Mondly vs Pimsleur

Mondly vs Pimsleur: Which Language App is Better? 

Leonor Garcia Published on December 7, 2023
Mondly vs Pimsleur

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Starting a new language can be exciting but also challenging. You might be searching for ways to make the experience more enjoyable, and you may have heard of Mondly and Pimsleur. These are two popular language apps that can help you learn a language because they offer comprehensive courses suited for beginners. As we dig into this, you’ll realize that choosing between Mondly and Pimsleur is like picking between two equally tasty meals. It depends on your preference!

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Mondly Overview
Mondly is a language learning app that enriches language learning with enjoyable daily lessons, interactive competitions, and innovative tools like AR, VR, and chatbots to develop language fluency. It provides customized language courses for each user. These courses have short lessons and creative materials to help with learning.
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Price $9.99/month
Free trial 7 days
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People compare Mondly and Pimsleur because they use modern technology and teaching expertise creating engaging and effective language learning methods. In this detailed comparison, we’ll showcase their positive aspects, and also highlight areas where they could improve to help you find the best choice. It was tough to choose a winner because both Mondly and Pimsleur were close competitors. However, after evaluating both, Mondly stood out for its practicality, interactive design, and variety of exercises.

Mondly vs Pimsleur: A Quick Breakdown

Mondly offer game-like exercises in short lessons, whereas Pimsleur uses longer, audio lessons. Both apps pack in practical phrases that fit right into your daily conversations. Let’s compare Mondly and Pimsleur directly. The table below breaks down their language options, pricing, and free trial options.

41 languages51 languages
7-day free trial7-day free trial
Try NowTry Now

Pimsleur vs Mondly: Cost Comparison

Using Mondly gives you the freedom to pick from different paths. If you’re considering a subscription, Mondly Premium costs $9.99 per month for access to one language. Alternatively, an annual subscription is available for $47.99 per year. If you want full access, you can choose a lifetime membership option, that includes access to all 41 languages, for a one-time payment of $89.99. Mondly offers a 7-day free trial for its premium features. Without a subscription, you can do one free lesson daily, but you need a subscription if you want to unlock the rest of the content.

A Pimsleur subscription costs $19.95 per month for access to one language. You can also get a subscription for $20.95 per month that includes all available languages. Pimsleur offers lifetime access: $150 for one level, $300 for two levels, or $575 for five levels. The number of levels available varies for each language. Pimsleur offers a 7-day free trial of its premium subscription.

Mondly’s subscription plans, available on a monthly and annual basis, offer economical options with a wide range of features. These include interactive lessons, speech recognition technology for pronunciation practice, daily lessons, and a variety of language courses to choose from. Pimsleur’s pricing is slightly higher for similar access. Considering money value, Mondly stands out for its wallet-friendly pricing, especially with the lifetime access option covering all 41 languages. Based on its value, I would choose Mondly over Pimsleur especially if you want to learn more than one language.

If you are not convinced by any of these two apps, there are other alternatives that offer complete language courses within the same price range.  Check these apps out and see what their offerings are.

Mondly vs Pimsleur: How They Work

Mondly and Pimsleur have different approaches to language learning. Mondly lessons are much shorter with interactive elements like AR and chatbots. Pimsleur is an audio-based language learning course with structured 30-minute lessons that center on speaking practice. Despite their common goal, Mondly and Pimsleur have unique methods, meeting different ways people like to learn.

The table below shows how the apps rate across the web in 2023.

Apple Store4.84.8
Google Play4.54.1
Total Average Score4.43.9

How Mondly Works

The Mondly app uses an innovative approach to language learning, concentrating on expanding vocabulary and grammar concepts. You can find weekly quizzes and monthly challenges that add a touch of gamification to the process to motivate you and keep track of your progress. The lessons take five minutes to complete and use a range of interactive exercises that involve typing, listening, speaking, and word selection.

The mobile app offers AR (augmented reality) lessons and introduces an interactive chatbot into the learning process. The AR lessons are an immersive experience, while the chatbot engages users in natural conversations that help with listening and speaking. This chatbot encourages you to practice using the set of words you just learned, to bridge the gap between learning and real-world application.

If you want more information about Mondly and how it works, you can read our complete Mondly review.

How Pimsleur Works

Pimsleur lessons are audio-based, and each one lasts approximately 30 minutes. They focus on essential speaking scenarios. You are encouraged to complete one lesson a day, so that you will become confident with speaking the language. Pimsleur has various speaking exercises, along with flashcards, and quizzes that accompany each lesson.

Pimsleur lesson

There’s also a voice coaching feature where you record yourself saying phrases and sentences and then listen to the English version before saying them in the new language. Additionally, you can listen to English phrases and choose the correct translation in the new language to improve your speaking skills.

The Pimsleur language program incorporates “graduated interval recall,” to practice vocabulary at intervals for better learning. Pimsleur’s user-friendly design and practical conversations make it beneficial. However, its effectiveness may vary based on your preferences and learning style.

