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The 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spanish

Dennys Caldera Boka Published on December 22, 2023

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Watching YouTube videos to study Spanish is like having your language coach at your fingertips. In this article, we’re going to check out some of the best YouTube channels you can use to learn Spanish for free. Whether you’re aiming for fluent conversations, exploring new cultures, or acing a test, these channels are a great way to learn Spanish. So, let’s jump into the world of Spanish with these awesome YouTubers!

Our Top Picks and How We Chose Them

To select the 10 best YouTube channels for learning Spanish, I went through a careful process. After watching many of the videos on each channel, I looked at a few important characteristics like the quality of the videos, types of content, and how often new videos were uploaded. I made sure that the channels I’m recommending not only have a lot of videos but also provide consistently good and helpful content for Spanish learners of different levels.

Ready to meet your Spanish squad? Below, you’ll find a list of the best 10 YouTube channels for learning the Spanish language.

1. Butterfly Spanish

Ana, the friendly host of Butterfly Spanish, has over a million subscribers and almost 200 videos to help you practice your Spanish skills. Her YouTube channel offers a wide range of free Spanish lessons, covering everything from grammar and pronunciation to vocabulary and cultural tidbits. You can find videos on the Spanish alphabet and the letter sounds, Spanish verbs and tenses, vocabulary builders, listening comprehension, Spanish expressions, and Spanish for vacation. While everyone can benefit from this channel, those starting in Spanish will cash in the rewards the most. 

I found Ana’s videos to be a breath of fresh air. She doesn’t just teach you the basics; she immerses you in real, everyday Spanish. Her “Spanish Verbs & Tenses” playlist is extremely useful. With her whiteboard teaching approach, she gives in-depth explanations with tons of patience. The grammar videos are geared toward intermediate oand advanced Spanish learners. You’ll even explore the differences in how Spanish is spoken in different countries of Latin America. Plus, she has a website where you can dig into more resources. 

2. Easy Spanish

In the Easy Spanish channel, Sara, Pau, and José are on a mission to make Spanish learning an absolute blast. These language enthusiasts travel around Latin America and Spain, chatting with locals and bringing you real, everyday language. With a whopping 350k followers and almost 400 videos, it’s the place to be for fun and informative Spanish lessons. You can find videos on how different countries speak Spanish, such as Spain, Mexico, and Argentina. Other videos explaine complex grammar topics and there are even a few Easy Spanish Podcast episodes – part of their paid membership – for those who are already beyond the basics. 

I recommend this channel because its videos are short and sweet, and packed with entertainment. You’ll explore everyday topics with Spanish and English subtitles. The best part? It’s all natural, on-the-street interactions, which can help you listen to Spanish the way it’s spoken in real life. The “Spanish for Beginners” series is a treasure for those starting from zero, helping them explore the essentials of prepositions and verbs, get a grip on handy phrases for everyday moments, and even enter the world of slang. So, whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, Easy Spanish is an excellent Spanish learning resource to add to your study routine. Need more? Check out the Easy Spanish channel.

3. Hola Spanish

Brenda is the brain behind Hola Spanish. She’s a Spanish expert from Argentina but is now rocking the Spanish vibes in Sydney, Australia. As a certified Spanish teacher, she brings the best of European and Latin American Spanish to your screen. With over 250k subscribers and more than 400 videos, Hola Spanish is a treasure trove of knowledge. The weekly videos are like your personal language toolkit, filled with vocabulary and grammar lessons, listening exercises, Q&As, cultural nuggets, and pro-Spanish-learning tips. There are complete playlists for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners, so everyone can get their dose of Spanish.

What I like about this channel are the grammar lessons. Brenda’s clear, professional delivery ensures everyone, no matter their level, can enjoy her videos in Spanish. The videos are usually less than 20 minutes long and are very easy to follow. I also enjoyed the “How to Improve Your Spanish Speaking Skills” series, because it’s full of handy tips on how to polish your accent in Spanish, how to make great small talk, how to remember vocabulary effectively, and much more. It’s a channel made for learners who love a step-by-step approach at an easygoing pace.

