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The 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Hindi

Maria Claudia Alvarado Published on February 21, 2024

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Namaste! Learning Hindi can be very beneficial. It’s the third most spoken language in the world, and it can help you connect with people, find a job, or give you access to study opportunities. But, you need to build a comprehensive routine to develop all the language skills to become fluent.

If you’re a visual learner, watching YouTube channels to help you learn Hindi is a good option. YouTube is a massive platform with thousands of videos, including Hindi language learning videos. You can find entire lessons, exercises, tips, and much more to start learning the language for free. To help you find content that fits your needs, I’ve created this list of the 10 best YouTube channels to learn Hindi.

Our Top Picks and How We Chose Them

To choose the 10 best Hindi YouTube channels, I researched the content Hindi students find most helpful. I looked for channels with videos for a wide variety of language-related topics. Then, I chose the ones that had high-quality and accurate material to help students of all levels.

1. Learn Hindi with HindiPod101

Learn Hindi with is part of the Innovative Languages series. They have 760 lessons that teach Hindi vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation, as well as listening challenges. This channel is an accompanying resource to the HindiPod101 language course. Its goal is to get you to speak as soon as possible. They have content for complete beginners and more advanced learners so everyone can enjoy it.

Unlike other Innovative Language channels, most of the content you can find here consists of long videos to help you review essential knowledge. Some of their videos last more than 3 hours. They can provide thorough practice, even though they’re not meant to be used as a standalone resource. They’re ideal if you’re up for an intensive study session or need to prepare for an exam or a trip. They have plenty of playlists you can watch to make learning Hindi entertaining. You can find out more about the HindiPod101 course on their website.

2. Anil Mahato

Anil Mahato is a native Hindi speaker and tutor who created his channel to teach the language to people from around the world. Currently, he has 794 videos with vocabulary, grammar, and tips to ease you into the language, but you can also find vlogs, tongue twisters, jokes, and other fun ways to practice speaking and listening to Hindi. He speaks in a conversational tone and has high energy so it’s easy to stay engaged with his content. 

If you’re looking to improve your Hindi speaking skills, Anil’s channel has everything you need to navigate daily scenarios. He focuses on conversational Hindi but gives you information to help you distinguish more formal variations of the language. His explanations are clear and concise, and he doesn’t waste your time with exceptions that might confuse you in your learning.

3. Hindi TV

Hindi TV is a channel with 366 videos you can watch to learn how to speak, read, and write the language. This channel has flashcard-style videos that teach you essential Hindi words and phrases in order of frequency. In each video, you’re introduced to a new group of words along with their Hindi spelling and English translation to ensure you understand their meaning. All videos include audio, so you can hear the pronunciation of each word and repeat it to work on your speaking skills.

This channel focuses more on vocabulary, but there are some basic grammar lessons that teach you just what you need to know to build simple sentences in Hindi. You can start by learning the alphabet, how to build words, and move to study vocabulary. The goal of this channel is to teach you to communicate, so I recommend it to complete beginners who are planning to travel to India. 

4. ZEdXHindi

ZEdXHindi is a channel created to work as a supplement to the online language course of the same name. They have 608 videos for beginners to advanced Hindi students, including different animations to study words, phrases, and grammar. Their videos are very short, so it’s easy to watch many in a row to increase your vocabulary. With this channel, you can learn essential words, listen to short dialogues, and study the Hindi alphabet with songs.

I think this channel is perfect for those who are new to the language and people who are still exploring it because it focuses on the basics. It has exercises you can use to practice using Hindi through self-study and tips to help you build a comprehensive routine to develop all the language skills. Their videos use English, so you won’t have issues understanding the content. 

5. Watch and Learn Hindi

Watch and Learn Hindi is a channel created by a native speaker to help you understand and speak the language. The channel has 118 videos that teach you how to hold a daily conversation in Hindi. This includes learning the vocabulary and grammar you need to know to structure your phrases naturally. The videos use a lot of English, but that’s because they are meant to teach the language to complete beginners.

While there are many grammar videos for topics like gender pronouns, the different tenses, and prefixes, the owner of the channel also makes an effort to ensure you listen to the correct pronunciation for each word. She speaks at a tone and speed that helps you listen to each sound, so you can become accustomed to the language and practice speaking in Hindi on your own. Her examples are meant to make you an active participant in her lessons, and you’re constantly motivated to create your own phrases and revise the structure with her. 

6. BookBox Hindi

BookBox Hindi is a channel with 128 videos with animated stories for kids who are learning Hindi. They use simplified language and include Hindi captions and English subtitles to help children understand the content. But this can also be a useful way for adult beginners to improve their listening comprehension skills. Some of the stories in this channel feature Indian myths or moral stories, and you can learn about their values, beliefs, and traditions through them.

