7 Best Apps to Learn Marathi Online (Fast!)

Marathi may not be the most popular language to learn, but it is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It can be a gateway to other languages like Hindi and it uses the same alphabet as Nepali, Sanskrit, and other languages. It can be difficult to find high-quality apps to learn Marathi though.

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Even though over 90 million people speak Marathi, there aren’t a lot of ways to learn it online. There are a few great apps that can help you though. To save you time from searching the internet, I’ve created the list below. With these apps, you can start learning Marathi online right away!

What Are The Best Apps To Learn Marathi?

To find these apps, I tested them and compared them to other Marathi learning apps. These all stood out because they provide excellent value and actually help you learn. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the 7 best apps to learn Marathi!

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Best Way to Learn Marathi Vocabulary50LanguagesRead More
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Best App to Learn Conversational MarathiLearn MarathiRead More
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Best Overall App to Learn Marathi

italki app homepage

italki is a platform that connects language learners and tutors around the world. You can use italki no matter where you are. You can also schedule lessons anytime you’d like. There are a handful of Marathi tutors available on the platform ready to help you learn.

You can choose a teacher by watching their introduction videos, reading past student reviews, and by availability and price. I really like using italki because it’s safe and secure. italki protects your payments and makes sure you receive the lessons you pay for. You can learn more about italki in this review.

Key Features

  • Safe and secure platform
  • Choose your own tutor
  • Lessons aren’t expensive
  • Learn what you want to learn


The tutors on italki set their own prices. Marathi lessons on italki range from $6.00 to $12.00 per hour. You can also take a trial lesson with teachers. Trial lessons range from $1.00 to $5.00 per hour.

Sign up for italki to start learning with a native Marathi speaker.


Best App for Online Marathi Courses

Udemy Homepage

Udemy is an online course platform where you can study a lot of different topics. One of the topics is Marathi! If you prefer to study with a more traditional course instead of private lessons, Udemy is the best place to do so.

Udemy is simple to use and the courses are usually pretty cheap. You can read past student reviews, watch sample lessons, and see the full curriculum before you buy a course, too. I’ve used Udemy to study other topics and have always been happy with the quality of the courses. You can read more about the platform in this Udemy review.

Key Features

  • Find a course for any topic
  • Read past student reviews
  • Know exactly what you’ll learn
  • Courses are cheap


Each instructor sets their own prices for Udemy courses, but they typically range from $10.00 to $30.00 per course.

Browse courses on Udemy to start learning Marathi today.


Best App to Practice with Native Speakers

Tandem app homepage

If you want to practice with native Marathi speakers but don’t want to pay for lessons, you can try Tandem. It’s a social app where you can meet people around the world and practice languages. I enjoy using it because you can choose whether you text, audio call, or chat by video. Another similar app to Tandem is HelloTalk.

Tandem also has some features that make speaking in Marathi easier. You can translate messages and also have native speakers correct your mistakes. It’s a pretty easy app to use, and you can start chatting as soon as you log in.

Key Features

  • Easily chat with native speakers
  • Translate messages in the app
  • Ask native speakers to correct your mistakes


Tandem is free to use if you only want the basic chat features. If you want enhanced features, like in-app translations, the cost is $6.99 per month, $3.99 per month for 3 months, or $2.92 per month for a yearly subscription.

Start chatting in Marathi today with Tandem.


Best Way to Learn Marathi Vocabulary

50Languages Homepage

50Languages is a really good tool for learning Marathi vocabulary. It has a bunch of different vocabulary lists you can study. You can learn useful and important words and phrases that you’ll use in everyday life.

It’s a little out-dated and not as flashy as other language apps, but the content is high-quality. It also includes audio clips from native speakers, which helps you improve your listening and pronunciation skills. You won’t become conversational if you only use 50Languages, but it’s a fantastic way to start building your vocabulary.

