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The 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn English

Leonor Garcia Published on December 15, 2023

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Learning English, the world’s most widely spoken language, has never been easier thanks to the large amount of resources available on the internet. YouTube, in particular, is a goldmine for language learners, with thousands of English language channels that offer free lessons for all levels of proficiency. But, you still need to find high-quality channels that you enjoy watching and that fit your learning style.

YouTube channels are a great help for learning English because you find a mix of visuals and sounds, so you not only read and hear the language but also see body language and facial expressions, making it easier to understand. YouTube has plenty of content like tutorials, pronunciation guides, interviews, vlogs, and more. You can learn at your own pace, revisit lessons, and explore new topics. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top YouTube channels that offer high-quality content for English learners.

Our Top Picks and How We Chose Them

To select the 10 best YouTube channels for learning English, I went through a careful process. After watching many of the videos on each channel, I looked at a few important characteristics like the quality, types of content, and how often new videos were uploaded. I made sure that the channels I’m recommending not only have a lot of videos but also provide consistently good and helpful content for learners at different levels.

Now, let’s get into the list of top YouTube channels to learn English.

1. English With Lucy

English with Lucy is a YouTube channel created by Lucy Bella Earl. With more than 300 videos, it’s helpful for both beginners and those who know a bit of English. What’s cool about Lucy’s English YouTube channel is that she talks about how the language is spoken differently in places like Britain, America, and Australia.

Lucy’s videos are not just about learning; they’re also fun. She makes tricky grammar easy to understand. You can also find practical exercises at the end of each video. Lucy covers real-life topics like daily routines and ordering food, making it easier to use English in everyday situations. She updates her channel regularly, and if you visit her website, you’ll find more materials and courses to practice even more.

2. Easy English

Easy English is a great YouTube channel that makes learning the language super easy and fun. What’s special about this channel is that they use cartoons to show everyday situations. There are over 200 videos covering many different everyday conversations for practice. They cover a variety of topics related to everyday activities, like going to a restaurant or talking about your day. It’s like learning English in a fun and natural way.

What I like about Easy English is that the characters in the cartoons make it interesting. Their lessons for beginners also have exercises, so you can practice what you learn right there. Even if you know a bit more English, you can still learn from the clear explanations. Because it’s easy, fun, and covers real-life situations, this is a great learning resource to complement your English lessons.

3. BBC Learning English

BBC Learning English is a helpful tool because they have different categories in their videos. For real-life situations, they have videos that sum up the latest news from around the world. They even cover fake news, which is interesting. There’s a series called “6 Minute English” that showcases vocabulary and talks about different topics like science, animals, food, culture – you name it! And then there’s “Box Set,” a fun and short way to work with vocabulary topics.

What sets BBC Learning English apart is that it’s backed by the BBC, a respected source. The videos feel like you’re in a real classroom with experts teaching you. From news reports to detailed grammar lessons, they’ve got a wide variety of content. I especially like the interviews with native speakers; they help you get used to different English accents and the way English speakers talk. You can check out all their videos here.

4. Learn English With EnglishClass101.com

I loved Learn English with EnglishClass101.com! It has over 1,000 videos, and it covers topics for beginners to advanced students who want to learn natural English. The friendly English teachers focus not only on the language but also on its practical use in real-life situations.

What makes this channel stand out is its emphasis on vocabulary. They delve into everyday situations, providing examples of how to use words in practical contexts. Unique topics like prepositions, often overlooked, are also covered. Their longer videos last around 5 or 6 hours, and allow you to absorb knowledge even while you’re asleep. The channel offers tips to learn faster and read more efficiently, and even provides listening tests to boost your English level. In addition to the videos, there is also free English learning materials on the EnglishClass101 website, solidifying its position as an excellent resource for those serious about learning the language.

5. Speak English With Vanessa

Speak English with Vanessa is dedicated to helping you learn American English and develop your language skills. Vanessa, the friendly host, provides over 500 videos covering everything from accurate pronunciation to everyday conversations and cultural insights. Her videos are easy to follow, making them suitable for students at all levels.

The main reason I chose this channel, is its emphasis on practical speaking skills. Vanessa encourages learners to engage in real conversations with native English speakers, which is a great way to practice. She teaches different sets of words based on various contexts and topics to broaden your English vocabulary. Vanessa identifies common mistakes and provides corrective guidance. Real-life role plays are another highlight, teaching expressions for diverse situations like visiting the gas station, supermarket, or bakery. You can check out all her videos on the Speak English with Vanessa channel.

6. Learn English With Papa Teach Me

Aly, the charismatic teacher behind the Papa Teach Me channel, presents over 200 videos covering grammar, vocabulary, idioms, and pronunciation, with a focus on British English. One of the unique aspects of this channel is its creative approach, tackling diverse topics like British slang and specific vocabulary for various contexts such as sleep, office, school, and family meetings. Aly injects humor and real-life scenarios into the learning process, offering fun sections like “How to break up with someone in 5 phrases” and “How to make friends in a British pub.”

