About Langoly

Welcome to Langoly! Our goal is to help you on your language learning journey. We hope our language guides and app reviews will help you find the best resource to learn a new language quickly and effectively. Our honest and independent reviews tell you the good and the bad so you can make an informed choice.

Our Reviews

We currently offer two types of reviews:

Language App Reviews – Each review is a comprehensive look at one specific app. We take a deep dive into each app to learn its ins and outs. We present an unbiased look at the different features and prices that each app offers. These reviews are meant to help you decide if it’s right for you before you buy.

Language Guides – Since most people already know what language they want to learn, we round up the best apps that offer that particular language. That way you can compare the options at a glance to choose the right one for you. We have language guides that cover the most popular languages like Spanish, French, and Chinese, but we are proud to offer language guides that also cover less-spoken and endangered languages such as Bengali and Telugu.

How We Write Our Reviews

All of our reviews are 100% independent. We don’t receive money from any companies to write the reviews or give their app a higher rating. We share our own opinions because we want to offer the most truthful and correct information possible.

To write the reviews, we thoroughly test each product. We examine each aspect of the app to find the good, the bad, and the ugly. As language learners ourselves, we use our own experience with other apps to give a comprehensive picture.

In each review, you’ll find a detailed description of the app that looks at the pros and cons. We know that learning a language is difficult, so we also include if the app can overcome common language learning challenges. Because not everyone learns the same way, we always offer alternatives and competitors so you can find the app that best fits your language goals.

Meet The Team

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Chad, Founder
Chad first found his love of languages when learning German in high school. After struggling to speak German on a trip abroad, he realized the importance of learning communication over memorization. Since then, he has lived in 5 different countries and has learned as many languages. As both a language student and teacher, he hopes to share the knowledge he has gained in his experiences.

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Kelsey, Content Manager
Kelsey is a language enthusiast that wants to help others on their linguistic journeys. As a former ESL teacher, and foreign language learner herself, she hopes her experiences can benefit others and help them learn more effectively. She loves to travel and enjoys meeting people from all over the world.