The 10 Best Apps to Learn Latin Effectively

Gardenia Reynoso Published on July 5, 2023
Latin app guide

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Learning Latin can be a challenging task. First, you have to look for high-quality resources that can help you learn effectively. Then, you need to practice all the areas of the language, but you might struggle to find a Latin speaker to practice conversation. To save you time and trouble, we have compiled the 9 best apps to learn Latin.

Best Overall

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Best for Beginners

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Best for Reading

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During the late Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, knowing how to write and read Latin was a luxury reserved only for scholars. In the present, we can observe the heritage of the Latin language in the history, culture, literature, and art of many Latin-rooted language-speaking countries throughout the world. These languages are called Romance and are some of the most spoken in the world. Latin terminology is also commonly used in the legal, scientific, and medical fields, so becoming familiar with the language can be beneficial if you want to work in these industries.


What Are The Best Latin Language Learning Apps?

To write this guide, I downloaded each of the apps in this list and tried them for a couple of hours over a few days. I noted their areas and strengths and how effective they were in teaching different Latin language skills. Then, I listed the apps according to what distinguished them from the rest.

Below you’ll find the 9 best apps to learn Latin:

Best Overall Latin AppMondly
Best for BeginnersLatin Uncovered
Best for ReadingLingQ
Best for 1-1 Lessonsitalki
Best App for Immersive LearningRosetta Stone
Best App for GrammarMango Languages
Best App for Learning Words in ContextClozemaster
Best to Practice Verb ConjugationsVice Verba
Best for FlashcardsMemrise
Best App to Learn Latin for FreeDuolingo


Best Overall Latin App

Mondly Overview
Mondly is a flexible app that teaches you basic Latin grammar and vocabulary in a flexible way. You can track your progress to see how much you’ve learned.
Mondly logo
Best for Overall Learning
Price $9.99/month
Free trial 7 days
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Mondly offers a comprehensive yet flexible way of learning Latin. Instead of following a set lesson plan, you can pick which topic you want to study and learn the Latin vocabulary related to that topic. You can start with basic Latin words, jump to specific topics, or even learn work-related vocabulary with Mondly’s specialized Latin courses.

The app uses spaced repetition, flashcards, and translation to help you retain new vocabulary. You can also click on the words of each sentence to see the conjugation or English translation for that word. Each exercise has audio so you can hear the correct pronunciation of each Latin phrase you learn.

Mondly also has innovative tools that other apps don’t have like augmented reality lessons and a Chatbot to help you practice conversation in Latin. It can be hard to find a Latin language exchange partner, so being able to practice with Mondly’s chatbot can be really helpful. You can learn more about the app in this Mondly review.

Key Features

  • Choose what you want to study
  • Use the Chatbot to practice conversation in Latin
  • Learn the conjugation for each word


Mondly offers limited free access to some of its content. If you want unlimited access to all tools and topics, a subscription costs $9.99 per month or $47.99 per year. You can also get a Lifetime subscription for $89.99. There’s a 7-day free trial so you can try the app’s features and decide if you like the app before purchasing.

Latin Uncovered

Best for Beginners

Latin Uncovered Overview
Latin Uncovered follows a story while you learn the basics of Latin grammar and vocabulary. There are video lessons and practice activities.
Latin Uncovered logo
Best for Beginners
Price $297
Free trial Yes
Try Latin Uncovered

Latin Uncovered is the best for beginners because it gently immerses you in the language, and provides enough instruction and detail to help you learn and understand. It’s comprehensive and focuses on all necessary language skills.

Latin Uncovered follows a story throughout the course. In each unit, you listen to a chapter of a story that’s completely in Latin. Then, you take video lessons that explain the vocabulary and phrases you heard in the chapter as well as important grammar and pronunciation topics. There are also lesson notes and practice exercises to help reinforce what you learned.

*Disclaimer: Luke Ranieri, our Latin expert who reviewed this articles for accuracy of presentation of facts about the Latin language, created the content for this StoryLearning course.

Key Features

  • Learn with stories
  • Audio and video lessons
  • Extensive lesson notes and practice material


You can try Latin Uncovered for free for 7 days, but you have to enter your credit card information to access the free trial. The entire course costs $297 and gives you lifetime access to all the material. There’s also a 365-day money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the course.


