The Top 10 YouTube Channels To Learn Korean

Dennys Caldera Boka Published on January 9, 2024

Hello language enthusiasts! Beyond the traditional methods, YouTube can make learning Korean both exciting and accessible. In this article, we unveil the top 10 YouTube channels that will turn your language-learning ride as delightful as a K-pop concert. Whether you’re eager to visit Korean markets or binge-watch K-dramas, these channels are your key to immersing yourself in the Korean language and culture. So, get ready for an effective and enjoyable way to learn the language with YouTube channels tailor-made for language lovers like you.

Our Top Picks and How We Chose Them

We delved into YouTube to find the best channels to help you learn Korean, employing a rigorous testing methodology for consistency. Our focus encompassed diverse learning approaches, ensuring we suggest good channels for various proficiency levels. Emphasizing the quality of content, we looked for engaging videos, recognizing the significance of delivery alongside substance. Exploring a variety of content, from word-building to grammar and pronunciation, we aimed for a well-rounded learning experience. In addition to videos, we searched for channels offering extra materials like transcripts, glossaries, and live events for interactive learning.

Now, without further ado, let’s introduce you to our fantastic Korean learning channels:

1. Talk To Me In Korean

Talk To Me In Korean is a valuable resource for Korean enthusiasts of any proficiency level. With over 1.6 million subscribers and 1700+ videos, they have plenty of content to help you learn and improve your Korean skills. Offering lessons on grammar, slang, idioms, common expressions, listening comprehension, live streams, and study tips, it’s a comprehensive hub for all things Korean.

The first thing I’ll recommend is you check out their playlists. Start with their Korean Lessons for Absolute Beginners series, because it’s an excellent starting point, delivering foundational content in short, digestible videos. Also, the Essential Korean Words & Phrases series provides practical and visually engaging content, including Korean words suitable for different situations and difficulty levels. Additionally, the Natural Korean Listening playlist can help learners at every level with listening activities presented in an easy-to-follow format. You can explore all these resources on the Talk To Me In Korean channel.

2. Prof. Yoon’s Korean Language Class

With 160k subscribers and over 800 videos, Yoon is a Korean teacher who offers a classroom-style approach. His videos cover in-depth grammar from beginner to intermediate levels. Look into vocabulary drills, engaging listening examples, Korean folk tales, and even cooking sessions where you’ll learn both the language and a tasty recipe. If you’re having trouble understanding, you can turn on the English subtitles to make studying Korean easier.

In my opinion, this channel is a great choice for those serious about mastering Korean, providing classic academic expertise for learners at the low and mid levels. The Beginning Korean series, with over 100 videos, offers detailed explanations that are easy to follow, resembling a tutor guiding you through a textbook. Take advantage of his laid-back live streams, where he answers viewer questions and delivers short lessons. Check out this channel to soak up Prof. Yoon’s wisdom and enhance your Korean language skills.

3. Korean Unnie

Korean Unnie, hosted by Sohyun Moon, is a great resource for Korean learners. With 1.2 million subscribers and over 400 videos, Sohyun covers a wide range of topics. From decoding the Korean alphabet to exploring language through K-pop, Korean TV shows, slang, proverbs, and idioms. You can use this channel to learn a lot of Sino-Korean words (Hanja), situational phrases, real-life expressions, grammar patterns, and more.

This channel stands out for its refreshing, casual approach, making you feel like part of Sohyun’s life. She teaches tongue twisters and useful Korean slang with the warmth of an older sister (what Unnie means), and the quality and fun approach to each topic is impressive. All videos focus on the authentic Korean language, and discuss current topics with up-to-date expressions. This channel is geared toward learners with some prior knowledge of Korean. She also has a website you can visit to learn more.

4. Learn Korean with GO! Billy Korean

Billy is a language enthusiast from the United States who started his Korean language adventure in 2005. Having traveled extensively throughout Korea while independently mastering the language, Billy understands the highs and lows, as well as the twists and turns of learning Korean. His content spans the spectrum, from learning Hangul and analyzing Korean speakers to test preparation, language trends, and beyond. 

With a subscriber base of over 600k and a library boasting 1.1k videos, GO! Billy Korean is a popular YouTube channel for beginner and intermediate Korean learners. What caught my attention was Billy’s exceptional Korean proficiency, despite being a non-native speaker. His Korean FAQ playlist is a gem, offering concise lessons on specific Korean sounds, stroke order,  punctuation, and learning tips. This channel provides a mix of Korean language and culture lessons useful to all learners. Billy has a knack for teaching, so every lesson has the true beginner in mind. Make sure to check his full Korean lessons, complete with free PDFs, where he lays the foundations of the language in a casual and fun style. 

5. Minji Teaches Korean

With more than 200k subscribers and nearly 250 videos, Minji’s channel is a goldmine for learners, especially those who are starting to learn the Korean language. Minji’s well-crafted content is not just informative but also easy to follow. From essential Korean phrases to mastering Korean phonetics, beginners will find this channel useful. 

