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Great choice if you like tracking your progress!

Mondly is a language learning app that uses innovative technologies to help you learn your target language. The app offers a lot of different languages, and it's probably most useful for beginner and intermediate learners. The pace of the lessons can seem a little slow, but the ability to track your learning progress is a cool feature.

Quality of Content
Available Features
Value for Money
  • Easily track your learning stats
  • A lot of different language pairs
  • There are job-specific courses
  • The lessons get repetitive
  • Lessons are mostly for beginners only
  • Topics are pretty standard
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The Mondly app is a really technologically-advanced app that helps you learn languages from beginner to advanced levels. In this Mondly review, I’ll walk you through the different aspects of the Mondly app, the Mondly free vs premium versions, and the products Mondly offers outside of its main app.

Mondly Logo

With its headquarters in Romania, Mondly has been around since 2014. Over the years, it has grown quite a bit. The Mondly team released the first app in 2015. Today, they have a few different products that cater to different groups of people, like kids, schools, and businesses.

From your first time using the regular Mondly app, you’ll see that there is a huge focus on technology. The app looks and feels futuristic. There are also other Mondly apps that incorporate augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) into language learning.

This is a screenshot from the Mondly app that shows learning statistics and progress. This Mondly review discusses these statistics and whether or not they're helpful.

This was the first time I had heard of these technologies used for language learning, so I was really excited to start using the Mondly app. I was curious to see whether they actually enhanced my learning experience or if they were just a “shiny object” used to increase subscribers. 

With over one million Mondly reviews in the App Store and Google Play and over 50 million total users, Mondly is one of the most popular language learning apps available. Is Mondly worth it though?

I wanted to start at the beginning with this Mondly review, so I downloaded the regular Mondly app first. Getting started with the Mondly app is really simple and straightforward.

This screenshot shows the Mondly app's welcome screen. It's blue and Mondly is written is a thin white font.

It’s free to download the Mondly app, and it only takes a couple minutes to create an account and start learning. 

One aspect of Mondly that’s really interesting is that you can learn from over 33 languages. A lot of apps only let you learn your target language from English. This can be difficult if English isn’t your native language.

This screenshot shows the Mondly languages available in the Mondly app.

The app offers quite a few different language pairs, too. It includes some less-common ones, like Thai, Finnish,  Bulgarian, and Danish. 

For this Mondly review, I decided to test Spanish and Bulgarian from my native language, English. I already know quite a bit of Spanish and I’ve never studied Bulgarian before. I wanted to see if Mondly was truly good for all levels of language learners.

When you start the Mondly Bulgarian course, this screen appears asking you what your level is - Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced

After choosing your target language(s), you’ll dive right into your Mondly language course. It’s important to note that even though it’s free to download the app and get started, the Mondly free version only includes daily lessons (I’ll discuss these more later). 

To actually see what Mondly has to offer, I recommend signing up for the free 7-day trial. This gives you access to all areas of the app, as well as all languages.

Mondly Free vs Premium: What’s The Difference?

There’s a huge difference between Mondly free vs premium features. If you use the free version of Mondly, you can only complete the daily lesson Mondly sends you, the first section of your target language course (six lessons), one chatbot conversation, and one vocabulary section. You can’t choose the topics, the difficulty, or which words you want to learn.

A calendar within the Mondly app. This calendar shows the Mondly free vs premium features available in the language learning app.

After you complete five daily lessons in a row, you can access a weekly quiz and monthly challenge. These basically just recap everything you learned in the daily lessons. You still won’t learn much from them though because they’re pretty limited.

The activities in the free daily lessons are similar to the lessons in the Mondly premium subscription. It’s a good idea to try a few daily lessons to see if you like them. They give you a look at what the Mondly full version is like.

A screenshot of a language learning activity inside the Mondly Bulgarian course. This Mondly review shows the different activities in the Mondly Bulgarian and Spanish courses.

