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The 5 Best Apps to Learn Armenian Quickly and Fluently

Dennys Caldera Boka Published on January 29, 2024

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If you want a new language-learning adventure, Armenian awaits! With its fascinating culture and rich history, it’s a language worth knowing. Whether you want to learn its unique writing, speak like a local, or conquer a language challenge, these language apps can help you out. Are you ready for the ride? Let’s roll!

Best Overall App

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Best for Beginners

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Best for Advanced Learners

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Armenian is the official language of Armenia, and it’s spoken by almost 6 million people worldwide. Around 3 million of them live in Armenia and the rest live in nearby areas, where Armenians have historically lived. It’s an Indo-European language, related to English, Spanish, Russian, and Hindi. What’s curious about Armenian is that it forms its own independent branch of Indo-European.

It’s important to note that the language has two main dialects: Eastern and Western Armenian. Eastern Armenian is the official language of Armenia, while Western Armenian is spoken by the diaspora, specifically in Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, and the United States. Whether you plan to visit Armenia, engage in business with Armenian partners, or form personal relationships, learning their language is a bridge to deeper connections.

best apps to learn armenian

What Are The Best Apps To Learn Armenian?

Finding the best apps to learn Armenian can be a time-consuming task. That’s why I did in-depth research and picked the best five. I tested them out and assessed them based on different criteria, such as their lesson comprehensiveness, content quality, value-for-price ratio, and overall user experience. Each one has its own advantages and is targeted at a particular type of learner and a specific kind of goal.

Here’s a table of the top 5 Armenian language apps. Keep scrolling to dive into the details of each one.

Best Overall Armenian AppPimsleur
Best for BeginnersLing App
Best for Advanced LearnersGlossika
Best for VocabularyuTalk
Best for GrammarMango Languages


Best Overall Armenian App 

Pimsleur Overview
Pimsleur has audio-based lessons, tailored to boost your conversational skills. It teaches you grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation based on the context presented in every dialogue. 
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Best for Overall Learning
Price $14.95/month
Free trial 7 days
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Pimsleur is the best overall app to learn Armenian because it gets you speaking from the very first lesson. The Armenian course follows a structured plan that starts with the basics, so you don’t need previous knowledge to start learning. These lessons run for about 30 minutes and are led by an Armenian native speaker who guides you through a dialogue. You listen to a few sentences in Armenian, and the moderator pauses to give explanations about key vocabulary, grammar, and context.

The reason why Pimsleur is the overall best choice for Armenian is that it offers a comprehensive course that teaches you everything you need to start understanding and speaking the language. Its reinforcement activities encompass digital flashcards, quizzes, pronunciation practice, and fast-paced games. By the end of each lesson, you’re able to recognize and use essential Armenian vocabulary and grammar, so I think this is the best choice if you want to become conversational. You can learn more about the app in this Pimsleur review.

Key Benefits

  • Its immersive audio lessons teach you how to use Armenian vocabulary and grammar in real-life situations so you’ll learn the language in context
  • Has a structured lesson plan that starts with the most basic content, which makes it accessible to complete beginners
  • Includes tools and exercises to help you review what you previously learned to ensure you don’t forget what you just learned


A basic subscription to Pimsleur costs $14.99 per month, giving you access to the audio lessons. If you’re interested in a more comprehensive experience, the Pimsleur Premium plan costs $20.99 per month, which unlocks access to all languages and additional features. But if you’re considering a long-term commitment, Pimsleur also has a lifetime membership for $150. You can take advantage of a 7-day free trial to explore the app before purchasing.

Ling App

Best App for Beginners

Ling App Overview
Ling has a  gamified interface that adds an element of fun to your language journey, allowing you to earn points, badges, and rewards as you complete lessons and exercises in Armenian.
Ling App logo
Best for Beginners
Price $8.99/month
Free trial 7 days
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The Ling App is the best app for Armenian beginners because it helps you build your language skills effectively. Each lesson covers vocabulary, writing, and speaking, with an exam at the end to check your understanding. This way, you can make sure that you truly understand the content before moving on to the next level. All lessons include audio, so you can also start working on your pronunciation and listening.

