best youtube channels learn arabic

The Top 10 YouTube Channels To Learn Arabic

Dennys Caldera Boka Published on February 9, 2024

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Hello language enthusiasts! If you’re keen on learning Arabic, we’ve got you covered with a guide to the best YouTube channels. Watching YouTube videos makes language learning easy and fun, so join us as we explore the best channels for mastering Arabic. We’ll take you through the top 10 channels, some focusing on a specific Arabic dialect. Whether you’re into Egyptian Arabic from the bustling streets of Cairo, intrigued by the nuances of Maghrebi dialects in North Africa, or curious about the Levantine Arabic spoken in Beirut, these channels have what you need. We’ve included channels for beginners to advanced learners, so you can find a channel that fits your level. Let’s get to it!

best youtube channels learn arabic

Our Top Picks and How We Chose Them

Our selection process sticks to a rigorous testing methodology to keep things consistent. We handpicked YouTube channels that cater to specific Arabic dialects, ensuring a diverse range of choices. Then, we looked for engaging videos to make learning the Arabic language more enjoyable. We also explored channels with a mix of content, covering grammar, vocabulary, culture, and real-world language use. Finally, we checked for additional resources like transcripts and glossaries, as well as useful websites for a well-rounded language-learning experience.

Let us introduce you to our 10 fantastic picks:

1. Learn Arabic with Maha

Meet Maha, a certified Arabic teacher with over 600k subscribers and almost 600 videos. Maha specializes in the Palestinian dialect, covering a range of topics from Levantine recipes and traditional clothing to essential phrases and conversational Arabic. What stands out for me is Maha’s passion for teaching, evident in her engaging and interactive style that turns learning Arabic into an enjoyable experience.

Her videos often incorporate real-life situations, role-plays, and dialogues. Don’t miss her Star Learning Arabic series – you’ll find common expressions, grammar basics, and even role plays about situational Arabic, all of that with crystal-clear explanations. Also, check out the Arabic Is Fun playlist, where she teaches tongue-twisters and bad words, and even compares Arabic and Hebrew. In my opinion, this is one of the best channels for learning Arabic.

2. Madinah Arabic

With over 107k subscribers and a growing collection of 620+ videos, Madinah Arabic is your go-to for mastering this captivating language. You’ll find the Arabic Conversation series for beginner and intermediate learners and movie clips geared toward more advanced learners. What sets this channel apart is how easy the videos are to follow, with detailed explanations at slow speed, and subtitles in Arabic writing and Romanized Arabic. 

If you’re starting, you should explore their Arabic Conversation Course for Beginners playlist, featuring nearly 70 engaging videos that bring real-life situations to the forefront. If you have a solid Arabic background, make sure to watch the Learn Arabic by Movie Clips series to test your listening comprehension skills.

3. Imran Alawiye

If you’re on the lookout for the ultimate Arabic classroom experience, look no further than Imran Alawiye’s channel. Meet Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye, a maestro in teaching Modern Standard Arabic to non-Arabic speakers in a non-Arabic environment. His channel is a comprehensive hub covering Arabic grammar lessons, vocabulary essentials, and real-life conversations.

What sets this channel apart is Imran’s knack for teaching Arabic writing, so anyone can understand this tricky aspect of the language. I highly recommend exploring the Let’s Speak Arabic playlist (units 1 & 2), featuring 50+ videos dedicated to essential topics for navigating real-life situations. 

4. Arabic Khatawaat

With over 280 Arabic videos, Khatawaat provides step-by-step lessons. She guides you through the Arabic alphabet, sounds, vocabulary, conversational phrases in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), and grammar. What I like about this channel is its commitment to simplifying Arabic instruction from a learner’s perspective.

Whether you’re into self-study or need additional Arabic learning content, there are videos for everyone. With lessons crafted for three different levels, this channel ensures a solid foundation in MSA/FusHa, basic grammar, and practical vocabulary for various situations. Don’t miss their Live Arabic Lessons– a goldmine of activities where you can practice Arabic under the real-time guidance of their instructors. It’s a great series where you’ll get tips to enhance your conversational skills, learn to tackle intricate grammar concepts or find a supportive environment to address your questions.

5. Nassra Arabic Method

The Nassra Arabic Method channel is your guide to understanding the nuances of Syrian, Palestinian, Jordanian, and Lebanese Arabic. It offers nearly 600 videos with a practical, everyday focus rather than drowning you in heavy grammar rules. Omar and Khaled Nassra bring their expertise to engaging content tailored for Levantine Arabic enthusiasts.

A standout series, How To: Levantine Arabic Pod 101 For All Levels, makes learning Arabic verbs in all tenses really simple. They also share success stories from learners who achieved fluency in a relatively short time, adding an inspiring touch. Beyond language instruction, the channel addresses the challenges of learning Arabic, providing valuable insights to keep you motivated.  