Since I wanted to see everything Mondly had to offer, I went ahead and subscribed to Mondly premium. 

Mondly Review: A Look At The Mondly Premium Features

I want to make sure to cover all the premium features in this Mondly review because some of them are pretty cool. The first thing I noticed after I subscribed to Mondly premium is that there are a lot of lessons that cover a wide range of topics.

A screenshot showing the different job-specific courses available with a Mondly premium subscription.

You can choose from topics like romance, pets, grammar, banking, and entertainment. There are also some courses for certain professions, including:

        • Flight attendant
        • Restaurant staff
        • Hotel receptionist
        • Healthcare professionals
        • Shop assistant

I thought these professional courses were really interesting because I haven’t come across courses like this in any other language app. They’re a unique selling point for Mondly if you work in one of these industries.

Overall, each Mondly language has the following features in the premium version:

        • 250 lessons for beginners to advanced learners
        • 33 chatbot conversations that cover daily life
        • 36 vocabulary-building lessons
        • Speech recognition technology to improve your pronunciation
        • Conjugation and grammar tables to help you speak more fluently
        • Access to the Mondly Kids and Mondly AR apps

The first four features are pretty standard and similar to other language learning apps. I’ll walk you through all the features though, so you can get a good idea of everything including in a Mondly premium subscription.

Mondly Premium Features: The Lessons

The Mondly premium lessons are similar to apps like Duolingo. You complete different activities to learn different topics. The pace of the lessons felt slow and repetitive sometimes though, and I didn’t think they were very engaging. 

They were short and simple to complete, on the other hand, which was nice. You can jump around from topic to topic pretty easily, too. This helped me stay engaged.

A "fill in the blank" learning activity in the Mondly Bulgarian course. This Mondly review discusses all the premium features available in the Mondly app.

Overall, I think the lessons are pretty standard, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If a lot of apps have lessons similar to these, they must work to some extent, right? 

One thing I did notice was that there isn’t much difference between the beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. I chose beginner lessons in Bulgarian and advanced lessons in Spanish. I was completing very similar lessons in both languages though. 

Because of this, I don’t think Mondly is the best language app for high intermediate to advanced learners. It’s better for complete beginners to low intermediate language learners.

Mondly Premium Features: The Chatbot Conversations

Another Mondly premium feature is the chatbot conversations. After you finish the lessons in each topic, you can complete a chatbot conversation that helps you practice using your new vocabulary in a full conversation.

I didn’t find the chatbot conversations to be particularly helpful though. The conversations themselves were interesting, but there was too much help and guidance in English during the conversation.

A screenshot of the chatbot that I discuss in the Mondly review. The chatbot looks like a common text message conversation.

You choose your responses from multiple choices instead of typing them in yourself. There is also a translation of each possible response, as well as an audio clip you can listen to. 

After you listen to the audio, you pronounce each phrase of the conversation using Mondly’s speech recognition technology. 

Like the lessons, these chatbot conversations can be really helpful for beginners and low intermediate users. When I was going through these conversations in Spanish, I felt like I was wasting my time though.

That said, the conversations do have some interesting topics. You can have a business meeting, make an appointment at the doctor’s office, and learn to make new friends.

A conversation about tickets and events with the Mondly premium chatbot. A man is standing at a ticket counter and a woman is selling him tickets.

Overall it’s a nice feature. I found the chatbot conversations helpful in the Mondly Bulgarian beginner course, but not very helpful for the advanced Mondly Spanish course.

Mondly Premium Features: Grammar And Conjugation Tables

Another Mondly premium feature is the grammar and conjugation tables. I learn best by reading, and I really like the conjugation and grammar tables in Mondly premium. It’s really difficult to learn verb conjugations in any language, but Mondly’s tables make it easier.

This Mondly review discusses the Mondly Spanish course. When you complete language activities, you can look at grammar tables to help you understand verb conjugations. This is a screenshot of one of those grammar tables. It shows the English and Spanish translations of a verb.

