15 Best Apps to Learn Arabic (2022): From Beginner to Fluent

Arabic is one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn, but it’s certainly not impossible. To help you learn this magical language, read through this list of the 15 best apps to learn Arabic that can take you from beginner to fluent fast.

From its writing system to its grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, Arabic is challenging for even the most experienced language learner. It’s definitely worth the effort though! Arabic is one of the top languages in the world and is important in every industry. From culture and religion to business and medicine, Arabic plays a huge role on the world stage.

A woman standing against a wall with Arabic text projected over her.

To help you on your language learning journey, I made this list of the best Arabic learning apps. I searched the internet for Arabic apps, read reviews and comments from people who use these apps, and finally tried them out myself.

I organized them into two different lists: best Arabic apps by skill and best Arabic apps by dialect. If you’re a complete beginner and don’t care which dialect you learn, take a look at the first table. If you want to learn a specific Arabic dialect though, start here.

What Are The Best Apps to Learn Arabic?

The table below compares the best apps to learn Arabic based on the skills they teach. Whether you want a complete course or to focus on a specific communication skill (like speaking), the Arabic language apps in this table can help!

Overall Best App to Learn Arabic
PimsleurRead More
Best Beginner Arabic App
MondlyRead More
Best App to Learn Arabic Grammar
Rocket LanguagesRead More
Best App to Learn Arabic Vocabulary
DropsRead More
Best Arabic App for Speaking
italkiRead More
Best App to Learn Arabic Writing
BusuuRead More
Best Arabic Podcast App
ArabicPod101Read More
Best App to Read Arabic
LingQRead More
Best App for Arabic Immersion Online
Rosetta StoneRead More
Best Arabic App for Talking to Natives
PreplyRead More
Best App to Learn Arabic Alphabet
TenguGoRead More
Best App to Learn Arabic for Free
DuolingoRead More
Best App to Learn Words in Context
ClozemasterRead More
Best Arabic App for Language Exchange
TandemRead More
Best Arabic Flashcards App
MemriseRead More

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Overall Best App to Learn Arabic

Pimsleur app homepage

Pimsleur is an audio-based language course based on the Pimsleur Method and was developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur in the 1960s to assist military personnel learn foreign languages faster.

This method makes it easy to learn a language. It breaks the language up into small chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed with vocabulary and grammar that you need to memorize before starting to communicate in another language. Learn more about the app in this Pimsleur review.

Key Features

  • Audio-only lessons that you can take at home, in the car, or anywhere
  • You start speaking during your first lesson
  • No need to memorize vocabulary and grammar by yourself
  • Short lessons help you remember the content more efficiently


A subscription to the Pimsleur app costs $14.99-$20.99 per month. This gives you access to the entire Arabic course. You can also choose to pay for the course upfront without a subscription. This costs between $150.00 and $350.00, depending on how many levels you want to purchase.

Try Pimsleur free for 7 days to start learning Arabic today.

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Best Beginner Arabic App

Mondly App Homepage

Mondly is the perfect language app for beginners learning Arabic because of its layout, activities, and course structure.

It’s easy to navigate the lessons in Mondly, and you can choose which order you complete them in. They’re really interactive and simulate basic conversations to help you communicate quickly.

You can also track your learning stats easily. This can be motivating for beginners because you’ll start to see how quickly you learn new words and phrases. Read more about the app in this Mondly review.

Key Features

  • Interactive lessons in bite-size chunks to help you learn quickly
  • Detailed and accurate learning stats to keep you motivated
  • Useful lessons with high-quality content
  • Additional features for extra conversation practice


A subscription to the Mondly app starts at $9.99 per month, but gets cheaper if you get a longer subscription. There is also a lifetime subscription available, as well as a limited free version of the app.

Sign up and take a free lesson with Mondly to learn basic Arabic.

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Rocket Languages

Best App to Learn Arabic Grammar

Rocket Languages App Homepage

Rocket Languages stands out from other Arabic learning apps because of how it breaks down difficult concepts. The app will help you master the most common aspects of Arabic grammar and sentence structure.

It also helps build your vocabulary, improve your communication skills, and pronounce the words more clearly with speech recognition technology. Learn more in this Rocket Languages review.

Key Features

  • You’ll learn basic conversational skills in your first few lessons
  • Includes cultural lessons so you can communicate more effectively with native speakers
  • Packed with new lessons that teach you more advanced skills


The Rocket Languages Arabic course costs $149.95, but you can also choose to pay $27.00 per month for 6 months. Keep an eye out for sales, too! Rocket Languages offers discounts throughout the year.