4. Why Not Spanish?

María, a certified Spanish tutor from Colombia, and Cody, a Spanish student from the USA, are the dynamic duo behind the Why Not Spanish? channel. With over 200k subscribers and almost 400 videos, Why Not Spanish? serves up practical, easy-to-follow activities that boost your Spanish confidence. Expect deep dives into Spanish grammar, immersive listening activities, vocabulary games, and intriguing interviews with Spanish students.

I included Why Not Spanish? channel because María and Cody make a great pair. She’s like your language guide, breaking down every topic so even beginners can understand. He always joins the fun, making common Spanish slip-ups that Maria gently corrects. I think most Spanish learners will find the listening activities playlist valuable. She kicks off with a quick intro in English, sets the scene with essential vocabulary, and then weaves a captivating story. Plus, there are questions at the end of each video to test your Spanish superpowers. Another section that I liked is “Español del Mundo” (Spanish from the world), where you can learn about the different words, pronunciations, and accents in the different countries where Spanish is spoken. You can check all their videos on the Why Not Spanish? channel.

5. María Español

María is a Spanish tutor from Seville, Spain. Teaching Spanish online since 2014, she’s your guru for leveling up your grammar skills, especially if you’re at the intermediate or advanced levels. María’s channel has over 150k subscribers and nearly 300 videos. Her content is both well-made and informative. On her channel, you’ll be able to pinpoint your weak spots and polish any grammar doubts you might have.

What I love about María is her explanations: they’re clear and delivered with the patience of a saint. Her playlist “Consejos para aprender Español” (tips for learning Spanish) is a goldmine of tips, tricks, and resources to supercharge your Spanish, conquer those language fears, and improve your pronunciation. And if you’re feeling like a Spanish pro, the advanced Spanish grammar playlist is your chance to flex those language muscles. Explore all her videos on the María Español channel.

6. Spanish with Qroo Paul

Paul is an American who’s got Spanish covered from an English speaker’s point of view. Married to a Colombian, he knows the ropes and shares the secrets with you. With nearly 100k subscribers and +100 videos, his Spanish videos cover everything: from tricky grammar to vocabulary hurdles, and even nailing pronunciation. It’s a great start for anyone who’s new to Spanish. 

I recommend this channel because Paul keeps things casual while breaking down complex topics with simple tricks. Designed with English-speaking learners in mind, his videos are short, sweet, and straight to the point. No fluff, just valuable content. The “CERO to conversational Beginner’s course” is a short playlist for English-speaking adults with zero to very little Spanish. His style is laidback, yet he manages to stay professional at all times. This channel is totally worth checking out!

7. Spring Spanish

Maria Fernanda, Mariana, Paulísima, Maura, and Juan are the fabulous five behind the Spring Spanish YouTube channel. They’ve got the secret to smooth communication with their “Conversation-Based Chunking” method. This comes down to absorbing language patterns (chunks), so you can effortlessly learn and apply them to Spanish expressions. With over 100k subscribers and 500 videos, their playlists are packed with all things Spanish: verb conjugations, tricky traps, slangy secrets, pronunciation tips, and even a dose of culture. 

This YouTube channel is a great option because the videos are in-depth yet easy to follow, no matter your level. If you’re planning to kickstart your adventure in Mexico, Spain, Argentina, or any Spanish-speaking area, check out the “Spanish for Expats” playlist.  It’s tailor-made for all the expats who want to thrive in their new home country and speak Spanish like a local. The “Spanish from scratch in 30 days” is also worth watching, because it guides you through the foundations of Spanish with friendly, light-hearted vibes. With the Spring Spanish channel, you can learn how to talk with ease rather than focusing on Spanish vocabulary and grammar.

