María José Escobar
Spanish Language Expert and Content Creator

María José Escobar is the Spanish Language Expert and Content Creator at Langoly. She is from Colombia and is a second-year university student majoring in Business Engineering. Since she was young, she’s had a fascination for languages and cultures. Her journey learning English started in her early school years. She took advanced courses in both English and Spanish literature. Upon graduation, she obtained a C2 English proficiency certification. Maria is constantly looking for new learning opportunities, especially when it comes to languages.

Maria also loves sharing and helping others in their language learning journeys. She was an English as a Second Language tutor during her exchange year in the United States, helping students from around the world adapt to the culture and language. Additionally, she was a tutor for one of her college courses. Her experience as an English student has given her a passion for sharing her knowledge with Spanish learners.

María’s Articles and Reviews

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