The tables show the conjugation in your target language, in your native language, and you can listen to the pronunciation. You can easily scroll through different tenses to get familiar with the conjugations.

You can access the conjugation tables in the lessons by clicking on the verbs. I thought this was a helpful way to include them because you can practice saying the example sentence in different tenses and with different conjugations. These are probably my favorite feature in the Mondly premium app.

Mondly Review: The Mondly AR App

The Mondly AR app is a part of the premium subscription, so I wanted to be sure and include it in this Mondly review. The term “AR” stands for augmented reality, and the Mondly AR app is the first language learning app I’ve seen that incorporates this technology. 

A screenshot of the Mondly AR app. This Mondly review will show you the different aspects of this app.

This technology seems to be a growing trend in the app world, so it’s really cool to see it used in language learning. AR apps use the camera on your phone and overlay digital animations on top of it. 

The best aspect of the Mondly AR app is that you don’t need to be tech savvy to use it. It’s really user-friendly and easy to set up. 

To get started with the Mondly AR app, you first need to find an adequate surface.

A screenshot of the instructions in the Mondly AR app. It shows a woman holding a phone over a flat surface.

This will ensure that all of the images and animations show up clearly. I decided to use the end of my bed, but you can use any surface you’d like. After you find a good spot, you can start learning!

A screenshot of the Mondly AR app that shows a woman and a lion standing on my bed.

The Mondly AR app currently has 10 different lessons you can complete, as well as three conversation activities. The app seems to be in its early stages, so it doesn’t really offer a lot of content right now. It’s a cool addition to the premium subscription, but I wouldn’t pay for it on its own.

This screenshot shows the different lessons available in the Mondly AR app. The screenshot shows the vegetables, food, eating utensils, and drinks lessons.

The lessons are pretty simple. Like the regular Mondly app, the pace is also slower than what I would like.

Overall, the Mondly AR app is fun to play with, but you won’t really learn a lot from it. At least not right now. It includes all of the same languages that the regular Mondly app includes though, so it’s worth trying out. I’m excited to see how the Mondly AR app develops in the future! 

Mondly Review: The Mondly Kids App

Another addition to the premium subscription is the Mondly Kids app. Kids language apps are starting to become more common, which I think is great. That’s why I wanted to talk about this one in this Mondly review.

A screenshot of the language screen in the Mondly Kids app. This shows the different language options you have.

Signing up for the Mondly Kids app is very similar to signing up for the regular Mondly app. You choose your original and target languages and the level. Mondly Kids offers language lessons for preschool- and school-aged children. 

The languages in the Mondly Kids app are also the same as the other Mondly apps, which means you can learn as a family. The activities and topics are also very similar, too.

This screenshot shows the learning area of the Mondly Kids app. You can choose different lessons and the layout is similar to the regular Mondly premium app.

In fact, the main difference between the regular app and the Mondly Kids app seems to be the design. Everything else is pretty much the same. 

Similar to the Mondly AR app, the Mondly Kids app is a nice addition to the premium subscription. I don’t have kids, but if I did, I don’t think I’d pay for Mondly Kids on its own.

Mondly Subscription Options: How Much Does Mondly Cost?

There are a few different Mondly subscription options you can choose from. In general, the longer your subscription, the cheaper Mondly costs in the long-run. 

Here’s a quick look at your Mondly subscription options.

        • Monthly: $9.99 USD for one language
        • Yearly: $47.99 USD for one language
        • Lifetime: $89.99 USD for all 41 languages

You can also find a lot of Mondly discounts and offers throughout the year, so keep an eye out! Here’s a Mondly coupon code I received right after I signed up for my Mondly free trial.

A screenshot showing a Mondly coupon. I included it in this Mondly review because there are a lot of coupons available for Mondly.

If you’re a premium subscriber, you can also access some pretty cool discounts for your friends and family. 

This screenshot shows the Mondly subscription options for family members. These are a great Mondly discount that allow you to learn with your family. You can get up to 5 different accounts.