My favorite Ling App feature is its chatbot, which is designed to mimic real-time conversations. It helps you practice speaking and writing and gives instant feedback and corrections. To me, this makes Ling App a valuable tool to start practicing conversational Armenian if you don’t feel ready to speak with a native speaker yet. You can learn more about it in this Ling App review.

Key Benefits

  • Has an interactive and gamified interface that makes studying Armenian engaging and fun
  • There are many learning levels, so you can study different topics and progress to the next level of Armenian
  • Includes a chatbot to help you practice texting and speaking with an Armenian native speaker to ensure you can communicate in all forms of language


The Ling App offers a Basic subscription for free, although it’s very limited. For full access to all features, you can opt for a Premium subscription, which costs $8.99 per month, or a discounted rate of $6.67 per month when subscribing for a year in advance. Alternatively, there’s the option of a Lifetime subscription available for a one-time payment of $149.99.


Best App For Advanced Learners

Glossika Overview
Glossika helps advanced learners become fluent quickly using a machine-learning algorithm. It focuses on repeating patterns to help you learn Armenian and uses challenging sentences from day one. 
Glossika logo
Best for Advanced Learners
Price $16.99/month
Free trial 7 days
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Glossika is an excellent app for more advanced learners who want to enhance their vocabulary in Armenian. It provides valuable features such as saving favorite sentences and marking familiar ones. This way, you can focus only on the content that is new to you. You can also adjust the speed of native speaker audio to fit your level or add more challenge to your practice.

This app uses artificial intelligence to personalize your learning experience. It anticipates when you’re likely to forget words or phrases you learned, prompting timely reviews to solidify your language skills. In my experience, this is a great way to make progress in Armenian without feeling overwhelmed. You can learn more about the app in this Glossika review.

Key Benefits

  • Uses artificial intelligence to adjust each lesson and helps you review the new Armenian vocabulary before you forget it
  • Includes native speaker audio that you can adjust to fit your level or test your skills
  • You can mark words you already know and mark the ones that are unfamiliar to you to focus only on new content


Glossika’s pricing includes a monthly subscription of $16.99 for unlimited access to one language, or a Pro subscription at $30.99 per month giving you access to all 60+ available languages. The platform offers a risk-free 7-day trial for all 64 languages without requiring credit card information during sign-up. Additionally, students can benefit from a substantial 55% discount, reducing the monthly cost to $7.65 by verifying their student email address.


Best App For Vocabulary

uTalk Overview
uTalk uses both visual and audio resources to reinforce memorization. Its Armenian course structure is well organized and easy to follow, with each lesson moving progressively through the activities from easy to hard.  
uTalk logo
Best for Vocabulary
Price $3.99/month
Free trial Yes
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uTalk is the best app for vocabulary because you can learn Armenian vocabulary for different topics. Each study session is brief, and you can listen to the correct pronunciation of words and phrases, and read their Armenian spelling and English translation. In addition, they also have interactive tools like flashcards and a games section you can use to practice speaking and listening and test your knowledge.

What makes uTalk a great resource for learning Armenian, however, is the amount of vocabulary topics it covers. You can study words for traveling, ordering food, animals, numbers, and more. I also like that it has a variety of engaging games you can complete to test your skills and review what you previously learned. I recommend it to complete beginners or anyone who wants to increase their Armenian vocabulary quickly.

Try uTalk for free by clicking the link below or learn more about it in this uTalk review.

Key Benefits

  • Covers a wide variety of Armenian vocabulary topics to make sure you can navigate all kinds of scenarios
  • Each lesson is accompanied by audio voiced by native speakers and English translations to help you understand the meaning and pronunciation of each word
  • You can find different games to review Armenian vocabulary in a fun way, which will keep you engaged in your studies


A monthly subscription costs $4.99 per language, or you can access all 140 languages for $9.99 per month. If you’re committed to long-term learning, there’s a lifetime subscription available at $99.99. You can sample some of its features online or you can try out all the features by downloading the uTalk App and choosing Starter Words. Starter Words are free in all of our 140+ languages and include 26 essential words and phrases with games.