Get a free trial of Rocket Languages to start learning Arabic now.

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Best App to Learn Arabic Vocabulary

Language Drops App Homepage

Drops is a language app that focuses on building your Arabic vocabulary. It uses animations and spaced repetition to help you master new words and phrases quickly.

Its design is beautiful and engaging, and the games and activities are actually fun! The vocabulary lists cover a huge range of topics, and you’ll be surprised how fast your vocabulary grows. Read more in this review of Drops.

Key Features

  • Easy to use and the games are fun to play
  • The vocabulary lists cover everything you need to know in daily life
  • Spaced repetition technology helps to memorize new words and remember them long-term


The Drops app is available for a monthly subscription of $13.00, an annual subscription of $89.99, and a lifetime subscription of $159.99 which includes access to all vocabulary lists in all languages and some additional features. You can also use the app for free for 5 minutes every day.

Sign up for Drops and learn new Arabic vocabulary for free.

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Best Arabic App for Speaking

italki app homepage

The italki platform is the best place to practice speaking with native Arabic speakers online. You can find tutors from all over the world who want to help you speak more fluently.

There are over 350 Arabic tutors available on italki, and you can filter them by the languages they speak, where they’re located, and other characteristics. If you want to learn a specific Arabic dialect, italki is the place to go! Learn more in this review of italki.

Key Features

  • Easily find Arabic tutors who can improve your speaking skills
  • Filter tutors by different characteristics to find your best match
  • You’re in control of what you want to learn
  • Meet interesting people from all over the world


Tutors on italki set their own prices for lessons. These usually range from around $3.00 to $70.00 per hour. If you want basic conversation classes, you’ll pay on the lower end of that range. If you want more specialized classes, expect to pay a little more. Most tutors also offer discounted trial lessons, so you can see if you’re a good match.

Take a discounted trial lesson at italki to find an Arabic tutor online.

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Best App to Learn Arabic Writing

Busuu App Homepage

Busuu is a language learning app that works on any device and features text, audio, and video content for learning Arabic. The best thing about Busuu is that it allows you to practice your newly acquired skills with native speakers.

Busuu has a straightforward lesson format that is easy for anyone to follow at their own pace. It’s also really affordable! Learn more in this Busuu review.

Key Features

  • The lessons are simple, useful, and fun
  • You can take Arabic tests to see your level of fluency
  • You’ll improve all communication skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking)
  • Native speakers give you tips and correct your activities


The cost of a Busuu subscription starts at $9.99 per month but gets less expensive with longer subscriptions. You can also sign up for a free account and take some lessons for free. This will give you the opportunity to see if using Busuu is something that would work for you.

Try Busuu for free to start learning Arabic online.

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Best Arabic Podcast App

ArabicPod101 app homepage

ArabicPod101 is a podcast resource specifically for learning Arabic. It includes video lessons, audio recordings and articles in both English and Arabic.

ArabicPod101 offers numerous lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and conversational situations that you can take at your own pace. The material is also updated pretty frequently, so there’s always something new to learn.

Key Features

  • Audio, video, and text content helps you improve all aspects of communication
  • The lessons are short and simple to help you remember everything you learned
  • New content means you’ll always have sometime to learn


ArabicPod101 has a variety of paid subscriptions that cost anywhere from $8.00 to $47.00 per month, but the price goes down if you choose a longer subscription (up to 24 months). You can also sign up for a free ArabicPod101 account and access new lessons every week before choosing which type of subscription is best for you.

Try ArabicPod101 for free today and improve your conversational Arabic skills.

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Best App to Read Arabic

LingQ language app homepage

If you want to improve your Arabic reading skills, look no further than LingQ. This app has a variety of content you can choose from, and it’s easy to create vocabulary lists and review new words and phrases you’ve read.

You can also create your own lessons with LingQ, which is what makes it stand out from other apps. If there’s a podcast, video series, or book you like, import it directly into LingQ and the platform will automatically create Arabic lessons with it. Learn more about LingQ in this review.

Key Features

  • Easily create new vocabulary lists and review them
  • See how words are used in different contexts
  • Import content from around the web to create your own Arabic lessons


There are two different types of LingQ subscription: Premium and Premium Plus. A subscription can cost anywhere from $12.99 to $39.99 per month, but the price goes down if you choose a longer subscription. Each plan includes different features, so check them out to see which one is best for you.

Sign up for a free LingQ account to start reading Arabic today.

