy Russian Phrase Book
Easy Spanish
Easy Spanish Phrase Book
Easy Spanish Step-by-Step
Easy Tagalog Phrase Book
Easy Turkish
Easy Turkish Grammar
Easy Vietnamese
Echt Gebeurd
EdX: XSeries Program in Steps in Japanese for Beginners
EF English Live
Elementary Tagalog
Elementary Vietnamese
ELSA Speak
English Collocations in Use
English for Everyone
English Grammar Pro
English the American Way
English with Lucy
EnglishTelugu Conversation Guide
ESL Intermediate/Advanced Writing
Essential Tagalog Grammar
Everyday Chinese
Exercises in French Phonics
Farsi (Persian) for Beginners
Filipino Fairy Tales
Finking Cap Club
First Czech Reader for Beginners
First Step Korean (Coursera)
Fluent in French
Fluent Japanese from Anime and Manga
Fluent Spanish Speaker Academy
Folkuniversitetet Online
French All-in-One for Dummies
French Crash Course
French Gender Drill
French Grammar for Beginners
French Today
French Uncovered
From Alpha to Omega
From English to Swedish
FSI Courses
Fundamentals of Chinese Characters
Future Learn: Introduction to Norwegian
Gallaudet University
German for Dummies All-in-One
German Grammar for Beginners
German Made Simple
German Men Sit Down to Pee and Other Insights into German Culture
German Men Sit Down to Pee and Other Insights into German Culture
German Picture Dictionary Coloring Book
German Picture Dictionary Coloring Book
German Uncovered
Get Germanized
Get Started in Cantonese
Get Started in Hungarian
Go Billy Korean
Go Filipino
Go Speak Serbian
Go! Go! Nihon: Nihongo Online School
GoEast Mandarin
Goethe Institut
Grammar Hero
Greek for Beginners
Greek Frequency Dictionary
Greek: An Intensive Course
Gus on the Go
Hebrew Alphabet Letters And Their Spiritual Meanings
Hebrew for Beginners
Hebrew Podcasts
Hebrew Today
Hebrew With Ben
Hebrew Workbook for Beginners
Hills Learning
Hindi by Nemo
Hindi Sumvaad
Hindi TV
Hola Spanish
Hotel Borbollon
Hotel Borbollón
How to live in Denmark
How to Speak KPOP
How to Write in Persian
HSK Online
Hungarian Lesson With Zsuzsi
Hungarian with Sziszi
I’m Learning Japanese
Indian Lingua
Indonesian for Beginners
Innovative Language
Instant Tagalog
Institut Linguistique Adenet
Italian All-in-One For Dummies
Italian Grammar for Beginners
Italian in 10 Minutes a Day
Italian Uncovered
Italian: A Self-Teaching Guide
italki (6 tutors)
Italy Made Easy
Japanese Ammo with Misa
Japanese for Dummies
Japanese from Zero
Japanese Grammar for Beginners
Japanese Kanji Made Easy
Japanese Picture Dictionary Coloring Book
Japanese Stories for Language Learners
Japanese Uncovered
Jingle Jeff
Kalimni ‘Arabi
KatChats Finnish
Kiran Prabha
Korean Alphabet with Writing Workbook
Korean for Beginners: Mastering Conversational Korean
Korean Made Simple
Korean Stories for Language Learners
Korean Uncovered
Kullu Tawmam!
La Conjugaison Pour Tous
Language Studies Indonesia
Language Transfer
Learn 10 Czech Words a Day for 7 Weeks
Learn Arabic with Maha
Learn Bengali Quickly
Learn Cantonese Daily
Learn Chinese with Yi Zhao
Learn Chinese: A Comprehensive Guide to Learning Chinese for Beginners
Learn Dutch with Bart de Pau
Learn English for Adult Beginners
Learn English Podcast (British Council)
Learn Finnish
Learn German for Adult Beginners
Learn German for Adult Beginners
Learn German with Anja
Learn Greek with Lina
Learn Greek with LinguaBoost
Learn Hindi from Bollywood Movies. India style.
