An In-Depth Review of Clozemaster: Can It Help You Achieve Fluency?

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Clozemaster focuses on what's important!

Clozemaster is a language app that helps its users learn their target languages in a natural context. With a huge database of words and phrases, Clozemaster uses spaced repetition to make sure you commit the content to your long-term memory. It's great for intermediate and advanced learners, but may be a little intimidating for beginning language learners.

Quality of Content
Available Features
Value for Money
  • Huge range of useful vocabulary
  • Learn natural phrases in context
  • Improve reading, writing, and listening skills
  • Some phrases aren’t translated correctly
  • It’s mostly for practicing, not learning
  • The design isn’t very engaging or attractive

Clozemaster is a language app that helps language learners improve their skills by using specific vocabulary. It has a huge library of sentences, phrases, and full texts that cover a lot of different topics. To help learners acquire vocabulary, Clozemaster uses spaced repetition to increase the learner’s memory of each word.

Clozemaster Logo

Clozemaster is a unique way to immerse yourself in your target language, and it can help you learn to use your vocabulary more appropriately. The best aspect of Clozemaster is that you learn new words and phrases in context. However, it also has its downfalls, which I’ll discuss throughout this Clozemaster review.

Table of Contents

Clozemaster Language App Overview

To learn a little more about the Clozemaster language app, it’s important to look at its structure. Not all apps are helpful for language learners, and knowing the technology and philosophy behind an app can help you decide if it’s right for you. 

To get started, you can set up your Clozemaster account and select your native language and your target language. One great aspect of Clozemaster is that you can study as many languages as you want at the same time.

Clozemaster Language App Dashboard

Clozemaster Spaced Repetition

To help you track your progress, Clozemaster uses spaced repetition. This process involves helping you practice words and phrases at the optimal time to commit them to your long-term memory. After you’ve successfully completed a phrase 4 times, Clozemaster designates it as Mastered. Clozemaster’s default spaced repetition shows you words at the following intervals. You have mastered the word once you reach 100%.

Interval (in Days)Percent Mastered

If you are a Clozemaster Pro subscriber, you can also customize the intervals. I really like this feature because if I need to practice certain words more frequently, I can make the intervals smaller. If there are words I’m pretty comfortable with, I space out the intervals because I don’t need to practice them as much. 

Clozemaster Levels

Another way Clozemaster helps you track your progress is levels. As you complete sentences and master them, you earn points. The more points you earn, the higher your level. When you advance to the next level, Clozemaster shows an encouraging (and usually funny) meme to help motivate you. However, the levels don’t serve any purpose in regards to your actual language learning.

Clozemaster Levels

It’s unclear how many levels Clozemaster has. As you advance through the levels, more and more points are required to reach the next level. This makes it more difficult to reach the higher levels. 

Clozemaster For Beginners

Clozemaster does not offer any actual lessons, so it may not be the best app for beginners. However, some of its sentences can be helpful to beginners because they can practice basic vocabulary and increase their fluency. For these reasons, Clozemaster can be a helpful supplement to beginners who are just starting to learn another language. It should not be the main study method though.

Clozemaster Fluency Fast Track

The Clozemaster Fluency Fast Track is the main part of the Clozemaster app and contains the largest amount of practice sentences. Clozemaster designed the Fluency Fast Track to expose language learners to common expressions and phrases in their target language. These phrases also expose language learners to the most useful vocabulary. Currently, the Spanish Fluency Fast Track has 19,997 sentences.

Clozemaster Fluency Fast Track Dashboard Screenshot

When you start the Fluency Fast Track, you have a few different ways to work your way through it. First, you need to choose which skill you want to practice: Vocabulary, listening or speaking. Then, you can choose how many sentences you want to play per round, between 5 and infinite. The last choice you need to make is which mode you want to play: text input or multiple choice. Correct answers in Text Input mode give you 2x points, which helps increase your level more quickly.

Clozemaster Fluency Fast Track Sentence Example Screenshot

When you start to play, you’ll see the huge variety of sentences Clozemaster will help you learn. Some of the words are repeated in different sentences, which helps you learn different ways to use them. I really like this aspect of the app, especially because so many words can mean different things. However, sometimes I find that Clozemaster’s translations are a little inaccurate. It’s rare though, and honestly not a big deal since there are almost 20,000 sentences in the Spanish Fast Track.