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Rosetta Stone

Best App for Arabic Immersion Online

Rosetta Stone App Homepage

Rosetta Stone is an app that helps you learn Arabic through engaging, immersive exercises and one-on-one tutoring sessions. It has a personalized learning system which helps you focus on what is most important to you so that you can become fluent more quickly.

Through the use of interactive exercises and native speakers’ voices, as well as its voice recognition technology, Rosetta Stone gives you the chance to greatly improve your pronunciation.

The adaptive learning system also optimizes your progress by focusing on the areas where you need it most for success in both language comprehension and conversation. Read more in this Rosetta Stone review.

Key Features

  • Completely immerse yourself in Arabic from your first lesson
  • Build on what you’ve already learned to make consistent progress
  • High-quality audio voiced by native Arabic speakers
  • Accurate speech recognition technology


The Rosetta Stone app starts at $36.00 for 3 months, but there are also longer subscriptions available. If you’re interested in learning Arabic and want to try the app before committing, you can get a free 3-day trial that will give you full access to the program so you can see if it’s right for you.

Try Rosetta Stone for free today.

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Best Arabic App for Talking to Natives

Preply language app homepage

Preply is a platform similar to italki. You can find native Arabic speakers from around the world and practice talking to them whenever you want.

There are over 1,300 Arabic speakers on Preply right now, and you can filter them by their home country and availability. Preply makes it easy and convenient to connect with native speakers and improve your speaking skills quickly. Learn more about Preply in this review.

Key Features

  • Over 1,300 native Arabic tutors available to choose from
  • Filter tutors by home country and availability
  • Discounted trial lesson to find the perfect tutor for you
  • Safe and secure platform that only accepts the best tutors


Preply tutors set their own prices, which typically range from $3.00 to $45.00 per hour. This makes it easy to find a qualified tutor in your price range. You can also take a discounted trial lesson with any tutor. If you’re not happy, Preply will find you another tutor and arrange a free lesson.

Sign up with Preply and take a trial lesson with a native Arabic speaker.

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Best App to Learn Arabic Alphabet

TenguGo Arabic app screenshots

TenguGo isn’t the flashiest app or the highest quality, but it’s still useful and can help you learn the Arabic alphabet quickly.

It’s a flashcard app that shows you a letter, transliterates it, and teaches you to pronounce it. It also shows you how to use it in words and sentences. There are some additional features like grammar explanations and numbers, too.

Key Features

  • Simple and straightforward way to learn the Arabic alphabet
  • Learn how to write and pronounce the letters
  • Understand how to use the letters in words and sentences
  • Includes basic grammar lessons


The app is free to use for everyone. There are some in-app purchases available that let you access additional features.

Download TenguGo to learn the Arabic alphabet.

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Best App to Learn Arabic for Free

Duolingo App Homepage

Duolingo is among the most popular Arabic learning apps for a few different reasons: it’s available for free, the lessons are straightforward, and it’s fun to use.

Duolingo tracks which lessons you complete and provides feedback on how well you did during each one. You’ll learn everyday words and phrases as well as basic grammar and pronunciation with Duolingo. See what else you can learn in this Duolingo review.

Key Features

  • Free to use and provides a complete Arabic course
  • The lessons improve all communication skills (reading, writing, speaking, listening)
  • You’ll learn basic grammar and useful vocabulary


You can access the entire Duolingo Arabic course for free, but there are ads that may interrupt your learning. If you want an ad-free experience and access to additional features, you can subscribe to Duolingo Plus. This costs $12.99 per month.

Sign up for free and start learning Arabic with Duolingo today.

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Best App to Learn Words in Context

Clozemaster app homepage

Clozemaster is an Arabic language learning app that emphasizes the relationships between words. Your goal in Clozemaster is to figure out the missing word based on the words around it.

Clozemaster offers fill-in-the-blank questions that let you practice using new vocabulary, as well as multiple choice questions for those just starting out. Clozemaster is the best Arabic app for learning how to use words naturally (and correctly). Learn more about the app in this review of Clozemaster.

Key Features

  • The focus is using words in different contexts, not memorizing definitions
  • The vocabulary lists are huge so you’ll always have new words to practice
  • Grammar exercises help you understand difficult concepts and conjugations
  • Leaderboard makes the app more interactive and addicting


Clozemaster is free to use if you want to focus on learning new vocabulary. If you want access to all of Clozemaster’s features and exercises, you can upgrade to Clozemaster Pro. This costs $8.00 per month or $60.00 per year.

Try Clozemaster for free to start speaking Arabic more naturally.