Learn Hindi On The Go
Learn How to Sign
Learn Indonesian Online
Learn Italian with Lucrezia
Learn Korean
Learn Korean for Adult Beginners
Learn Korean the Easy Way
Learn Kurdish
Learn Lebanese Arabic with Hiba Najem
Learn Malaysian – Free WordPower
Learn Mandarin Chinese Workbook for Beginners
Learn Marathi
Learn Norwegian Naturally
Learn Polish Podcast
Learn Polish with Monika
Learn Portuguese
Learn Romanian PodcastCamelia Web
Learn Romanian with Amanda Podcast
Learn Romanian With Nico
Learn Spanish: 6 Books in One
Learn Tagalog with Fides
Learn Telugu
Learn Telugu in 30 Days Through English
Learn Telugu Quickly
Learn Thai | Motivated Beginner
Learn the Russian Alphabet
Learn to Read Greek in 5 Days
Learn to Read Hebrew in 6 Weeks
Learn to Speak Cantonese I
Learn to Speak Greek: Without Even Trying
Learn to Speak Tagalog Without Even Trying
Learn to Write Urdu Alphabet
Learn Turkish in One Week
Learn Urdu Free
Learn Vietnamese with Annie
Learning English for Dummies
Learning Japanese Hiragana and Katakana
Learning Tagalog
Learning with Ervin
Let’s Learn Croatian
Let’s Learn Hungarian
Let’s Learn Korean
Let’s Learn Thai!
Let’s Learn Turkish
Let’s Speak Korean
Let’s Speak Spanish
Lili and Lola
Ling App
Lingo Hut
LinGo Play
Linn Ahlborg
Listen and Read in Ukrainian
Live Lingua
Lonely Planet Croatian Phrasebook & Dictionary
Lonely Planet Czech Phrasebook & Dictionary
Lonely Planet Greek Phrasebook & Dictionary
Lonely Planet Portuguese Phrasebook & Dictionary
Lusa Language School
Madinah Arabic
Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish
Mama Cheung
Mandarin Tutor
Mango Languages
Marathi 101
Marugoto Online Japanese Course
Master the Arabic Alphabet
Master the Greek Alphabet
Master the Hindi Alphabet
Mastering Arabic
Max Learns Persian & More
Mic’s languages
Minji Teaches Korean
Minna no Nihongo
Modern Greek
Modern Hebrew Verbs Step By Step
Moje Blu
My First 100 Hebrew Words (Hebrew / English) For Children and Adults
My First 1000 Words: Greek
My First Czech Book
Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio
Naush Kitchen Routine Channel
New Practical Chinese Reader
News in Slow German
News in Slow Italian
NHK Easy Japanese
Nihongo Master
No Nonsense Spanish Workbook
Norsk for Beginners
Norsklære Karense
Norwegian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar
One Minute Hungarian
One Minute Norwegian
Opi suomea!
Ouino Italian
Ouino Languages
Persian Language Online
Persian Learning
Persian Podgap
Piece of Hebrew
Pinoy BK Channel
Po Polsku Po Polsce
Pocket Sign
Pocket Tagalog Dictionary
Polish for Dummies
Polish Tutor
POLSKI Krok Po Kroku
Ponto de Encontro
Portuguese Dips
Portuguese in 10 Minutes a Day
Portuguese in 3 Months
Portuguese Lab Academy
Portuguese Uncovered
Portuguese with Carla
Portuguese-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
PR Learning Lab
Practical English Usage
Practice Makes Perfect
Practice Makes Perfect Basic Hindi
Practice Makes Perfect: Arabic Verb Tenses
Practice Makes Perfect: Complete Spanish Grammar
Quick Korean
Random Finnish Lesson
Rasa Bahasa
Read and Speak Korean for Beginners
Read and Write Urdu Script
Read Thai in 10 Days
Reading and Writing Chinese
Real Polish
Rick Steves Italian Phrase Book and Dictionary
Rocket Arabic
Rocket Chinese
Rocket English
Rocket French
Rocket German
Rocket Italian
Rocket Japanese
Rocket Korean
Rocket Languages
Rocket Portuguese
Rocket Russian
Rocket Sign Language
Rocket Spanish
Rolis (Romanian Language Institute of Sibiu)
Romanian Frequency Dictionary
Romanian Hub
Romanian With Gia
Rosen School of Hebrew
Rosetta Stone
Russian Cyrillic in 3 Hours
Russian for Dummies
Russian Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook
Russian Short Stories For Beginners
Russian Tutor
Russian Uncovered
Russian With Anastasia
Russian with Max
Russian-English Bilingual Visual Dictionary
Saga Baldoria
Sakura Tips
Salamaat! Learning Arabic with Ease
SalisLearn Egyptian Arabic
Samvedh Sagas
Say it Right in Brazilian Portuguese
SBS Vietnamese
Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci
Semantica Portuguese
Serbian Language Podcast
Shoonya Kids
Short Stories in Brazilian Portuguese for Beginners
Short Stories in Danish for Beginners
Short Stories in Dutch for Beginners
Short Stories in English for Beginners
Short Stories in Italian for Beginners
Short Stories in Norwegian for Beginners
Sign It!