Do you want to know more? Check our complete Pimsleur review

Mondly: The Good and The Bad

Mondly provides a great learning experience. I found it to be affordable and easy to use. It offers engaging lessons and a variety of languages. The lessons are short and straightforward, making them easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Mondly stands out for its flexibility and adaptability to various learning preferences. Because you can pick which topic you study next, you can practice exactly what you want to learn. Other apps also have flexible lesson plans, but Mondly stands out because it uses natural language and helps you practice pronunciation.

mondly french lesson

However, there are also some points to consider. Mondly’s lessons work well for beginners but might not provide enough advanced content for intermediate or advanced learners. It could benefit from offering more help with grammar, as it currently focuses on basic language skills.

Another drawback with Mondly is its repetitiveness. The exercises can become a bit too similar over time, which might make it less appealing. While it’s essential to practice, adding more variety to the exercises could help keep users engaged. This lack of diversity in exercises could make some learners seek more stimulating language apps.

Pimsleur: The Good and The Bad

Pimsleur offers user-friendly audio lessons, which are easy to follow and understand. Something I really liked, was the culture notes they include. These notes give you interesting information about the country, such as its history, culture, and politics. This makes learning more than just a language, helping you connect with the real world.

It also has conversations that are voiced by native speakers, and contribute to an authentic language immersion. The lessons are available to download, so that you can practice even if you’re offline or with the special driving mode if you’re in a car.

Pimsleur Italian lesson

However, Pimsleur has its limitations, and one notable aspect is that it doesn’t include any reading or writing practice. This means you won’t find exercises or lessons that help you read texts or write in the target language, which are important skills for complete language proficiency.

Additionally, some may find Pimsleur’s lessons a bit slow-paced. Although it helps with pronunciation and understanding, not everyone may appreciate this pace. Also, Pimsleur lacks in-depth grammar explanations. While it focuses on speaking skills, it doesn’t provide detailed insights into grammar rules. This might leave you wanting more clarity for these topics.

Mondly vs Pimsleur: Which is Better?

Many people compare Mondly and Pimsleur to figure out which one works best for learning languages. These apps have different ways of teaching, which makes them an interesting comparison.

Mondly is a great choice if you like technology and prefer interactive lessons with features such as speech recognition and quizzes. On the other hand, Pimsleur emphasizes audio-based learning that focus on speaking and conversational skills and offers cultural insights that create an immersive experience. However, Pimsleur doesn’t not offer the same immediate feedback as Mondly. This is what sets Mondly apart in terms of improving your speaking skills.

In this comparison, I think Mondly is better than Pimsleur because of its modern and interactive approach. But keep in mind, both apps are good and can help you learn a language. It’s all about what suits you best. While I suggest Mondly, go with the one that fits your way of learning for a successful language-learning journey.

Mondly vs Pimsleur: FAQ

Can you become fluent with Mondly?

Becoming fluent in a new language requires consistent effort and practice. Mondly provides you with helpful tools and interactive lessons to help you through your language-learning journey. This app is particularly useful for beginners and intermediate learners. However, if you want to achieve fluency, my recommendation is to complement Mondly with additional resources.

How long does it take to learn a language on Mondly?

The time it takes to lear a language on Mondly varies depending on factors such as your starting level, practice frequency, and your personal language-learning goals. Some users can make significant progress in a few months, while others take longer to achieve fluency. Mondly’s daily lessons and interactive exercises are designed to help you learn efficiently, but regular practice is essential if you want to see the best results. 

Has anyone become fluent from Pimsleur?

Pimsleur has helped many learners improve their speaking skills. However, you should remember that individual results can vary depending on your starting level and how often you practice. Pimsleur focuses on speaking and listening comprehension, which can be especially effective for developing conversational skills and pronunciation.

What is the main difference between Mondly and Pimsleur?

The main difference between Mondly and Pimsleur is their language-learning approach. Mondly offers interactive lessons, daily exercises, and modern tools like AR and VR, which makes it perfect for beginners. Pimsleur, on the other hand, focuses on speaking and listening comprehension, with lessons designed to improve conversational skills. It’s also important to mention that Pimsleur doesn’t have writing practice. If you plan to choose between them, it depends on your own learning style and your personal goals.

Is Pismleur effective?

The Pimsleur method is effective if you want to improve your spoken language skills. Pimsleur’s audio-based approach has helped many language learners become conversational and confident. If your main goal is to develop your speaking and listening skills in a new language, Pimsleur is definitely a valuable tool. Keep in mind that while it’s great for speaking and listening skills, it doesn’t provide reading and writing practice.

Leonor Garcia

Leonor García is a Peruvian ESL teacher with a bachelor's degree from Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal. She is fluent in Spanish and English and is currently learning Portuguese. She is passionate about cultural exchange and using languages to drive globalization. Through her writing and teaching, Leonor aims to help people achieve their language learning goals. Connect with Leonor on LinkedIn.

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