Best for Reading

LingQ Overview
LingQ helps you practice your Latin reading comprehension and listening skills. You can read stories and cultural notes, hear the pronunciation of new vocabulary words, watch videos, and learn more about the history of the language.
lingq logo
Best for Reading
Price $14.99/month
Free trial 7 days
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LingQ uses short texts to get you to read Latin from the start. With LingQ, you can click on the Latin words you don’t know to see the English translation and hear the pronunciation. You can also save the new words to your vocabulary list and use the app’s flashcards to practice later. There are also reading comprehension questions at the end of each lesson, so you can make sure that you understand the text. 

In each lesson, you can read and listen to a short story about different activities like going to work, hanging out with friends, having a party, and more. You can read the story on your own, or listen to a Latin speaker narrate the text. If you are having trouble understanding, LingQ lets you slow down the audio. 

The LingQ app includes podcasts, videos, and songs with Latin transcripts to make the experience less overwhelming for complete beginners. All the content is completely in Latin, so this is an immersive way of learning the language while you practice your reading and listening skills. You can learn more about the app in this LingQ review.

Key Features

  • Practice reading and listening to the Latin language
  • Has Latin transcripts for videos, podcasts, and songs
  • Save new words to your vocabulary list for review


LingQ lets you save up to 20 words for free, but you need to upgrade to LingQ Premium if you want unlimited access to all features. A subscription to LingQ Premium costs $14.99 per month and Premium Plus costs $41.99 per month. The monthly price decreases if you buy a longer subscription.


Best App For 1-1 Lessons

italki Overview
italki is a popular language learning platform that connects you with Latin tutors from around the world. With italki, you can take personalized 1-1 Latin lessons online.
italki logo
Best for 1-1 Lessons
Price Varies
Free trial N/A
Try italki

italki is a well-known platform and app with a selection of Latin tutors for students of all levels. One of the hardest parts of learning Latin can be finding someone to help you practice speaking and listening. But, with italki, you can find a Latin tutor to help you practice no matter where you are.

You can use filters to find Latin teachers by the languages they speak, where they are from, and their price range. Once you have found a tutor, you can visit their profile to see their bio and read past students’ reviews before you schedule a class. Most tutors offer a discounted trial lesson so you can see if their teaching method works for you. You can learn more about the app in this italki review.

Key Features

  • 1-1 personalized lessons
  • Take classes when it fits your schedule
  • Use filters to find the best teacher for you


italki offers two types of tutors: Community Tutors and Professional Teachers. The cost for one lesson with a Community Tutor starts at $5.00 per lesson, but some Professional Teachers can charge up to $35.00 per lesson. Most tutors on italki offer a discounted trial lesson so you can see if you like their teaching style before you buy more classes.

Rosetta Stone

Best App For Immersive Learning

Rosetta Stone Overview
Rosetta Stone is a well-known language-learning app that gives you an immersive Latin learning experience.
rosetta stone logo
Best for Immersive Learning
Price $11.99/month
Free trial 3 days
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Rosetta Stone’s unique approach lets you learn Latin the way any child would: through context. This is the best app for an immersive experience because it doesn’t provide English translations. Instead, you learn Latin through context-based exercises, visual cues, and audio. You can also find cultural notes and stories to teach you more about the history and culture of the Latin language.

Each lesson lasts around 10 minutes and helps you build a foundation in Latin grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The app uses speech recognition technology to give you instant feedback, so you know you are learning the language accurately. You can learn more about the app in this Rosetta Stone review.

Key Features

  • Learn Latin in an immersive way
  • Speech recognition tool with real-time feedback
  • Includes audiovisual material to help you understand Latin better


A subscription to Rosetta Stone costs $35.97 for 3 months, but you can also buy 12 months for $95.88 or purchase a Lifetime Subscription for $179.00. Rosetta Stone offers a 3-day free trial so you can see if you like their Latin course.

Mango Languages

Best App For Grammar

Mango Languages Overview
The Mango Languages app has a structured course makes learning Latin grammar easy for students of all levels.
Mango Languages logo
Best for Grammar
Price $7.99/month
Free trial 14 days
Try Mango Languages

Mango Languages is an app developed by linguists to help you reach fluency in Latin. It offers a structured course that builds upon what you already learned. You can start as a complete beginner and learn important Latin vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation through memory-based exercises like flashcards and spaced repetition.