8. SpanishPod101

SpanishPod101 is part of the Innovative Languages series. Their videos are bite-sized gems with listening challenges, word-of-the-day delights, reading adventures, and pronunciation pointers. With a whopping 1 million subscribers and nearly 2000 videos, there’s something for everyone, no matter yourmlevel. Plus, with most videos clocking in under 10 minutes, boredom doesn’t stand a chance.  

I think SpanishPod101 is one the most useful resources on YouTube if you’re taking your first steps in the language. Don’t miss the Spanish 30-day vocabulary challenge – conquer 300 words in a month! Each word is woven into sentences and repeated at different speeds. I also recommend the listening comprehension playlist; with over 100 activities, you’ll tackle images, questions, dialogues, and answers. And that’s just the beginning – a dozen more sections cater to every learner. High-quality content meets endless learning possibilities. You can check their website at SpanishPod101.

9. Learn Spanish World

Mr. Brigs is the guy behind Learn Spanish World. He’s a certified, native Spanish Teacher with over two decades of experience. Boasting almost 150k subscribers and 800 videos, his channel is packed with Spanish wisdom. From vocabulary to pronunciation, grammar to songs, Spanish classes to quiz games, and even Spanish relaxation – he’s got it all. Most videos are animated, usually last less than 10 minutes, and are fun to watch. If you’re a true beginner or need to brush up on your Spanish, this channel is for you. 

I personally like this channel because it helps you learn the very basics of the language with easy-to-follow, interactive videos. Mr. Brigs breaks down each lesson into bite-sized bits, making it manageable for everyone. Check out the “Perfect Spanish Cognates” series to learn shared words in English and Spanish. And don’t miss the “Spanish dialects by country” playlist, unveiling the richness of Spanish worldwide. It’s a visual learner’s paradise with a chill teaching style.   

10. Spanish After Hours

Step into the laid-back world of Spanish After Hours with Laura, your friendly guide to casual Spanish learning. With over 270k subscribers and more than 100 videos, she turns everyday topics like cooking, shopping, and her daily adventures into fun Spanish lessons. With a breezy and unstructured approach, her channel feels like chatting with a good friend. If you’re a beginner looking for a relaxed learning vibe, this channel is a must.  

I love the way Laura turns ordinary events into entertaining Spanish lessons. Her “Study Hacks” series will come in handy for those who love quick tips, and her easy-to-follow videos bring a breath of fresh air to language learning. Her videos are visually appealing, and Laura’s humor adds an extra dash of fun. If you enjoy learning with a touch of wit, this is a channel you cannot miss. 

Different Ways To Learn Spanish 

If you’re learning Spanish, don’t limit yourself to YouTube. There are many other types of resources available. Spanish language apps are like little teachers in your pocket and can increase your learning exponentially. On the other hand, online Spanish courses often have a structured approach to learning a new language. Chatting with native speakers is an easy way to become fluent in Spanish, so check out different language exchange platforms.

If you’re the old-school type, crack open some Spanish books to become familiar with Spanish grammar. Tune into Spanish podcasts on everything from food to fashion – it’s like YouTube for your ears and it’s an excellent way to practice Spanish while you’re doing something else. So, mix it up, amigo! YouTube is just one flavor in the language-learning ice cream shop.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, language learners! A collection of Spanish resources awaits you on YouTube, and beyond. There’s a channel for every mood, so make sure you learn everything you need from these Spanish learning channels. YouTube has become a massive platform with hundreds of channels for learning Spanish. Be curious, explore, and see what you like best. But remember: you still need constant practice if you want to learn Spanish quickly. So, watch, listen, and speak – and soon, you’ll be dishing out Spanish phrases like a pro. ¡Vamos!

Dennys Caldera Boka

Dennys is a content writer at Langoly. He’s passionate about language learning and has been helping others achieve their goals and develop their language skills for many years. He’s interested in emerging technologies and how they can help people reskill and upskill. He loves cooking, watching sci-fi movies, and listening to podcasts. Connect with Dennys on LinkedIn.

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