Clozemaster Most Common Words

If you want to learn the most important words in your target language, you can practice the Clozemaster Most Commons Words lists. These lists contain the words you’ll see and hear every day in your target language. There are several different lists, ranging from the 100 most common words to the 50,000 most common words.

Clozemaster Most Common Words List Spanish Screenshot

I really like these lists because they have several sentences that use each of the most common words. Practicing these lists can be one of the most effective ways beginners can use Clozemaster. They will help you focus on the most used vocabulary and can serve as a building block to learning more vocabulary. 

Clozemaster Word List

You can see the Clozemaster Word List for each topic by clicking the “Manage” icon located by each list. This will show you the vocabulary in each list. You also have the option to add phrases to your favorites, reset phrases back to 0% mastery, or ignore words and phrases you already know. Reviewing each Clozemaster word list before you start practicing it can help ensure you learn the words you actually want or need to learn.

Examples from the Clozemaster word list

Clozemaster Grammar Challenges

The Clozemaster Grammar Challenges follow a similar format to the Fluency Fast Track and Most Common Words features. In the Grammar Challenges, the focus is on specific grammar rules instead of general vocabulary. The grammar topics Clozemaster covers include verb tenses, prepositions, and language-specific grammar. All Grammar Challenges are available with a Clozemaster Pro subscription.

Clozemaster Grammar Challenges Screenshot

I find the Clozemaster Grammar Challenges really useful because sometimes the best way to truly understand difficult grammar is just to use it. I especially used the Por vs. Para challenge to get a better feel for when to use both words (“por” and “para”  both have multiple and sometimes the same meanings). 

Case Study: Clozemaster Spanish Tenses

With Clozemaster, you can easily practice the different Spanish tenses using the Grammar Challenges. There are specific word lists that help you practice the subjunctive, indicative, and imperative tenses. These lists help you practice conjugating different verbs in these tenses. They also help you determine when to use each tense.

Clozemaster Spanish Tenses Practice Topics

You will also find a lot of verb tenses and conjugations in the Fluency Fast Track and Most Common Words lists. These further reinforce what you learn in the grammar challenges. Overall, while it doesn’t explicitly teach you grammar in a lesson format, I really found Clozemaster to be an excellent tool to practice grammar in context. 

Case Study: Clozemaster Spanish Prepositions

Clozemaster has specific Grammar Challenges to help language learners practice using Spanish prepositions correctly. Prepositions are difficult in every language, and Spanish is no exception. The Clozemaster Spanish Prepositions list contains 42 different prepositions, and the main focus is on using each preposition correctly in different contexts. 

Clozemaster Spanish Prepositions Word List shows all prepositions included in the Clozemaster Grammar Challenges

Before using Clozemaster, I understood the meaning of each preposition, but I wasn’t really sure how to use them. I usually just guessed! I worked through some of the Spanish prepositions Grammar Challenge though, and I feel a lot more confident using these words now. Sometimes the best way to learn grammar is to stop studying it and just use it! Clozemaster definitely helps with this.

Cloze-Collections: Use Your Own Phrases

Even though Clozemaster’s word lists are pretty extensive, they don’t cover every aspect of a language. That’s why they created Cloze-Collections. With Cloze-Collections, you can create your own words lists and practice them using Clozemaster’s spaced repetition technology. You can also share your list or download other user’s lists if you see a topic you like. 

Practice sentences created by Clozemaster users

There aren’t very many Cloze-Collections, at least in Spanish. It seems like this feature isn’t used by a lot of Clozemaster subscribers. That makes sense though – Clozemaster’s own lists cover pretty much every topic already! 

Clozemaster Sentences

Clozemaster lets you learn new words and practice grammar with thousands of different sentences in each language. If there are specific topics you want to practice, you can also create your own Clozemaster sentences. You can do this by manually entering the sentence, searching for sentences in existing Clozemaster lists, copying and pasting words from other websites, or even uploading a spreadsheet. 

A review of Clozemaster sentences

I created a couple Clozemaster sentences to test out this feature. To be honest though, I didn’t really use it much. Clozemaster already has so many different sentences available and I preferred to spend my time studying their lists. This feature is really simple to use though and can be a helpful resource if you have a specific topic you want to study. 