The app includes extensive grammar explanations to help you understand sentence structure and language use. In each lesson, Mango Languages introduces a series of phrases in Latin. Then, the app explains the meaning of the keywords used in the sentence and you hear the pronunciation. You can also see the English translation for each phrase, which can be helpful if you are starting to learn Latin and don’t want to feel overwhelmed. You can learn more about the app in this Mango Languages review.

Key Features

  • Extensive Latin grammar explanations
  • Includes cultural notes about the history of the Latin language
  • Includes pronunciation and phonetics examples


Mango Languages has a Single Language subscription and an All Languages subscription that gives you access to all the languages available on the app. A Single Language subscription costs $7.99 per month, and an All Languages subscription costs $17.99 per month. Many public libraries and universities can give you access to Mango for free, so check to see if there’s Mango available near you. Mango Languages also offers a free trial once you create an account.


Best App For Learning Words in Context

Clozemaster Overview
Clozemaster uses fill-in-the-blank exercises to teach you Latin words in the right context.
Clozemaster logo
Best for Learning in Context
Price $8.99/month
Free trial 30 Sentences per Day
Try Clozemaster

Clozemaster helps you learn Latin words in the context where you are most likely to find them used. The practice sessions are similar to quizzes because they have fill-in-the-blank exercises. In each exercise, you read a sentence, pick the correct answer to complete the sentence, and hear the pronunciation of the phrase, even if you didn’t make the right choice.

Clozemaster offers two modes, “Multiple Choice (Easy)” and “Text Input (Hard).” With “Text Input,” you can write the answer for each fill-in-the-blank question. This is a good way to practice reading, writing, and listening while you test your Latin language knowledge. You can also use Clozemaster in combination with other resources to supplement your learning. You can learn more about the app in this Clozemaster review.

Key Features

  • Learn Latin words in context
  • Test your Latin vocabulary knowledge
  • Practice reading, listening, and writing


You can use Clozemaster’s free version to practice 30 sentences a day, but if you want to have access to all the word lists, you can upgrade to Clozemaster Pro. A Clozemaster Pro subscription costs $8.99 per month or $69.99 per year. 

Vice Verba

Best to Practice Verb Conjugations

Vice Verba Overview
Vice Verba is an app designed to help you study Latin verbs. You can win “togas” and unlock collectible images.
Vice Verba logo
Best for Verb Conjugations
Price Free
Free trial N/A
Try Vice Verba

Vice Verba helps you study Latin verb conjugation. In each quick session, you are presented with a form of the verb and you have to choose which tense, voice, and mood it belongs to. At the end of the study session, you can check your mistakes and see the correct answers to the questions. Every time you successfully finish a session, you will collect “togas” and unlock the image of a famous dead Roman.

This is a flexible way of learning how to conjugate the Latin verbs because Vice Verba lets you choose what you want to study next and adapts to your level as you progress. If you also want to learn where to place the macrons for each verb form, Vice Verba has a feature that lets you include that in your practice. It’s a great tool to refresh your Latin knowledge or prepare for a test.

Key Features

  • Study Latin verbs and their conjugations
  • Includes macrons
  • Collect famous Roman images


You can use Vice Verba completely free of charge.


Best for Flashcards

Memrise Overview
Memrise doesn’t have an offical Latin course yet, but you can find many free user-generated Latin courses on the Memrise website.
Memrise logo
Best for Flashcards
Price $8.49/month
Free trial 7 days
Try Memrise

Memrise doesn’t offer an official Latin course, but there are many user-generated Latin courses on the website. Each course includes multimedia elements to make the experience of learning Latin more entertaining and motivating. With Memrise, you can learn Latin vocabulary and grammar through flashcards, games, audio recordings, and interactive exercises.

Thanks to its active community, Memrise has many Latin courses you can complete. You can start as a complete beginner, or pick the level where you feel most comfortable. The courses go over different topics like culture and history so you can also learn about the origin of the language. You can learn more about the app in this Memrise review.

Key Features

  • Study vocabulary and grammar for all levels of Latin
  • The courses include multimedia elements
  • There are multiple user-generated Latin courses on the website


The Latin courses on Memrise are user-generated, so you can access their content for free.


