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The 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Portuguese

Leonor Garcia Published on January 3, 2024

Learning a new language can be challenging but also, incredibly rewarding. YouTube has emerged as a powerful tool for language learners and there are many YouTube channels to help you learn Portuguese. In this guide, we’ll explore a list of the top ten YouTube channels that are not only engaging and entertaining but also invaluable resources for the Portuguese language. These YouTube channels cover a wide range of topics, catering to different interests and proficiency levels, ensuring an enjoyable and effective language experience.

Why YouTube? Well, YouTube offers an immersive and dynamic language experience. It’s more than just a platform for watching videos; it’s an interactive hub where you can access a wealth of authentic Portuguese content, from native speakers conversing in real-life situations to expertly crafted tutorials. Through a combination of videos, English and Portuguese subtitles, learning tips, and engaging visuals, YouTube can help you sharpen your listening skills, increase your vocabulary, and deepen your understanding of the Portuguese language and culture. 

Our Top Picks and How We Chose Them

I chose the top YouTube channels for learning Portuguese by carefully considering different factors. I checked the quality of the content, how educational it is, if it’s engaging, and how it’s rated. The channels I’ve included not only have good language lessons but also offer a wide variety of fun and interesting content. I made sure they could help people with different levels of Portuguese proficiency, from beginners to more advanced learners. My goal was to make sure that each channel on this list can be a valuable part of language learning.

1. Street Smart Brazil

Street Smart Brazil is a popular YouTube channel for people who are learning Portuguese. It has more than 25,000 subscribers and a collection of more than 200 engaging videos. The videos are led by Luciana who is a Brazilian teacher, and her videos stand out by going beyond typical language lessons. Luciana’s teaching style feels like having a friend guiding you through the ins and outs of daily life in Brazil. What makes her videos special is the blend of humor and relatable English comparisons. Luciana adds a touch of everyday language, including colloquial expressions, idioms, and themed lessons tied to special dates, creating a dynamic and genuine experience.

Street Smart Brazil secures its place on our list of best Portuguese channels not just for its depth but also for its unique approach. Luciana doesn’t merely teach Portuguese; she breaks down the language in an easy-to-understand manner. She uses a mix of humor, relatable comparisons, and real-life context turns language learning into an engaging and enjoyable adventure, making Street Smart Brazil an essential resource for mastering Portuguese with style. You can find out more about her channel on her blog.

2. Portuguese With Carla

The Portuguese with Carla channel goes beyond regular Portuguese lessons, which is why I decided to include this channel in the list. She explores European Portuguese culture, explaining the meaning behind gestures in insightful videos. Her content covers a range of topics, from everyday vocabulary and common verbs to pronunciation of tricky letters. Carla also interviews language experts and showcases Portugal’s food, desserts, and daily situations like telling the time and numbers.

One unique feature is Carla’s street interviews, comparing Portuguese from Portugal and Brazilian Portuguese. Even though it’s the same language, there are many differences between the variants. Carla makes language learning accessible by introducing her videos in English and then speaking mostly in Portuguese. Her videos have subtitles in English and Portuguese, so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Portuguese with Carla is an excellent choice for those wanting to master European Portuguese with ease.

3. Portuguese Dips

Joel Rendall’s Portuguese Dips YouTube channel is a collection of over 200 videos that delve into the intricacies of European Portuguese. Joel, a skilled language instructor, brings a fresh and engaging approach to language education. The channel doesn’t follow the structure of traditional lessons. Instead, it incorporates real-life vocabulary and examples from daily situations to make language learning relatable and accessible to everyone.

One distinctive feature of Portuguese Dips is Joel’s exploration of language through testimonials. These videos introduce people who have successfully learned Portuguese and share how it positively impacted their lives. This is one of the reasons that made me incorporate Portuguese Dips into this list. Besides that, I found that Joel’s commitment to showcasing the differences between European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, adds a practical dimension to the learning experience.

4. Portuguese With Eli

Portuguese with Eli is a unique channel because Eli has content for both Spanish and English speakers who are learning Portuguese. The use of cognates and false friends throughout his videos makes the learning process natural and instinctive. Eli addresses the tricky sounds of Portuguese, like the “r” sound that’s famous for being one of the most complicated for Portuguese learners. He dives into the culture of Brazil by introducing idioms prevalent across the country, demonstrating how people use them in daily life contexts.

Eli’s teaching style, marked by well-structured lessons, simplifies complex grammar rules and ensures accessibility. His dedication to teaching and sharing the richness of Brazilian Portuguese makes his channel one of the best for Portuguese learners. Whether you’re exploring for travel, business, or personal enrichment, Portuguese with Eli on YouTube, complemented by potential supplementary materials on their website, offers a comprehensive learning journey to master Brazilian Portuguese with confidence.

5. Practice Portuguese

Practice Portuguese is dedicated to teaching European Portuguese. It’s led by the dynamic duo Rui Coimbra and Joel Rendall. This engaging channel provides a variety of content, from detailed grammar lessons and vocabulary explanations to interesting facts and insights into Portuguese culture. The channel takes to the streets, featuring Rui and Joel interacting with people, asking questions, and demonstrating real-life Portuguese conversations. They also covers contextual topics related to current events in Portugal.

Rui and Joel’s teaching style is commendable. You can find well-organized lessons that simplify tricky grammar and words, making them more accessible. The channel not only offers an in-depth understanding of Portuguese but also provides insights into the culture of Portugal. It’s especially beneficial for those interested in European Portuguese or with specific language-related goals. They also have a website where you can find additional downloadable materials and premium content. 