Cloze-Listening: Clozemaster Audio Practice

You can improve your listening skills with the Clozemaster audio program, Cloze-Listening. This feature is specifically for intermediate or advanced language learners. The Clozemaster audio samples contain different accents, background noises, and even audio quality to help learners become accustomed to hearing their target language in real-life situations. After the audio finishes, your task is to complete sentences with the words you heard in the audio sample. 

Clozemaster Audio Review Sample

This feature is really unique because the samples really are from everyday situations. In fact, all the audio used in Cloze-Listening is from the Mozilla Common Voice project. I really enjoyed using Cloze-Listening because it challenged me to really improve my listening skills in Spanish. No other app I’ve used offers a feature similar to this! However, Cloze-Listening is only available to Clozemaster Pro subscribers.

Cloze-Reading: Clozemaster Reading Practice

The Clozemaster Reading feature, Cloze-Reading, shows you articles from Wikipedia that discuss a variety of topics. The content is native-level and will show you your target language in a natural context. Topics include the arts, history, philosophy and religion, and technology, among others. Similar to other Clozemaster features, the objective is to input the missing words from the selected text. Cloze-Reading is only available to Clozemaster Pro subscribers.

Clozemaster Reading Topics included in Cloze-Reading

If the sentences in Fluency Fast Track are becoming too easy or you just want to expose yourself to more of your target language, Cloze-Reading is the perfect way to do so. This is a simple way to expose yourself to more of your target language, improve your reading comprehension, and continue growing your vocabulary.

An example article from the Clozemaster Reading feature

The layout of the Cloze-Reading exercises is similar to the other Clozemaster features, which makes it really easy to use. Even though the articles are available on Wikipedia, Clozemaster takes the extra step by converting them into interactive activities. 

Clozemaster Review: App vs Web

There are different ways to immerse yourself in your target language with Clozemaster. However, the app and web versions have different features, so it’s important to cover what each includes in this Clozemaster review. 

What You Can Do In The Clozemaster Mobile App

In the Clozemaster mobile app, you unfortunately can’t access all of Clozemaster’s features. However, you do have access to the main features of Clozemaster, which include:

        • Fluency Fast Track
        • Most Common Words
        • Grammar Challenges
        • Download Content for Offline Practice
        • My Collections (Practice only)

Fluency Fast Track, Most Common Words, and Grammar Challenges are the most important features of Clozemaster, so the mobile app can definitely stand on its own. You also have access to your own custom content with My Collections. However, you must create your collections on the web version of Clozemaster. You can only practice your collections in the mobile app.

What You Can’t Do In The Clozemaster App

While the Clozemaster app offers access to most features, you unfortunately can’t access some of the newer features. The following features are not included in the Clozemaster app:

        • Cloze-Listening
        • Cloze-Reading
        • My Collections (Create your own content)

Cloze-Listening and Cloze-Reading are additional features which allow you to improve specific skills in your target language. I don’t think they’re the most important features of Clozemaster though, so it’s not too big of a deal that they aren’t in the app.

A review of Clozemaster collections, which need to be created on the website

While I do enjoy the listening and reading practice, I am completely happy using only the app. Clozemaster provides native audio for most sentences in Fluency Fast Track, Most Common Words, and Grammar Challenges, and I am happy to improve my listening through these features.

Clozemaster Pro Features

Clozemaster provides a lot of it’s content for free, but there are still some big differences between the free and pro versions. It’s important to review the differences. The pro features are listed below to help you decide whether or not a Clozemaster Pro subscription is right for you or not. 

Clozemaster Text To Speech

The Clozemaster Text to Speech feature allows you to change the voice that reads each sentence. You can choose between a few different voices for each language, and you can also change the language speed to the following: 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.0x, 1.25x, 1.5x, and 2.0x. This feature can improve your listening skills, no matter what level of fluency you have, and it also makes Clozemaster more effective for a variety of language learners.

Clozemaster text to speech review and settings

Clozemaster Radio

The Clozemaster Radio feature allows you to practice with the app hands-free. With Radio, you can listen to the sentences and their translations without pressing any buttons. The app automatically pauses between each sentence, which allows you to think or say the sentence or translation independently. You can choose to include all Clozemaster sentences in Clozemaster Radio or only the sentences you’ve already played.

