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GreekPod101 Review: An Effective Tool For Beginners

Dennys Caldera Boka Published on September 27, 2023
GreekPod101 review

A great first step to learning Greek

GreekPod101 is a good choice for everyone who wants to start learning the language. It has interesting audio and video lessons, as well as many additional resources. It has extensive content to help you understand the basics, so It’s best for beginners. If you’re more advanced or want to enhance your conversational skills, you might want to explore other options.


User Experience 8
Quality of Content 8.5
Features Available 8
Value for Money 7.5


  • Structured lessons for systematic learning
  • Rich and diverse content
  • Wide range of pricing options
  • Flexibility in what you can study


  • Content and features can be difficult to find
  • Very little speaking practice.
  • Lessons can become repetitive over time.
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Who Should Use GreekPod101

GreekPod101 provides an excellent starting point for beginners and even those who are at a lower intermediate level. Its structured lessons, extensive vocabulary, and user-friendly interface can help you dive into the language comfortably. 

GreekPod101 Overview

GreekPod101 is a language-learning app tailored specifically for those interested in building the foundations of the Greek language. It stands out for being an excellent resource for absolute beginners and intermediate learners who want to improve their skills. The app offers several lessons covering basic grammar, vocabulary, and some cultural insights. While the app is easy to navigate, it’s not the most visually attractive.

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It can be useful for different types of learners because it offers audio and video lessons. Each lesson has detailed notes about relevant vocabulary with pronunciation, as well as grammar explanations. As the dialogues are voiced by native speakers, the audio recordings ensure an authentic learning experience. Also, GreekPod101 offers features like transcripts, flashcards, a word bank, key vocabulary lists, and video content.

However, if you’re looking for a more comprehensive learning program that covers all major language skills, GreekPod101 falls a bit short. Unless you have a Premium+ subscription, GreekPod101 doesn’t give you access to 1-on-1 feedback from a Greek teacher to get support throughout the lessons.

GreekPod101 Price

GreekPod101 has three paid subscription levels, with choices for 1, 3, 6, 12, or 24-month plans. The Basic subscription ranges from $8.00 per month to $96.00 for 24 months (50% cheaper per month). The Premium subscription costs $25.00 per month to $240.00 for 24 months (60% cheaper per month), and the Premium Plus subscription costs between $47.00 per month and $549.00 for 24 months (51% cheaper per month). There is a free lifetime account available, although its content is limited. 

spanishpod101 prices

Here’s a quick look at what each subscription offers. GreekPod101’s Basic subscription gives you access to all lessons and lesson notes. The Premium subscription adds advanced lessons and cultural insights, which is a great way to learn more about the language. The Premium Plus subscription gives you access to all lessons and features, a customized language-learning plan, and one-on-one feedback on assignments from a Greek tutor.

The Basic plan price is reasonable for what you get. However, the Premium or Premium Plus subscriptions are on the expensive end compared to other apps like Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur.

GreekPod101 Free Trial

You can explore GreekPod101 with a free, 7-day trial that gives you access to all Premium subscription content without requiring credit card information. This trial lets you try every lesson, lesson pathways, and additional resources to discover the right level for you. The only feature of GreekPod101 that isn’t available during the trial is personalized feedback from a tutor, which is exclusive to the Premium Plus subscription.

GreekPod101 Review: Overall Learning Experience

In my opinion, GreekPod101 turned out to be a good gateway to learning the language. I enjoyed the audio lessons because they are short, interesting, and easy to follow, with some useful tips about language and culture. The dialogues are transcribed, and you can follow them line by line. The transcripts are in both the Greek and Roman alphabet and offers Greek and English translations.

Something else I enjoyed was the video lessons. They’re interactive and helped me memorize Greek phrases more easily. Each lesson has a comment section where you can ask questions and get answers from the GreekPod101 team.

I found the lesson notes helpful because they summarize everything you see in the lesson. You have the audio content, transcription, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural insights, all in one section. However, for a visual learner like myslef, I would have preferred a more attractive presentation of the content. I also think there should be more vocabulary and grammar drills in the lessons.

GreekPod101 Alternatives and Competitors

If GreekPod101 isn’t your cup of tea, there are other alternatives for learning Greek effectively. Rosetta Stone offers a more interactive and intuitive approach to learning Greek, focusing on context, visual cues, and pronunciation. It generally comes with a higher price tag compared to GreekPod101, though. Another good alternative is Pimsleur, which offers a structured approach that covers vocabulary, and conversation skills, falling within a competitive price range.

You can also try Mondly, which specializes in interactive lessons that use interesting technology. While it’s not as comprehensive as GreekPod101, it excels in helping learners memorize words and phrases effectively. Finally, you have Duolingo, which offers a free Greek course suitable for beginners. It’s much more gamified and provides a lighter learning experience. 

GreekPod101 Review FAQ

What is GreekPod101?

GreekPod101 is an online platform and mobile app designed to make Greek learning easy. It offers a comprehensive course structure primarily centered around audio and video lessons with a strong emphasis on conversational skills and listening comprehension. There are spaced repetition flashcards, word lists, transcripts, and more to help you speak Greek and improve your listening abilities.

Is GreekPod101 free?

You can try GreekPod101 for free with a 7-day trial. It gives you access to all the Premium plan content without needing your credit card information. During the trial, you can explore all the lessons and extra materials, except the 1-on-1 feedback from a tutor, which is only available with the Premium+ subscription. You can sign up today and see if GreekPod101 is right for your learning style.

Is GreekPod101 legit?

GreekPod101 is one of Innovative Languages’ language courses and a legit resource to learn Greek online. It’s a useful way to begin your Greek learning journey, and you can even give it a try for 7 days without the need to provide any credit card details.

Is GreekPod101 good for beginners?

GreekPod101 is one of the best online Greek courses if you want to speak the language. It provides an excellent starting point for those wanting to learn Greek or improve their Greek pronunciation and listening skills. Its well-organized lessons and easy-to-navigate interface help beginners immerse in the language comfortably. Note that more advanced learners might need to use other resources to obtain more advanced grammatical explanations or language material.

About This GreekPod101 Review

This is an independent and honest review of GreekPod101, and the company has not sponsored this article. To write this review, I signed up for a Premium subscription to the app and used it for a few hours to thoroughly test its content and features. I also found additional information on the GreekPod101 website to verify my findings.

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