If you plan to use the app for a while, I would definitely recommend choosing the yearly or Mondly lifetime subscriptions. These will save you the most money over time. If you only want to use it for a few months to prepare for a trip abroad or for another reason, the monthly subscription is probably your best option.

Remember there’s a free 7-day trial though. Use Mondly for those 7 days before purchasing a subscription.

Mondly Review: Is Mondly Worth It?

Now for the main question you want answered in this Mondly review: Is Mondly premium worth it? 

With the Mondly AR and Kids app, as well as the other premium features, I think a premium subscription could definitely be worth it for some people. It’s not a good fit for everyone though. The features may not justify the cost depending on how you want to use the app. 

To see if the Mondly premium subscription is a good fit for you, consider these aspects of the app.

Mondly Difficulty Level: What Is Your Language Level?

For beginners and new language learners, Mondly can build a great foundation for certain languages. When I started the Mondly Bulgarian beginner course, I learned basic and useful vocabulary from the beginning. 

This screenshot shows some of the vocabulary words included in the Mondly Bulgarian course.

One feature that Mondly misses out on (as well as a lot of other language learning apps like Fluenz) is learning new alphabets though. Bulgarian uses a different writing system than English, so I didn’t even know how to read the letters.

If you’re learning a language that uses a different alphabet or character system, you’ll definitely need a separate language app that teaches you how to write the characters. Drops is a good choice for this (Here’s my Drops app review).

In general, the lessons are more useful for people who are just beginning to learn a new language. For more intermediate or advanced learners, you may not learn a lot of new material in the Mondly app. It may be able to fill in some holes in your vocabulary though.

As an intermediate/advanced Spanish speaker, I didn’t think Mondly was very helpful for me.

Mondly Language Lesson Topics: What Are Your Language Goals?

The language lessons that come with a Mondly premium subscription range from basic vocabulary to job-specific courses. Because of this, it’s important to compare your language goals to what Mondly offers.

This is a screenshot of the job courses available in the Mondly app. I wanted to include these in my Mondly review because they are really unique!

Personally, I found that the job-specific courses were really helpful. If you work in the service or tourism industries, a Mondly subscription could be really beneficial for you.

If you’re more interested in learning the basics of a language, Mondly could be a good option. It has a lot of lessons that can be a great introduction to your target language.

However, if your goal is to become more conversational in general, you’ll need to try Mondly for yourself to see if it’s helpful for you. I don’t think Mondly is particularly helpful with conversational skills.

Mondly can help you achieve a certain level of fluency, but you’ll need to find other language learning apps to continue learning more intermediate and advanced topics.

Mondly Design And Layout: What’s Your Learning Style?

The final aspect of Mondly you should consider before purchasing a Mondly subscription is its design and layout. Like I said at the beginning of this Mondly review, the app is very technologically-advanced and includes a lot of data.

This screenshot shows a diagram of the human brain. Mondly puts the vocabulary you've learned onto the brain, and also shows your learning statistics.

If you like to track your learning progress and statistics help you stay motivated, Mondly is a perfect choice. 

While you have the freedom to choose between different lessons and topics, the Mondly activities are all the same. If you’re someone who likes variety, Mondly is definitely not a good choice for you. 

However, if you like structure and learn best through repetition, you should definitely give it a try.

So Is Mondly Worth It?

Only you can answer the question “Is Mondly worth it?” Take these questions into account and think about how you learn best. Everybody learns differently and has different reasons for learning a different language.

While Mondly is helpful for some people, it’s not helpful at all for others. Personally, I need variety to stay motivated. For this reason, I decided to use other language apps and not continue my Mondly premium subscription. I recommend trying the Mondly free trial to see if you like the app.

Mondly Review: Mondly Language App Alternatives

Now that I’ve covered the main aspects of the Mondly app, I want to share some language app alternatives that are worth checking out. A Mondly review wouldn’t be complete without some comparisons!