Clozemaster radio feature review and settings

Clozemaster Offline

The Clozemaster Offline feature is helpful for people who want to use the app when they don’t have internet or data service. This feature allows you to download any Clozemaster sentence groups to your device. After the download finishes, you can play those sentences without connecting to the internet. The Offline feature lets you download sentences from Clozemaster’s Fluency Fast Track, Most Common Words, Grammar Challenges, and My Collection.

How to use Clozemaster offline by downloading sentences

Clozemaster Pro Review

While there is a free version of Clozemaster, a Clozemaster Pro subscription includes extra features to enhance your language learning experience. Overall, I think a Pro subscription is worth it if you want to improve your reading and listening skills. Cloze-Reading and Cloze-Listening can help a lot with these.  If your main focus is speaking or writing though, a Clozemaster Pro subscription may not be worth it because the Pro features don’t help you improve these skills. 

Clozemaster Price

Clozemaster has a free version as well as a premium version. A Clozemaster premium subscription has a price of $8 per month or $60 per year. The price of a Clozemaster lifetime subscription is a one-time payment of $140. Purchasing a pro subscription gives you access to all Clozemaster’s free content, as well as additional features to enhance your language skills.

Clozemaster Pro Price

A Clozemaster Pro subscription gives you access to Cloze-Reading, Cloze-Listening, enhanced text to speech features, and offline access to the content, among other features. Clozemaster charges a flat fee, which changes depending on the length of your subscription. The Clozemaster Pro prices are shown below:

Length of SubscriptionClozemaster Pro Price

Clozemaster Discount

Finding a Clozemaster discount is very difficult. The company runs promotions throughout the year that offer discounts up to 50% on a pro subscription. These promotions usually occur around major holidays. Another way to get a discount on your Clozemaster subscription is to buy one as a gift for your family and friends. When you purchase a Clozemaster Pro subscription as a gift, you receive a free month on your own subscription.

Clozemaster Free vs Pro

To help you decide which type of Clozemaster subscription is best for you, it’s best to compare the Free vs Pro versions side by side. The table below shows you which Clozemaster features are available in the free and pro versions.

Clozemaster FeatureFree VersionPro Version
Fluency Fast Track, Most Common WordsYesYes
Grammar ChallengesLimitedYes
Cloze-Listening, Cloze-ReadingNoYes
Offline AccessNoYes
Clozemaster RadioNoYes

Is Clozemaster Pro Worth It?

If your goal is to build vocabulary and improve your listening and reading skills, Clozemaster Pro is worth it. If you want to improve your speaking and writing skills, Clozemaster Pro is not worth it. The current features of Clozemaster Pro don’t include activities to improve your speech, pronunciation, or general writing skills. However, the current features are very useful for quickly and effectively learning new words and phrases in a natural context.

Review Of Clozemaster Alternatives

When you’re looking for a language app, it’s always a good idea to review its alternatives. In the case of Clozemaster, there are several alternatives that offer similar language learning exercises and each alternative has its own unique features to enhance your learning. The most common alternatives to Clozemaster are Duolingo, Busuu, Glossika, Lingvist, Memrise, and Anki.

Below are some of the most popular alternatives to Clozemaster and a direct comparison of features included in each app. 

Clozemaster vs Duolingo

When comparing Clozemaster vs Duolingo, you need to not only look at the features of each app, but also what skills they help improve. In general, Duolingo can help beginners start learning their target language and it’s a good idea to use Clozemaster after Duolingo. In addition, Duolingo follows a course structure and Clozemaster focuses on self-directed learning, meaning you can choose what topics you study. The table below compares different aspects of Clozemaster and Duolingo.

 Clozemaster ProDuolingo Plus
Free VersionYesYes
Free Trial30 days14 days
Price (Monthly)$8.00$12.99
Number of Languages6628
StructureSelf-DirectedStrict Course
SkillsReading, ListeningReading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Appropriate LevelBeginner to AdvancedBeginner

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Clozemaster vs Busuu

Clozemaster vs Busuu is a common comparison because both apps focus on effective communication from the moment you start using them. However, each app has distinct features that can help you decide which one is right for you. The table below shows the main differences between Clozemaster and Busuu.