Key Features

  • Useful vocabulary lists
  • Audio from native speakers
  • Free to use


It’s free to use 50Languages, so it’s worth giving it a try. You can download all of the files to start learning directly from the 50Languages website.

Build your Marathi vocabulary quickly by studying with 50Languages.


Best App to Learn Beginner Marathi

uTalk Homepage

If you’re a complete beginner and you’re just beginning to study Marathi, uTalk can help you start learning. The app definitely won’t make you fluent by itself, but it can help you along the way.

It provides different tools to help you study vocabulary and communication skills. The one thing missing from uTalk is grammar. For grammar help, it’s best to use an app like italki or Preply. With these, an online Marathi tutor can help you learn grammar.

Key Features

  • Learn Marathi as a beginner
  • Study vocabulary and pronunciation
  • Practice with flashcards


A uTalk subscription costs $7.99 per month for one language. You can also choose to pay $9.99 per month for access to all languages or $99.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Start your learning journey off on the right foot with uTalk.

Learn Marathi

Best App to Learn Conversational Marathi

Learn Marathi App Screenshots

Learn Marathi is an app that helps you learn conversational Marathi. It’s mainly a vocabulary app, but it stands out from others because of the way you study. It puts vocabulary into very specific categories, like going to the bank, asking for an address, or visiting the doctor.

When you study with Learn Marathi, you’ll be able to navigate a lot of common situations easily. This is really important if you plan to travel to an area where people speak Marathi. It’s important to note that you’ll need to know the Devanagari script before using this app though. It doesn’t teach you how to read.

Key Features

  • Learn important vocabulary for everyday situations
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Study the topics you want


Learn Marathi is completely free to use. There are advertisements in the app though. These may interrupt your studying sometimes. This app is also only available on Android devices.

Prepare yourself for everyday situations by studying with Learn Marathi.

Marathi 101

Best App for Learning the Marathi Alphabet

marathi 101 app

Marathi 101 is an app that is helpful for anyone who wants to learn the Marathi script or alphabet. It’s better than other apps that teach the alphabet because you can practice writing inside the app by tracing the lines of the characters in the correct order.

This will help you learn the alphabet quickly. You’ll also learn to write accurately. There isn’t a lot of study material outside of the alphabet, so it’s best to use other apps to continue learning. Regardless, Marathi 101 is the best starting point if you need to learn the script.

Key Features

  • Simple design
  • Learn the alphabet letter by letter
  • Practice writing in the app


The app is completely free and is available for Android and iOS devices.

Start learning the Marathi alphabet today.

Why You Should Use An App To Learn Marathi

Learning Marathi can be difficult if you don’t know any native speakers. Apps help make your study sessions more interactive, even if you’re studying by yourself. They have different activities and exercises and will help you learn the language correctly. Using apps like italki and Tandem can help you find native speakers that will teach you, too.

Best Apps To Learn Marathi – Final Thoughts

Whether you plan to travel to India or are just curious about the language, learning Marathi can open a lot of opportunities for you. When you make an effort to speak Marathi to a native speaker, they’ll be so happy and more than willing to help you. Even if you only know a few words!

The apps on this list are the perfect way to start learning the language. They help you improve all aspects of communication. Before you know it, you’ll be able to have a full conversation in Marathi!

Learn Marathi Online FAQ

Is Marathi hard to learn?

For native English speakers, Marathi can be difficult to learn. It uses a different alphabet, has different sounds, and the grammar is also very different. Outside of linguistic differences, there are also a lot of cultural differences. Even so, learning Marathi is a worthwhile venture!

How can I learn Marathi fast?

The best way to learn Marathi fast is to take lessons with a native Marathi tutor. You can find Marathi tutors online by using apps like italki and Preply. With private lessons, you’ll be able to study exactly what you want whenever you want.

Are there any apps to learn Marathi?

Yes, there are several high-quality apps to learn Marathi, like italki, Udemy, uTalk, and Marathi Shala. These apps help you learn different aspects of the language. Using them will also help you become conversational more quickly.

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