Here’s a look at some other apps to learn languages that are similar to Mondly.

Mondly vs Duolingo

Duolingo and Mondly are both insanely popular language learning apps, so it makes sense to look at a Mondly vs Duolingo comparison. The main difference between the two is that Duolingo is completely free.

While that sounds great at first, it’s important to compare the quality of the content in addition to the price.

duolingo logo. duolingo shows you how to learn a language fast!

Duolingo has a lot of content and offers courses in a lot of different languages, but I eventually stopped using Duolingo. The lessons are too repetitive for me, and the phrases it teaches aren’t always useful.

The activities are similar in the Mondly and Duolingo apps, but I found the content in Mondly to be a lot more useful in the real world. Either way, since Duolingo is free, it’s still worth a try!

Or read my Duolingo review

Mondly vs Memrise

Memrise is another really popular language app, and its main focus is building vocabulary. Mondly tries to teach a more well-rounded approach to your target language, so their goals are a little different. The features are what stand out between the two though, so I’ll give a quick overview of those in this Mondly vs Memrise match-up. 

memrise is a really popular language app!

Since you already know about all of Mondly’s features from reading this review, I won’t focus on those too much. For being mainly a vocabulary app, Memrise has a lot of cool features that rival those of Mondly though.

With real-world videos recorded by native speakers and chatbot conversations, it’s possible to learn more than just vocabulary with Memrise. 

Memrise and Mondly both use voice recognition technology to improve your pronunciation, too.

Although the grammar lessons in Memrise aren’t very helpful (the grammar tables in Mondly are a lot more helpful), it’s a good choice if you want to increase your vocabulary quickly.

Or read my Memrise review

Mondly vs MosaLingua

MosaLingua has made some great improvements over the years, so I also want to look at Mondly vs MosaLingua. Like Memrise, MosaLingua mainly focuses on building your vocabulary and basic grammar skills.

It has several features that allow you to immerse yourself in your target language though. Mondly doesn’t offer anything like this (and neither does Memrise).

The MosaLingua app and web logo. MosaLingua is a great way to learn a language because it provides a full language immersion experience online.

MosaLingua is mainly a flashcard app that teaches you vocabulary really quickly. To improve your other language skills though, MosaLingua also gives you access to videos, music, and books in your target language. 

In all honesty, you can find a lot of these resources yourself if you know where to look, but MosaLingua scoured the internet, found the best learning tools, and compiled them into one list.

It’s a huge time saver and helps you focus on actually immersing yourself in a language instead of endlessly searching for learning materials on the internet. 

The main difference between Mondly and MosaLingua is the structure. In MosaLingua, you can direct your own learning. There are a huge amount of topics you can choose from, and you can work on whatever you want. The Mondly app is more structured and follows a course format.

Depending on what type of learner you are and what your goals are, MosaLingua might be a good fit for you.

Final Thoughts: Mondly Language App Review

To finish up this Mondly language app review, here are some of my final thoughts. 

Overall, I think Mondly can be a helpful app for learners who like a more structured environment and the ability to track their learning progress. It’s a very technology-driven app, and if that appeals to you, you should definitely give Mondly a try.

That’s not the type of learner I am though. For that reason, I chose not to continue my Mondly premium subscription. I prefer immersing myself in my target language, and this just isn’t possible with Mondly. 

The pace of the lessons and chatbot conversations seemed slow, and there’s a heavy focus on translating from your native language to your target language.

There’s an ongoing debate in the language community about whether or not this is an effective way to learn. For me, it’s not a good way to learn. 

Having said that, Mondly is a solid app with a specific audience. I do think the job-specific courses are a huge advantage for Mondly because I haven’t seen those in other language learning apps.

The Mondly AR app is also really innovative, and I’m excited to see how the Mondly team develops it in the future.

Mondly offers a free 7-day trial, so be sure and check it out. If you like it, great! If not, there are a lot of other helpful language learning apps out there for you to try.

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