 Clozemaster ProBusuu Premium
Free VersionYesYes
Free Trial30 days14 days
Price (Monthly)$8.00$13.99
Number of Languages6612
StructureSelf-DirectedFlexible Course
SkillsReading, ListeningReading, Listening, Speaking
Appropriate LevelBeginner to AdvancedBeginner/Intermediate

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Clozemaster vs Glossika

When you look at Clozemaster vs Glossika side by side, you’ll notice some key differences between the two language apps. Overall, both apps can help you learn your target language, but each app has different strengths. The table below shows you how Clozemaster and Glossika compare overall.

 Clozemaster ProGlossika
Free VersionYesYes
Free Trial30 days7 days
Price (Monthly)$8.00$30.00
Number of Languages6663
SkillsReading, ListeningReading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Appropriate LevelBeginner to AdvancedBeginner/Intermediate

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Clozemaster vs Lingvist

If you’re looking to quickly build vocabulary in your target language, you may find yourself choosing between Clozemaster vs Lingvist. Both apps help you effectively learn new words, as well as improve your reading and listening skills. The table below shows the main aspects of Clozemaster and Lingvist and how they compare to each other.

 Clozemaster ProLingvist
Free VersionYesNo
Free Trial30 days2 days
Price (Monthly)$8.00$19.9
Number of Languages666
SkillsReading, ListeningReading, Listening
Appropriate LevelBeginner to AdvancedBeginner to Advanced

Clozemaster vs Memrise

If you want to focus on learning vocabulary, you’ll definitely want to compare Clozemaster vs Memrise. Both apps have different methods of helping language learners expand their vocabulary. However, the layout and design of each app is different. The table below shows the differences between the apps to help you choose Clozemaster or Memrise.

 Clozemaster ProMemrise
Free VersionYesYes
Free Trial30 days7 days
Price (Monthly)$8.00$8.99
Number of Languages6622
StructureSelf-DirectedFlexible Course
SkillsReading, ListeningReading, Listening, Speaking
Appropriate LevelBeginner to AdvancedBeginner/Intermediate

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Clozemaster vs Anki

Comparing Clozemaster vs Anki can help you determine the app that will increase your vocabulary more quickly. While the structure of the apps is somewhat similar, the content available and the flexibility of each app is completely different. The below compares Clozemaster to Anki so you can decide which app fits your needs the most.

 Clozemaster ProAnki
Free VersionYesYes
Free Trial30 daysN/A
Price (Monthly)$8.00Free
Number of Languages66Unlimited
SkillsReading, ListeningReading, Listening
Appropriate LevelBeginner to AdvancedBeginner to Advanced

Clozemaster Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, my review of Clozemaster is that it’s an effective program that will improve your vocabulary and your listening and reading skills. It offers content to help learners study 66 different languages, and all of the content focuses on useful and common vocabulary. The additional features offered in the Clozemaster Pro subscription allow you to immerse yourself in real-world content to further hone your reading and listening skills. As most of the content is free, Clozemaster is definitely worth a try!

Clozemaster FAQ

Yes, Clozemaster works. It uses spaced repetition to significantly increase your vocabulary and help you remember words and phrases you’ve already studied. It shows users their target language in context, which helps achieve natural growth in their communication skills. Clozemaster also allows users to focus on specific words and phrases, which makes it adaptable and effective for most language learners.

In regards to specific word-for-word translations, Clozemaster is not always accurate. However, in regards to general context, Clozemaster is very accurate. Most of the content in Clozemaster is open-source, which means outside organizations compiled it. Clozemaster then translated the words and phrases to help its users learn their target language in a natural context. 

Clozemaster costs $8.00 per month, $60.00 per year, or $140.00 for a lifetime subscription. There is also a free version of Clozemaster, which gives users access to a large portion of the content without paying.

Clozemaster is effective for language learners who want to increase their vocabulary and learn how to use specific words and phrases in a natural context. Clozemaster’s features can help improve reading and listening comprehension as well. However, Clozemaster is not effective at improving speaking skills. This means it’s not a good choice for those who want to focus specifically on speaking their target language.

Clozemaster gets its sentences and translations from Tatoeba, which is an online database specifically for language learners. The name “Tatoeba” translates to “for example” from Japanese. This database is collaborative and frequently updated. In addition, Clozemaster also pulls data from Wiktionary to create its Most Common Words lists.

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