If you’re looking for an easy and engaging way to practice listening to Hindi, you can start with this channel. All the videos are very short and the animations are high-quality, colorful, and fun to watch. In each video, the speaker reads the story at a slow pace to ensure you recognize each word. But, you can also practice reading the Hindi captions to work on the rest of your skills. 

7. Hindi Sumvaad

Hindi Sumvaad is a channel with 91 videos. Firdaus is a Hindi teacher whose goal is to teach you how the language is truly spoken in India. She has lessons covering vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, conversation tips, and more. Her videos also include different resources you can use to practice your listening comprehension, like Bollywood movie clips, Hindi songs, recipes, and other entertainment content.

I like that she focuses on how the language is spoken in daily conversations because it can be different from the “correct” Hindi taught in some textbooks. Even if you don’t know any Hindi speakers, Firdaus’ movie clips, podcasts, and interviews give you clear examples of how Hindi is used in real life. Overall, I think this channel is a valuable learning resource for all levels of Hindi learners. If your goal is to reach fluency in Hindi and sound natural, this is one channel you can’t miss.

8. Hindi University

The Hindi University channel has 564 videos you can watch to learn Hindi from the beginner to the advanced level. Richard Delacy is a college professor who created his channel upon request from his students. Many of his videos are classroom-style, and he uses a whiteboard to teach you the correct structure and application for Hindi grammar. However, he also has videos about Indian culture, tourism, speaking practices, and learning material for kids.

With Hindi University, you can learn the language the way you would in a college class. Richard introduces the main topic and gives you a previous class recap to ensure you understand the material. Then, he provides examples and shows you the different applications of the language. You can start with Hindi 101 if you’re a complete beginner or learn to write the Hindi alphabet. He is still uploading new videos every couple of weeks, so this can be a great addition to your study routine. 

9. Pebbles Hindi

Pebbles Hindi is a YouTube channel with +3,400 videos. The channel isn’t exactly devoted to teaching Hindi. You can find videos with tutorials on how to braid your hair, how to learn to dance Garba, moral stories in Hindi, cooking recipes, and much more. If you’re looking for lessons for complete beginners, you can visit their playlists to find content to learn the basics of Hindi. They have content for all levels of Hindi learners and even include English subtitles in their stories for beginners.

While you can find videos for beginners on this channel, I’d recommend it as an accompanying resource to your study routine rather than a standalone study method. The goal of this channel is to help you practice listening to Hindi while you learn about topics that interest you, so they don’t put too much weight on vocabulary, grammar, and other language aspects. 

10. Learn Hindi Through English

If you’re trying to learn Hindi from zero, the Learn Hindi Through English channel can teach you the vocabulary you need to start communicating on a basic level. This channel has 41 videos that show you how to say the numbers, colors, seasons, and other frequently used Hindi words. As its name says, the channel uses English to introduce Hindi grammar, sentence structure, and application, but you can also read and listen to Hindi stories and cultural notes.

I think this channel can be useful for people who need to acquire basic Hindi skills. It helps you learn quickly without feeling overwhelmed. There are short videos where you’re introduced to new Hindi words with their English translations and correct spelling. You can also read Hindi and English texts side-by-side to help you test your vocabulary, grammar, and reading abilities. I recommend this channel to complete beginners learning a new language for the first time. 

Different Ways to Learn Hindi

The best way to learn Hindi is to find someone to practice speaking the language. But, this might not be so easy if you’re not in a Hindi-speaking country. Luckily, there are many Hindi resources that can help you hone your language skills. For example, you can download a Hindi language app to practice on the go. If you want access to more interactive learning materials, you can subscribe to an online course. Hindi textbooks, on the other hand, often have extensive explanations and plenty of examples to develop your grammar skills.

Watching YouTube videos can help you learn the Hindi language in an easy and engaging manner. This is a modern study method, but it’s proven to be effective when used in combination with other study resources. You can watch YouTube videos to practice Hindi pronunciation, acquire new vocabulary, or learn more about the culture. Note that you still need to be consistent in your studies to see progress and move closer to fluency.

Best YouTube Channels To Learn Hindi: Final Thoughts

I hope that this guide has helped you find a couple of channels to supplement your study routine. YouTube has hundreds of creators, so you can easily find videos to fit your level of Hindi. All the channels on this list have high-quality content and can help you improve your Hindi skills. With practice and patience, you’ll be speaking Hindi before you know it!

Maria Claudia Alvarado

Maria Alvarado is a content writer and translator from Lima, Peru. She graduated from the Savannah College of Arts and Design in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Writing. She is fluent in Spanish and English, has intermediate knowledge of French and German, and is learning Japanese. She hopes to bring consciousness about the importance of language learning through her articles and aspires to learn as many languages as possible.

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