You should check out the Basic Korean Lessons playlist, which features eye-catching videos where Minji, with her laid-back and fun approach, explains the foundations of the language. From sentence formation and word-building drills to pronunciation,  she covers the basics in just ten lessons. Watch her Korean Study Hacks series, where she gives valuable tips for boosting your listening and speaking skills, as well as strategies to memorize vocabulary. 

6. KoreanClass101

KoreanClass101, part of the Innovative Languages family, is a reliable guide for learning Korean. With over 1.5 million subscribers and more than 1.7k videos, their videos cover pretty much everything there is to cover about Korean. No matter your level, you’ll find something useful. You should check the 30-day vocabulary challenge for a month of learning 300 words, smoothly integrated into sentences at varying speeds.

 Also, the listening comprehension playlist, with almost 200 activities, offers a jackpot of images, questions, dialogues, and challenges, that even more advanced learners would appreciate. For those struggling with grammar, the Korean Grammar Made Easy series will come in handy, guiding you through tricky topics like sentence order or verb conjugation. 

7. Hailey Your Korean Friend

Despite being a relatively new YouTube channel, Hailey’s channel already has 400k subscribers with nearly 200 videos, making it a valuable resource for beginners. Hailey’s approach is tailored to beginners and low-intermediate learners, offering lessons with the basics of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

The channel presents topics ranging from words for the dinner table to a vibrant array of colors, serving as a complement if you’re taking regular lessons. I recommend the Korean Expressions series, consisting of 30 videos loaded with words and phrases for your daily Korean experiences. Last but not least, the Hangul One by One playlist covers everything you need to know about the Korean Alphabet in just 19 videos. 

8. Korean with Ina

With over 450k subscribers and almost 600 videos, Ina’s channel offers a continuous stream of TikTok-style shorts filled with language gems. Efficiency is Ina’s forte, and her laidback, entertaining style is perfect for beginners. Her videos cover a wide range of topics like the Korean alphabet, interesting facts about the country, delicious Korean recipes, melodic Korean songs, and useful common expressions.

Ina’s arsenal of over 500 short videos, each under a minute, breaks down grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation into bite-sized nuggets. The engaging and interactive videos are an ideal starting point for learning Korean. Ina’s channel will spice up your learning routine, whether as your primary learning hub or a complement to a more comprehensive course.

9. Korean Jream

Jaerim is an experienced language teacher who has worked as a Korean Lecturer at Princeton University. With nearly 300 videos, her channel is mainly aimed at beginner and intermediate learners, covering grammar intricacies, commonly used expressions, slang words, and insightful interviews in Korean on various topics. If you’re interested in Korean culture, she has videos for current affairs, Korean dialects, history, and more.

What I like the most about this channel is Jaerim’s ability to explain grammar clearly and comprehensively. Check out her Grammar playlist with over 80 videos for detailed explanations that will help you improve your Korean grammar. Beyond language essentials, Jaerim offers unique content with in-depth poetry and lyric breakdowns, appealing to literature and music enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a well-rounded language learning experience beyond just the Korean language, you should subscribe to this channel.

10. Miss Vicky

Miss Vicky is an experienced educator, and her channel has a wealth of Korean lessons. Boasting nearly 450k subscribers and a library of 260+ videos, Miss Vicky explores the details of Korean vocabulary and grammar. Her videos also cover pronunciation, idioms, internet slang, and detailed sound change rules. The channel stands out for its longer video format. Even though most of her videos are aimed at beginners, intermediate learners will find useful resources as well.

The highlight of this channel is its comprehensive grammar video lessons, meticulously explaining every topic using a digital whiteboard. I find her videos interesting and incredibly easy to follow. Look into the All Korean Lessons playlist, with all the videos organized in a specific order for consistent and systematic progress. If you aim to enhance your Korean grammar skills through a visually engaging and comprehensive approach, Miss Vicky’s channel is a valuable resource.

Different ways to learn Korean

If you want to learn Korean, you need to build a comprehensive study routine. While YouTube offers fantastic resources, the world of language learning is vast and diverse. In addition to YouTube videos, you can use language apps, which are designed for learning Korean on the go. Enroll in online courses specifically crafted to help you master the nuances of Korean. Immerse yourself in the world of Korean literature, and read books that offer a unique perspective on the language. Remember that the best approach to learning Korean is using learning materials that keep you engaged and motivated in your studies.

Best YouTube Channels To Learn Korean: Final Thoughts

YouTube offers a dynamic platform that engages both visual and auditory senses, enhancing your Korean language learning experience. These videos provide a wealth of resources, from grammar breakdowns and vocabulary drills to pronunciation and conversational Korean practice. The flexibility of YouTube allows you to learn at your own pace, rewind, and replay as needed, making it an ideal companion, whether you’re a beginner, an intermediate, or even an advanced learner. No matter your language level, I hope this guide has helped you find a couple of YouTube channels you enjoy watching to help you learn Korean today!

Dennys Caldera Boka

Dennys is a content writer at Langoly. He’s passionate about language learning and has been helping others achieve their goals and develop their language skills for many years. He’s interested in emerging technologies and how they can help people reskill and upskill. He loves cooking, watching sci-fi movies, and listening to podcasts. Connect with Dennys on LinkedIn.

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