6. Speaking Brazilian Language School

Learn Brazilian Language School teaches Brazilian Portuguese. The channel, presented by Virginia Langhammer and her team of experienced educators, offers a wealth of educational content. The videos cover a diverse range of topics, including grammar explanations, vocabulary lessons, pronunciation challenges, and insights into Brazilian culture.

To not include this channel in this list, would have been a huge mistake! The channel takes a hands-on approach, with Virginia going to supermarkets, showcasing real products, signs, and language used in daily life, providing you with the basics to navigate a Brazilian supermarket confidently. Virginia introduces Portuguese pronunciation challenges, even putting other language teachers to the test. The interactive style extends to exploring the differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese. Additionally, the channel covers special dates in Brazil and introduces vocabulary in a very practical manner. The videos are well-organized, easy to follow, and packed with information that simplifies challenging grammar concepts and tricky words.

7. Easy Portuguese

Easy Portuguese is one of my favorite channels on this list. The dynamic duo, João and André, take you on a journey through the streets of Brazil, conducting street interviews on various daily topics. These interviews cover everything from routines and possessions to jobs, trips, and more. It provides real and immersive context to help you pick up Portuguese vocabulary and pronunciation.

Beyond street interviews, Easy Portuguese dives deep into the local culture, introducing you to Brazilian recipes cooked by real people, teaching expressions with commonly used verbs, and comparing Brazilians to other nationalities. There’s no better way to improve your listening comprehension skills, than listening to colloquial language used in everyday situations being spoken by native speakers over the streets. The channel’s focus on real conversations offers a genuine experience.

8. Learn Portuguese with

Learn Portuguese with is an extension of the renowned PortuguesePod101 online language learning platform. This channel provides a wide array of video lessons primarily centered around Brazilian Portuguese. Led by a team of skilled and enthusiastic instructors, the videos cover pronunciation, and cultural insights, offering well-rounded Portuguese studies.

What distinguishes Learn Portuguese with is its structured and systematic approach to language learning. The lessons are thoughtfully organized in playlists, guiding you through a logical progression. The combination of clear explanations, interactive exercises, and cultural context enhances the overall experience, making it a valuable resource for those aiming to master Portuguese comprehensively. It’s suitable for learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced speakers.

9. Learn European Portuguese Online

Learn European Portuguese Online specializes in the European variant, and this channel offers a rich array of video lessons covering grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural insights. What makes it particularly noteworthy is Sandra’s commitment to providing practical tips and interactive exercises, creating an immersive and effective learning experience. Sandra Carapinha is the experienced instructor behind the channel.

Learn European Portuguese Online stands out in this list because of its holistic approach. It not only focuses on language fundamentals but also addresses real-life scenarios and cultural details. This channel offers valuable tips for easierPortuguese study, travel insights, Netflix show recommendations for real-context language learning, grocery shopping guides, and etiquette distinctions between formal and informal Portuguese. Notably, it provides detailed pronunciation improvement tips, breaking down sounds by different letters—a valuable tool for you!

10. Plain Portuguese

Plain Portuguese provides a straightforward and practical approach to learning Brazilian Portuguese. Bea, the enthusiastic teacher behind the videos, emphasizes real-world communication and everyday language usage. Her clear and concise lessons cover colloquial expressions, cultural insights, and essential language skills, offering a valuable resource for learners at various proficiency levels.

What makes Plain Portuguese particularly unique is its presentation of short segments from Brazilian TV shows, allowing you to listen to native speakers in real-life context situations. The content is thoughtfully organized by levels, enabling you to access materials suitable for your level of proficiency. The channel also features numerous listening practice opportunities through different Brazilian music selections.

Bea collaborates with Professor Diego in some videos, teaching various vocabulary sets. From basics at the supermarket to interactions at the drugstore or airport, Plain Portuguese covers a wide range of practical scenarios. Additionally, you can find helpful tips for travelers in case you’re planning a visit to Brazil, adding a real-world dimension to your studies.

Different Ways to Practice Portuguese

There are several approaches to mastering this interesting language. In addition to YouTube channels, language learning apps provide engaging lessons and interactive exercises, making it convenient for you to build your Portuguese skills. Secondly, consider enrolling in online courses offered on platforms, which cater to learners of all levels. Many of these courses are developed by top universities and language schools.

Additionally, you can complement your learning journey with traditional resources like books and textbooks. Beyond formal resources, engaging in language exchange with native Portuguese speakers and immersing yourself in Portuguese-speaking environments, either through travel or exposure to media and culture, can significantly improve your skills. Combining these approaches and maintaining regular practice is key if you want to learn Portuguese with fluency.

Best YouTube Channels To Learn Portuguese: Final Thoughts

I hope this guide has helped you find a couple of Portuguese YouTube channels to follow and improve your language skills. Watching videos is an easy way to immerse in Portuguese. Whether you prefer the immersive approach of “Practice Portuguese,” the structured lessons of “Learn Brazilian Language School,” or the engaging teaching of “Portuguese with Eli,” there’s something on this list for everyone. Remember that the best way to learn Portuguese is to be constant, so make sure to practice often!

Leonor Garcia

Leonor García is a Peruvian ESL teacher with a bachelor's degree from Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal. She is fluent in Spanish and English and is currently learning Portuguese. She is passionate about cultural exchange and using languages to drive globalization. Through her writing and teaching, Leonor aims to help people achieve their language learning goals. Connect with Leonor on LinkedIn.

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