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The 10 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Latin

Maria Claudia Alvarado Published on December 27, 2023

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If you’re trying to learn Latin in an effective way, you need to look for high-quality resources that can help you develop all your skills. The best way to study a new language will always be one that keeps you motivated in your study routine. Now, there are many study resources that can teach you the basics of this language, but finding one you like can take some exploring. If you’re a visual learner, YouTube might be a good option to start learning Latin.

Watching YouTube videos is a modern and easy way to start exploring the Latin language from the basics. You can watch as many Latin videos as you want for free to make your study routine more engaging, learn about the history of the language, or clear up any doubts you might have. But finding high-quality YouTube channels that you enjoy watching can be time-consuming. To help you save time, we have created this guide with the 10 best YouTube channels to start your Latin studies today.

Our Top Picks and How We Chose Them

To find the best YouTube channels to learn Latin, we evaluated which channels were the most helpful for Latin students. Then, we reviewed their content to make sure they had videos for useful topics related to the language. The YouTube channels included in this list all have high-quality content and can be useful for your Latin studies. 

1. Scorpio Martianus

Scorpio Martianus is a channel with 486 videos you can watch to practice listening to spoken Latin. The channel was created by Luke Ranieri, a Latin, Greek, and Ancient Egyptian teacher who wanted to share educational content with people interested in the language. He has videos where he teaches you conversational Latin, pronunciation, and grammar in a logical way. You can also find clips of movies and song covers completely in Latin, as well as fun skits where he roleplays being a legionary soldier to teach you more about Roman history.

Luke’s channel has such a wide variety of content you can’t get bored watching it. I would recommend it to intermediate and advanced students rather than beginners because, even if the explanations are easy to understand, you need to have a good level of Latin to understand the videos about reading Latin excerpts, opera, Roman culture, and more. You can learn more about him on his website.

2. Satura Lanx

Satura Lanx is a channel with 221 videos to teach you Latin from the beginner level. The creator of the channel, Irene Regini, is a Latin teacher from Italy who started creating content to make learning Latin accessible to students from all over the world. She has complete lessons that take you from using basic vocabulary to studying Latin literature in its original language. Her videos are in Latin, but she includes captions and subtitles to help beginners understand her vocabulary and grammar lessons. 

In my opinion, watching Irene’s channel feels a lot like having your own Latin tutor at home. She speaks at a slow pace and makes sure to explain each topic in a way that it’s comprehensible to people who aren’t familiar with the language, so you don’t need previous language knowledge to benefit from her lessons. She also has reading, listening, and speaking practices, so this can be a comprehensive learning tool to include in your study routine. You can also find more learning resources on her website.

3. Magister Craft

Magister Craft is a channel that allows you to immerse yourself in the classical world of Latin through a game: Minecraft. The creator of the channel, Ben, originally started his posting content to showcase his constructions of famous Roman buildings but shifted to using the world he built in the game to help Latin learners immerse themselves in the language and its history. Here, you can learn about Roman history, architecture, and mythology completely in Latin. There are 156 videos, and Ben is still uploading new content so there’s much to enjoy.

I think this is a creative way to allow Latin learners to test their listening comprehension skills and teach them more about the cultural aspects of the language. In many of the videos, you explore the buildings to learn about how life was back then, which is a fresh and interactive take to the usual Latin history approach. Even though Ben’s videos are completely in Latin, many of them have Latin or English captions to ensure you understand. I’m sure learners of all levels will enjoy watching Magister Craft.

4. Latin Tutorial

The Latin Tutorial channel was created by Ben, a high school teacher who wanted to make learning Latin grammar easy and entertaining. He has 275 videos that introduce you to different grammatical aspects like deponent verbs, temporal clauses, prepositions, and adverbs. His content has a slideshow style and uses animations to keep you focused and engaged in the learning process. You can watch his videos to review topics you previously learned or learn more about Latin idioms, important characters, and history.

In my opinion, this is a great channel to tackle Latin grammar quickly. Each video gives you the information you need to understand the topic, including the root of verbs, their pronunciation, variants, and much more. The videos are short and present the information in a concise and clear way, and many teachers like to use it as an accompanying resource for their classes. You can visit the Latin Tutorial website to find more learning resources or learn more about the channel.


The goal of Easy Ancient Languages is to teach you Latin in an immersive way. This channel has 186 videos where you can learn beginner-level Latin through pictures, improve your pronunciation, listen to dialogues, or test your skills. If you’re a complete beginner, you can watch the content on the Easy Lessons playlist to follow a step-by-step plan for learning Latin

While this channel is aimed at beginner to intermediate-level learners, I think it can be a good tool to address any Latin grammar doubts you might have. Each video has thorough explanations so you can understand sentence structure, verb conjugation, and pronunciation. Because the content is organized in playlists, you can easily look for relevant vocabulary, grammar topics, or exercises that fit your level.