Best App To Learn Latin for Free

Duolingo Overview
Duolingo is a popular language learning app that offers its Latin course for free. It has interactive and quick lessons to teach you the basics of the language.
Duolingo logo
Best for Learning for Free
Price Free
Free trial N/A
Try Duolingo

Duolingo is the best app to learn Latin for free because it has an extensive course that you can access without paying. The app has interactive, game-like features such as matching words and fill-in-the-blank sentences. It also includes translation and listening exercises to help you work on your listening and speaking skills. Plus, you can track your progress and compete with your friends on the Leaderboard.

After a while, some of the vocabulary words can get repetitive, but Duolingo has many lessons that build on what you previously learned so this is not necessarily a bad thing. Duolingo has the mission to make learning languages accessible to everybody, so if you don’t mind being interrupted by occasional ads, this is a good way to start your Latin learning journey. You can learn more about the app in this Duolingo review.

Key Features

  • Learn Latin with interactive, game-like exercises
  • Brief grammar explanations
  • Compete with your friends on the Leaderboard


Duolingo offers its Latin course for free, but you need to upgrade to Super Duolingo if you want to access all the quizzes and make unlimited mistakes. The price for an individual SuperDuolingo subscription is $6.99 each month, but the Family Plan costs $9.99 per month and you can share the benefits of the premium subscription with family members and friends. 

Why You Should Use Apps To Learn Latin

Regardless of what’s your reason for learning Latin, if you want to be able to read, write, and speak Latin with fluency, you need to use high-quality tools and study regularly. Even if you only have a few minutes each day, consistent study is the only way to see progress and move closer to your Latin language learning goals.

Apps are a good way to practice if you have a busy schedule or prefer to learn on the go. You can use apps while you do other tasks like cooking dinner, walking the dog, or working out in the gym. Most apps offer interactive tools to help you work on different language skills, and help you track your process so you can see how much you’ve learned.

How To Use Apps To Learn Latin

To study Latin effectively, you need to create a study routine and find the right app for your learning style. Unfortunately, there isn’t one app that can cover all the skills you need to practice, but there are other tools you can use to supplement your study. Combining different apps and other resources can help you exercise all the language areas and put you on your path to proficiency.

Podcasts and YouTube videos can develop your listening and pronunciation skills, or you can find a tutor to teach you how to speak in Latin. Most books offer extensive grammar explanations, and online courses often have structured curriculums that are easy to follow. There are also many free resources online that can help you study Latin.

Best Apps To Learn Latin: Final Thoughts

The apps on this list are all high-quality resources you can use to study Latin. You can use these apps to take quick lessons during work breaks or while you are on the go. Apps have interactive tools that make learning Latin entertaining and effective. If you use apps to practice every day, you will be proficient in Latin before you know it!

Best Apps To Learn Latin: FAQ

How long does it take to learn Latin?

How long it will take you to learn Latin will depend on other factors like if you already speak any other Latin-rooted language like Spanish, and your natural ability to learn new languages. As with any other language, learning Latin requires practice, effort, and consistency.

How can I learn Latin fast?

You can learn Latin fast by using high-quality resources and practicing every day, or at least a few times a week. You can use multiple resources like books, apps, and online courses to cover all the necessary areas of language learning. Some apps offer immersive Latin courses, like Rosetta Stone and Mango Languages. Other apps like Memrise and Duolingo focus on teaching you the basics of the language.

What is the best way to learn Latin?

The best way to learn Latin is to have a consistent study routine. If you don’t have much time, apps have quick lessons that let you practice wherever you can take your phone or tablet. They also offer interactive tools and features that make learning more entertaining and help you stay motivated.

How hard is it to learn Latin?

Latin is a moderately difficult language to learn. It has a complex grammar system, extensive vocabulary, and requires attention to detail. Since this is an ancient language, there are no native speakers that can help you practice conversation or listening comprehension. But, as with any other language, with a regular study routine and the right resources, you can become proficient in Latin.

Gardenia Reynoso

Gardenia Reynoso is a content writer and translator from Lima, Peru. She loves connecting with people from other cultures and learning new languages. She had the opportunity to travel to different countries and received a scholarship to work and study in South Korea. She also enjoys dancing and playing the piano.

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