Learn English with Papa Teach Me doesn’t just stop at basics; it includes quiz videos on prepositions, grammar tenses, and vocabulary. Aly pays special attention to British pronunciation and terms, providing a comprehensive learning experience. The channel even addresses “unnatural English” to navigate scenarios where traditional language learning might fall short in native conversations. You can check out his free live lesson hosted every Sunday at 1 pm London time on his YouTube channel.

 7. Learn English With Rebecca – engVid

Learn English With Rebecca is widely known for its comprehensive English teaching videos. The channel boasts a team of 11 experienced teachers who collaborate to cover a wide range of English language topics.

The content emphasizes specific topics, presented on a board by Rebecca in an incredibly understandable way. She covers various subjects, including prepositions, pronunciation fixes, grammar challenges, and real-life context situations like phone calls and paying bills. The videos are structured to be engaging and educational.

Rebecca’s teaching style includes pronunciation fix videos and addresses common mistakes people make. The channel even presents grammar in a versus format, making it easier to understand the differences between some tenses. You can check out all the videos on her YouTube channel.

8. Rachel’s English

Rachel’s English focuses on helping English learners improve their pronunciation and reduce their accents. Hosted by Rachel, she delves into various aspects of American English pronunciation, covering vowel and consonant sounds, intonation patterns, and accent reduction techniques. The channel goes beyond theory, providing engaging and practical exercises with real-life examples to help you practice pronunciation effectively.

The content is not only informative but also interactive. Rachel presents role plays with situations like job interviews and shopping at the market, guiding viewers on what to say and what not to say. She incorporates TV shows to work on grammar in a fun and engaging way. Additionally, Rachel works extensively with phonetic sounds, teaching you the proper mouth positions for making these sounds.

What makes the channel even more valuable is the abundance of learning tips offered. Rachel addresses the “dos” and “don’ts” for speakers of another language, with advice such as thinking directly in English instead of translating. You can watch all of the videos on the Rachel’s English channel.

9. Learn English With Series

Learn English with TV Series is highly valuable because it brings the world of television into language learning. This channel creatively uses clips from popular TV series to teach English, focusing on specific vocabulary topics. The host dissects episodes to help you understand real-life conversations, idiomatic expressions, and cultural context. By incorporating TV series episodes, you can listen to authentic, real-life conversations in the English language while also developing your conversational skills.

In addition to using TV clips, the channel features its own videos offering tips, extra information, and cultural insights. The content is not only diverse but also up-to-date, ensuring you stay connected with contemporary English usage. It even goes beyond TV series, providing podcasts and songs from artists like Taylor Swift. Check out the Learn English with TV Series channel to see all of their content.

10. The English Coach

Stephanie is the experienced coach behind The English Coach channel, and she offers lively and dynamic video lessons covering a range of topics. What sets her videos apart is its commitment to helping you not only understand the language but also immerse yourself in the cultural details and natural flow of English. This channel stands out for its practical content, focusing on tips about idioms, phrasal verbs, and common terms, and addressing typical grammar mistakes.

Stephanie provides lessons on improving pronunciation and fluency, making language learning more accessible. One interesting feature is videos showcasing a typical day at her house, where she teaches everyday vocabulary, adding a practical touch to the learning experience. A recent addition to the channel includes lessons based on episodes of the popular TV show Friends, improving your learning experience by incorporating familiar and engaging content. Check out Stephanie’s videos here.

Different Ways to Learn English

If you want to learn English online, one of the most engaging approaches is the diverse world of YouTube channels. For more structured and comprehensive learning experiences, you can try language apps. They offer gamified language exercises, tracking your progress as you go. If you prefer in-depth guidance, online English courses are well-structured and often come with a certification upon completion. You can find courses suitable for various proficiency levels and language goals. Finally, using English books, is a timeless approach to improving vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.

Best YouTube Channels To Learn English: Final Thoughts

The path to mastering English becomes an exciting adventure with the aid of these top YouTube channels. From perfecting your pronunciation to immersing yourself in real-life conversations and embracing interactive video lessons, these channels offer diverse learning experiences. By combining them with language apps, online courses, and English books, you can create a comprehensive and enjoyable path to becoming proficient in English.

Leonor Garcia

Leonor García is a Peruvian ESL teacher with a bachelor's degree from Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal. She is fluent in Spanish and English and is currently learning Portuguese. She is passionate about cultural exchange and using languages to drive globalization. Through her writing and teaching, Leonor aims to help people achieve their language learning goals. Connect with Leonor on LinkedIn.

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