6. Found in Antiquity: Latin

Carla, created the Found in Antiquity channel to teach you about Latin in a fun and engaging way. She has 152 videos with visual and audio content so you can listen to short stories and myths narrated in Latin, watch movie clips dubbed into Latin, read along excerpts from famous Latin texts, and even enjoy Latin covers for popular songs. She has playlists with content for complete beginners to intermediate students, and you can start by learning basic Latin phrases and progressively move to more complicated grammar topics.

Even though her channel is completely in Latin, I think her beginner videos provide enough context to help new learners understand. In each of these videos, she uses animations (and even video games) to show you the meaning of basic words and phrases, so you can learn through immersion rather than memorization. There are also subtitles in Latin, so you can easily follow along and stay engaged with her content. 


LATINITIUM is a channel with 117 videos on various Latin-related topics like idioms, literature, traditions, and more. All the videos are completely in Latin to help you practice listening to the language, but many have English subtitles. Daniel, the creator of the channel, is an experienced Latin teacher and he gives you clear and precise explanations for the Latin topics he discusses, as well as different tips to make your Latin studies easier.

I thought that the cultural videos about Latin-related traditions and literature were very informative and useful in understanding the relationship between language and culture. While I wouldn’t recommend this channel to complete beginners, I think it can be useful for Latin learners who want to learn more about the history of the language. There are also additional resources like podcasts and a dictionary to accompany your Latin study routine. You can learn more about this channel on the website.

8. Musa Pedestris

Musa Pedestris has 149 videos to help you listen to Latin and keep you entertained in your studies. The creator of the channel, Marina, is a Latin speaker who has videos where she talks about Latin poetry, metric, literature, and famous authors. You can learn a lot about the language through her content. She gives clear examples to help you understand how to read Latin written works out loud, and she also has vlogs to show you how to use the language in a casual context. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Latin literature,  this is the right channel for you. Marina gives great examples of how Latin can change the experience of reading popular stories like Medea or Ovid’s Metamorphosis, and the teaches you how to read in the metric system. This way, you can learn more about the language through its literature and improve your speaking and reading skills, too. Her videos are completely in Latin, which is why I think this channel is better for intermediate to advanced learners who want to develop their listening comprehension skills. 

9. Magister Marcus

Magister Marcus is a channel with 27 videos that can teach you basic Latin using fun animated videos. In this channel, you can study Latin vocabulary from the most common words and phrases, practice reading and listening to short dialogues, and watch videos with Latin and Greek myths. All the videos are in Latin, but you can find English subtitles for the more complicated videos.

The content in this channel is so simple, I think it’s a great way to start exploring the language. Even if you don’t have any previous knowledge of Latin, the content goes over essential sentence structure, conjugation, and expressions. The animations are fun to watch and the videos are short so you can watch as many as you want to make progress in your Latin studies. This is an easy way to start building a foundation in Latin.  

10. Beatus Helvetius Salodurensis

Beautus Helvetius Salodurensis is a channel with 50 videos in Latin created by Beato, a Latin speaker who lives in Switzerland. Beato created his channel to share the news and events that take place in his town, Saludura, and to share his knowledge of Latin. His videos are exclusively in Latin. In them, he talks about different topics related to the language like grammar, famous Latin texts, historical characters, and more.

Beato’s channel can be a good place to develop your Latin listening skills. But I wouldn’t recommend it to beginner students. There are no captions available, and he only focuses on grammar issues most Latin learners struggle to understand. If you want to enjoy his content, you need to have at least an intermediate level of Latin. He’s very invested in teaching you Latin and only responds to comments in Latin to make your language experience more realistic. You can find out more about him on his blog.

Different ways to learn Latin

If you want to master the Latin language, you need to find an engaging study method. Luckily, there are many ways to learn Latin that you can combine to create a comprehensive study routine. Latin textbooks can help you understand complicated grammar topics and often have exercises you can use to practice writing. For more interactive tools, you can download a Latin app to quickly increase your vocabulary. You can also subscribe to a Latin online course to follow a set lesson plan.

Watching YouTube videos can provide the information and context you need to truly understand this historical language. Thanks to the Internet, now it’s possible to find Latin content you enjoy watching no matter where you are. You can watch videos to learn essential Latin vocabulary and grammar, practice reading, or find out more about Roman culture (and explore it, too!). This can be a great opportunity to improve your skills, so make sure to visit a couple of the channels on this list to find the right option for you.

Best YouTube ChannelsTo Learn Latin: Final Thoughts

I hope this guide has helped you find a YouTube channel that makes your study time more entertaining and motivating. Remember that sticking to a routine is the best way to ensure you make constant progress. YouTube has lots of content creators that offer high-quality content to teach you Latin vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking. But, it’s always better to combine different study methods to fill in all gaps in your studies. With constancy and effort, you’ll reach your Latin language goals before you imagine!

Maria Claudia Alvarado

Maria Alvarado is a content writer and translator from Lima, Peru. She graduated from the Savannah College of Arts and Design in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Writing. She is fluent in Spanish and English, has intermediate knowledge of French and German, and is learning Japanese. She hopes to bring consciousness about the importance of language learning through her articles and aspires to learn as many languages as possible.

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