Sign Language Forum
Signed With Heart
Simple Norwegian
Simply Learn Afrikaans
Simply Learn Burmese (a lot of other guides include this)
Simply Learn Cambodian
Simply Learn Lao
Simply Learn Mongolian
Sistema Kalinka
Slow Czech
Slow Russian
Smart Vision School
Smarter German
SmarterGerman (Teachable affiliate)
Social ASL
Solaris Language School
Spanish for Dummies
Spanish Short Stories for Beginners
Spanish Uncovered
Spanish Verb Tenses
Speak German in 90 Days
Speak Indo
Speak Norsk
Speak Ukrainian
Speaking Brazilian
Spoken Telugu for Absolute Beginners
Spring Spanish
Start ASL
Street Smart Brazil
Streetwise Hebrew
Svenska Distans
Swear in German like a Pro
Swedish Linguist
Swedish Short Stories for Beginners
Tagalog for Beginners: An Introduction to Filipino
Tagalog Picture Dictionary
Tagalog Short Stories for Beginners
Take Lessons
Talk Chineasy
Talk in Arabic
Talk Like a Perisan
Talk To Me In Korean
Teach Yourself to Read Hebrew
Teacher Boko
Telugu Malika
Thai by Chom
Thai for Beginners
Thai Style
Thai Talk With Paddy
Thai: An Essential Grammar
The Arabic We Speak
The ASL App
The Berlitz Self-Teacher
The Chairman’s Bao
The Delights of Learning Turkish
The Everything Brazilian Portuguese Book
The Everything Learning German Book
The Everything Learning Russian Book
The First Hebrew Primer
The Greek Online School
The Italian Experiment
The Kool Pals
The Mystery of Nils
The New Penguin Russian Course
The Online Greek Tutor
The Routledge Introductory Course in Modern Hebrew
The Swedish Teacher
The Ultimate French Review and Practice
The Vocabulary Builder Workbook
These Are The Words: Essential Biblical Hebrew Vocabularies
Think Bahasa
Think in English and Speak in Tagalog Like a Filipino
Tieng Viet Oi
Tigers, Fairies, and Gods: Enchanting Folktales from Korea
Tiny Stories for Greek Learners
Titan Tyra
Todo Mundo Pod
Transparent Languages
TTMIK (Talk To Me In Korean)
Tudo bem? Vamos aprender Português!: Brazilian Portuguese
Turkish From Beginner to Fluent (Udemy)
Turkish Grammar in Practice
Turkish Short Stories for Beginners
Turkish Tutor: Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook
Turkish Uncovered
Udemy: Attain Online Japanese Language School
Udemy: Attain Online Japanese School
Udemy: Egyptian Arabic Beginner’s Workshop
Udemy: Learn Polish from 0 to Hero
Udemy: Tagalog for Beginners
Ukrainian Language
Ukrainian Language With Ira
Ukrainian Lessons Podcasts
Unlimited Spanish
Urdu Academy Jakarta
Urdu Adab
Urdu Kids
Urdu Seekhiye
USA Learns
UvA Talen
Verbal Planet
Vietnamese Stories for Language Learners
What the Pho
Why Do We Say That?
Write It! Japanese
Write It! Thai
Yasin Durak
You Too Can Learn Thai
Your Korean Saem
Your Vietnamese Tutor
YoYo Chinese
Zdeňkův český podcast
Zeg Het in Het Nederlands
Zondervan’s Basics of Biblical Hebrew

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