6. Speak Real Arabic

Speak Real Arabic offers valuable insights into learning Arabic and immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Syrian culture. With a library of over 300 videos, this channel, led by the warm and proficient language instructor Hala, puts you on the path to learning Syrian Arabic. One thing I love about this channel is Hala’s interviews with Arabic learners from all over the world, where they share their success stories, as well as valuable tips for learning Arabic. 

The Short Videos to Learn Arabic playlist, with over 200 bite-sized videos under 60 seconds, is a gem. From essential Arabic phrases for real-life situations to handy tips on tricky Arabic grammar, this series is useful and easy to follow. If you’ve been studying Arabic but need help, the Tips to Speak Real Arabic playlist is a must. Hala gives useful advice on grammar rules, Arabic pronunciation, and even ways to speed up your speaking.

7. Learn With Safaa

The Learn With Safaa channel breaks down the essentials of basic Arabic vocabulary and phrases. Safaa, the animated avatar, and your virtual Arabic teacher, brings a fresh and engaging approach to language learning. Affiliated with Dubai Academy, the goal of this channel is to mirror the quality content designed by the language school. Whether you prefer a fast-track approach to mastering Arabic or want to add 5 words to your vocabulary every day, this channel helps you easily learn Arabic. 

While the channel may have a playful vibe, don’t be fooled—adult Arabic learners will find it equally enriching. You should take a look at the Arabic Fast Track series for a quick and enjoyable start if you’re a complete beginner learning the basics.

8. Effective Arabic

Effective Arabic is an excellent option if you’re interested in learning Darija (Moroccan Arabic). While options for Moroccan Arabic are limited, this channel is a valuable resource for building essential vocabulary to navigate life in Morocco. Effective Arabic focuses on providing a quick and easy way to understand both Modern Standard Arabic and the Moroccan Dialect. Although they may not have an extensive video library yet, their content is enough to start.

Check out their Moroccan Arabic Lessons playlist, featuring over 30 short and animated videos that cover the fundamentals of Darija. You’ll pick up enough words, phrases, and basic grammar to confidently navigate real-life situations during your visit to Morocco. While not a comprehensive resource, Effective Arabic is a good suplement for learning the basics.

9. ArabicPod101

ArabicPod101, part of the Innovative Languages family, has a vast library of more than 1000 videos for you to enhance your language skills. Regardless of your proficiency level, each video has a brief and engaging sub-15-minute experience..

I think ArabicPod101 deserves a prime spot in your language-learning repertoire. You can do the Arabic 30-day vocabulary challenge, conquering 300 words in a month, with each word used in sentences played at varying speeds. Another useful resource is the listening comprehension playlist, with nearly 200 activities that include images, questions, dialogues, and challenges. Discover more on their website at ArabicPod101.

10. Easy Arabic

The hosts of Easy Arabic hit the busy streets, interviewing people in Egypt, Palestine, and Tunisia to give you an authentic Arabic experience. You’ll find different playlists depending on the Arabic dialect used in the interviews. While it may not have as many subscribers as other channels in the Easy Languages series, and its video collection is still relatively small, Easy Arabic offers a glimpse into everyday Arabic.

What I really like about Easy Arabic is that each interview comes with subtitles in both Arabic and English, allowing you to read and listen simultaneously. They also have a series of Super Easy videos, where the team uses easy-to-follow language for beginners and intermediate Arabic students. In my opinion, the street interviews capture the genuine vibe of the Middle East. They cover Arabic culture, regional lifestyles, and the ins and outs of a typical day. Additionally, when it comes to grammar and vocabulary, they present it in a relaxed style that makes learning easy and fun.

Different ways to learn Arabic

Learning Arabic through YouTube is a modern and convenient way to study the language. But, there are also other Arabic learning resources you can in combination to improve your skills. Language-learning apps provide interactive lessons and activities to enhance your Arabic skills on the go. Online courses from reputable institutions and language academies present structured learning paths, ensuring comprehensive coverage of grammar, vocabulary, and cultural nuances. 

Final Thoughts

Platforms like YouTube offer a dynamic and engaging way to learn Arabic. There are many Arabic channels on YouTube you can watch to improve and test your abilities. If you’re looking to learn Arabic in a way that provides a visual and auditory experience, you can look for channels that offer English and Arabic captions. Additionally, the convenience of learning at your own pace and replaying videos makes for a personalized and effective learning environment. Incorporating YouTube videos into your Arabic learning routine can be a valuable and enjoyable supplement to your language education.

Dennys Caldera Boka

Dennys is a content writer at Langoly. He’s passionate about language learning and has been helping others achieve their goals and develop their language skills for many years. He’s interested in emerging technologies and how they can help people reskill and upskill. He loves cooking, watching sci-fi movies, and listening to podcasts. Connect with Dennys on LinkedIn.

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