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Best Arabic App for Language Exchange

Tandem app homepage

Tandem is the perfect app to meet people from around the world and exchange languages for free. The people you’ll meet aren’t qualified language tutors, but they’re people who are passionate about languages and want to help you learn their language.

You can chat via text, audio, and video with your language partners on Tandem. There are also features for correcting and translating sentences. You can even find language partners near you and meet up in person! The HelloTalk app is similar to Tandem, but I think Tandem offers more value.

Key Features

  • Easily connect with native speakers who will help you practice Arabic
  • Useful features for correcting and translating words and phrases
  • Chat via text, audio, and video
  • Find language partners near you


The premium version costs $6.99 per month and includes translators and no ads to improve your learning experience. While Tandem does have both a free and premium version of their language learning app, the only real difference is that the free one doesn’t include translating or an ad-free experience.

Sign up for a free Tandem account to start chatting with native Arabic speakers.

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Best Arabic Flashcards App

Memrise language app homepage

Memrise is a popular language learning app that uses flashcards to teach you new words and phrases. Users can also create their own flashcards to share with the Memrise community, so you can find a lot of cool lists that other apps don’t offer.

Memrise also offers a more complete Arabic course that will help you improve your Arabic communication skills. It’s a great course for beginners and intermediate students. Read more about Memrise in this review.

Key Features

  • Real-life language content developed by professional linguists
  • The course is fun and easy to follow
  • User-created vocabulary lists cover a lot of different subjects


Some parts of Memrise are free to use. To access all features, you’ll need a premium subscription, which starts at $8.49 per month.

Try Memrise for free to improve your Arabic skills.

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Best Apps to Learn Arabic by Dialect

The table below shows you the best apps to learn Arabic for each dialect. Because Arabic dialects can be so different from each other, it’s best to focus on learning one. The most common dialect you’ll find in language learning apps in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). If you want to explore other dialects though, check out the apps below.

Arabic DialectBest App
Modern Standard ArabicPimsleur
LevantineMango Languages
SaudiLearn Arabic Saudi Dialect App
TunisianTunisian Basic Phrases

Why Should I Use An App To Learn Arabic?

Arabic is a difficult language to learn, so you need to use high-quality resources to learn it effectively. Language apps are one of the best ways to learn Arabic because they help you improve all aspects of communication. Unlike textbooks, Arabic learning apps help you practice speaking, reading, writing, and listening. They’re also more flexible and help you track your progress more effectively.


If your goal is to learn Arabic, using the apps in this article are the best way to start. Learning a new language is a journey, and these apps will keep you motivated and on track to becoming fluent.

When you’re choosing which apps to use, try out a few different ones to see which work best for you. It’s also possible to use multiple apps at the same time! Each app offers different content, and using a couple apps will give you a more well-rounded study routine.

Best Apps to Learn Arabic FAQ

Is there an app that teaches Arabic?

There are a lot of apps that can teach you Arabic. This list contains the 15 best apps to learn Arabic, and they help you improve all aspects of communication. From reading and writing to speaking and listening, each app offers its own approach to learning Arabic. Some apps like Drops focus on teaching you vocabulary while others like Pimsleur offer a more comprehensive course.

Which is the best app for learning Arabic?

Pimsleur is the best app for learning Arabic because it helps you communicate from your first lesson. The audio lessons improve your comprehension skills quickly and the voice recognition technology will make your pronunciation sound more native. You can also take the lessons anywhere, which makes it the most convenient app to use.

Is Duolingo for Arabic good?

Duolingo is a good app to learn basic Arabic skills, but it’s not useful for intermediate and advanced Arabic speakers. You can learn beginner vocabulary and grammar with Duolingo, as well as practice your listening and speaking skills. It’s the best free app to learn Arabic, but apps like Pimsleur and Rocket Languages will help you become more fluent faster.

Can I learn Arabic on my own?

It’s possible to learn Arabic on your own if you use high-quality study materials and practice consistently. Using Arabic learning apps is the best way to learn Arabic by yourself because they will help you practice all aspects of communication. You can also use apps like italki and Preply to connect with native Arabic speakers around the world from your own home.

Is Arabic hard to learn?

For English speakers, Arabic is one of the most difficult languages to learn. Its writing system, grammar, and pronunciation are some of the most difficult aspects of the language. However, if you study consistently and practice everyday, you will eventually be able to communicate in Arabic. One of the most important aspects of learning Arabic is practicing with native speakers. Using an app like italki will help you learn Arabic more quickly and become fluent faster.

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