Mango Languages

Best App For Grammar

Mango Languages Overview
Mango Languages has a well-structured lesson plan. Each lesson is designed to be brief yet immersive, with a strong emphasis on real-life scenarios to encourage communication from day one.
Mango Languages logo
Best for Grammar
Price $7.99/month
Free trial 14 days
Try Mango Languages

Mango Languages is the best app for Armenian grammar because it explains conjugation, structure, and context. Each lesson introduces you to new essential phrases for greetings, introductions, asking for directions, and more. Then, they break down each line to teach you the meaning of each word and how it is applied in that specific context. Mango includes both direct and colloquial translations for each line, so you’ll learn to use the language like a native speaker.

In my opinion, Mango does a great job of balancing culture with language. The lessons include cultural notes that further explain how the language is used by native speakers, which gives you a more in-depth understanding of the language. If your goal is learning Armenian the way it’s used in its native country, Mango Languages is a great place to start. You can learn more about the app in this Mango Languages review

Key Benefits

  • It teaches a mix of formal and colloquial Armenian to make sure you can understand and communicate in all sorts of scenarios
  • Offers cultural notes that explain the relationship between culture and language, which will help you understand the way native speakers communicate
  • Each phrase includes native-speaker audio, Armenian spelling, and English translation to ensure you truly understand its meaning


A subscription to Mango Languages starts at $7.99 per month, giving you access to its extensive language collection. Alternatively, there’s an annual subscription plan priced at $79.99 per year. If you’re seeking a comprehensive experience, the Complete Package costs $17.99 per month and features valuable add-ons like language-specific films. You can try Mango Languages for free for 14 days to see if it’s a good choice for you.

Why You Should Use Apps To Learn Armenian

Learning Armenian with language-learning apps offers many advantages. First, these apps provide accessibility, allowing you to immerse yourself in the language from anywhere, whether it’s at home or on the go. And since apps are interactive, they often incorporate audio and videos, helping you hone your pronunciation and listening skills. Finally, the gamified approach, including quizzes and challenges, keeps you engaged and motivated, enhancing your language-learning experience.

How To Learn Armenian with an App

Using apps is both a straightforward and effective way to learn Armenian. Begin by choosing an app that suits your skill level, learning goals, and preferences Most apps offer structured lessons that gradually introduce you to Armenian grammar and vocabulary. Set aside dedicated time for daily practice to build consistency. Regular practice and exploration of all the app’s resources will help you make steady progress in learning Armenian.

Best Apps for Learning Armenian: Final Thoughts

After going through the list of the best apps for studying Armenian, you’re all set to pick the one that suits your learning style and goals. Whether you’re up for a personalized experience, aiming to sharpen a specific language skill, or just looking to have some learning fun, I’m sure you’ll find the right option for you. 

Best Armenian Language Learning Apps: FAQ

Is Armenian a hard language to learn?

Armenian is considered difficult to learn, according to the US Department of State. It has its own branch in the language family and an alphabet with 39 unique letters. Pronunciation is tricky with ejective sounds and dialect variations. Plus, word accentuation and punctuation are not like the rest of the Indo-European languages.

What’s the best app to learn Armenian if I’m a complete beginner?

Pimsleur is the best option to learn Armenian if you’re a complete beginner. Its lessons are comprehensive, focusing on real-life situations for effective communication from the start. They follow a conversational approach, immersing you in authentic dialogues and integrating grammar and culture lessons into everyday scenarios.

Is Glossika good to learn Armenian?

Glossika Is a good choice for learning Armenian, especially if you’re an intermediate or advanced learner. It employs a machine-learning algorithm so you review words before you forget them, and can steer you toward fluency in a relatively brief timeframe. Its strong emphasis on pattern repetition can solidify your grasp of the target language.

Is Pimsleur a good overall app for Armenian? 

Yes, Pimsleur is a good overall app to learn Armenian. It adopts a distinctive method through its podcast-like lessons, aimed at enhancing your conversational abilities. This app teaches grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation within the context of each dialogue. It offers a wide range of interactive exercises such as digital flashcards, quizzes, pronunciation practice, and engaging games.

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