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Chad Emery
Founder and Editor

Chad Emery is the founder and editor of Langoly. He was a TEFL-certified English language teacher for years and has been an active language learner for decades. He has bachelor’s degrees in both Media Communications and German and a Master of Science degree in Digital Media in Europe. He has published and edited articles related to language learning, international communication, linguistics, translation, and travel. Chad is constantly (and rigorously) testing and reviewing language-related products and services, as well as analyzing emerging trends in the language learning and education technology (EdTech) industries.

He frequently communicates and collaborates with experts in language-related fields as well as amateur language learners to ensure Langoly provides the most up-to-date, accurate, and fact-checked information and recommendations. Chad’s articles have been featured by the Government of Canada’s Translation Bureau, Pimsleur, Clozemaster, TEFL, and more. You can connect with Chad on LinkedIn.

Chad’s Articles and Reviews

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