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Welcome to Langoly! Our goal is to help you on your language learning journey. We are an independent site, and we aim to provide the most honest and factual information possible. As a team of language learners, we’ve tried and tested thousands of language resources to find the best ones possible to save you time and energy. Our content is designed to help you learn a language as fast and effectively as possible.

How We Write Our Articles

how we write our articles

Types of Content

Language App Reviews – Each review is a comprehensive look at one specific app. We take a deep dive into each app to learn its ins and outs. We present an unbiased look at the different features and prices that each app offers. These reviews are meant to help you decide if it’s right for you before you buy.

Language Guides – Since most people already know what language they want to learn, we round up the best apps, courses, books, and more that offer a particular language. That way you can compare the options at a glance to choose the right one for you. We have language guides that cover the most popular languages like Spanish, French, and Chinese, but we are proud to offer language guides that also cover less-spoken and endangered languages such as Bengali and Telugu.

Blog Articles – We love languages and we want to share that with fellow language lovers. Our blog articles are informational articles about all things related to language. We have articles about the most spoken languages, how to learn languages, and the best apps. Each topic is thoroughly researched and fact-checked using trustworthy sources.

Spanish Grammar Articles – Our newest type of article helps take Spanish learning to the next level by thoroughly explaining the most important grammar topics. These are written by native Spanish speaker to ensure that the information is correct and to provide examples of how the language is actually spoken in everyday use.

Editorial Methodology

Langoly collaborates with a variety of experts in fields related to language learning and acquisition: language teachers and educators, linguists, translators, and content creators, among others. Langoly editors and writers work closely with these established professionals to ensure Langoly only publishes the most accurate, timely, and factual information available.

For product reviews, Langoly maintains complete independence and does not accept paid articles, sponsorships, or other compensation in order for a company, product, or service to receive a more favorable evaluation. Each article and review is fact-checked by Langoly staff and incorporates feedback and suggestions from industry experts. We also cross-check and verify information with specialized publications, product and service websites, and U.S. and other government reports.

Meet The Team

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Chad, Founder
Chad first found his love of languages when learning German in high school. After struggling to speak German on a trip abroad, he realized the importance of learning communication over memorization. Since then, he has lived in 5 different countries and has learned as many languages. As both a language student and teacher, he hopes to share the knowledge he has gained in his experiences.

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Kelsey, Content Manager
Kelsey is a language enthusiast that wants to help others on their linguistic journeys. As a former ESL teacher, and foreign language learner herself, she hopes her experiences can benefit others and help them learn more effectively. She loves to travel and enjoys meeting people from all over the world.

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María, Spanish Language Expert and Content Creator
Maria is a Business Engineering student from Colombia who is passionate about learning. She loves traveling the world and connecting with different cultures. Her dream is to be a world citizen and help others learn about the things she loves, including Spanish, her native language, and her culture.

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