Lingoda Review: A Look at Its Courses, Pricing and Alternatives

This Lingoda review covers everything you need to know about the online language school. From its main features and language courses to Lingoda’s price and alternatives, this review will help you decide if Lingoda is the best choice for you.

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High-quality and professional language school

Lingoda is an online language school that teaches Spanish, French, German, and English. With classes available 24/7 and over 1,500 certified teachers, Lingoda is one of the best options for online language lessons. Unlike most online tutoring platforms, Lingoda follows a goal-oriented curriculum to help you achieve fluency quickly. The cost is affordable and the quality of the lessons surpasses most other language schools too.

User Experience
Quality of Content
Features Available
Value for Money
  • Small group and private lessons available
  • Flexible scheduling anytime you want
  • All teachers are certified and experienced
  • Curriculum helps you learn quickly
  • Quality of group lessons depends on other students
  • Lesson materials can be repetitive
  • Studying class materials alone is difficult
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Lingoda Languages

Spanish, French, German, General English, Business English

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Main Features


Learning Experience

Price and Subscriptions



I love reviewing language apps and other learning resources. There are a lot of them out there, and sometimes it can be hard to find the best ones. That’s why I started Langoly – to help you find the best ways to learn a language quickly.

I’ve already reviewed online tutoring platforms like italki and Preply, and I wanted to take a closer look at Lingoda to see how it compares. So without further ado, let’s jump right in!

About Lingoda

Lingoda Language School Homepage

Lingoda is an online language school that started in 2013. Since then, it has helped over 80,000 students take language lessons online.

One thing that I really like about Lingoda is that they only hire certified language teachers. All of the teachers also have at least 2 years of experience teaching their native language. This means you’ll always have high-quality lessons and the teachers will be able to answer questions about grammar and other difficult topics.

Other platforms like italki and Preply don’t generally require any qualifications, so the quality of the lessons can be hit or miss.

Lingoda Review: Main Features

Lingoda has a lot of the same features all online language schools have: private and group classes, a customized curriculum and practice activities, and certificates to show your levels. While it doesn’t have a lot of extra bells and whistles, it doesn’t really need them. The core features of Lingoda include everything you need to speak more fluently. Let’s take a look at exactly what Lingoda offers.

Lingoda Group Classes

If you’re looking for a traditional language school experience, Lingoda’s group classes are the way to go. Each class has a maximum of 5 students and they have a relaxed and more social environment. They can be helpful because you’ll learn from the teacher as well as the other students.

Lingoda Class Screenshot

My experience with Lingoda group classes was pretty positive. However, it’s important to note that sometimes other students can try to dominate the class. The teachers are usually pretty good about letting everyone participate equally though, so this isn’t a huge problem.

Lingoda Private Classes

For a more intensive learning environment, you can also choose to take private lessons with Lingoda. These offer flexibility because you can focus on exactly what you want to learn or you can follow the curriculum. They’re always one-on-one with a certified language teacher and your speaking skills will improve a lot quicker than in the group classes.

The only downside to the private classes is that they’re quite a bit more expensive than the group classes (more on Lingoda’s cost below). That’s to be expected though. If you want to improve your language skills quickly, private lessons are definitely the way to go.

Lingoda Lesson Materials

All group classes follow Lingoda’s lesson plans and curriculum. Language teaching experts developed the curriculum to focus on the most important useful topics, and they did an excellent job. Also, as of September 2021, Lingoda has updated its lessons to include new content and encourage more interaction during lessons.

Lingoda Lesson Materials

Each lesson has a slideshow presentation that the teacher guides you through, and it also has a very specific goal. I really like that you can choose the order you want to complete lessons in. You can either follow the structure Lingoda created or jump around and take the lessons that are most interesting to you.

Lingoda Practice Materials

After you complete each lesson, Lingoda has practice materials to reinforce what you learned. They’re usually just quizzes to help you remember everything, so they’re not super helpful. It’s still nice to have them though. I hope Lingoda continues to develop more practice activities to help students practice outside of lessons.

Lingoda Practice Quiz

I personally think it’s a good idea to use apps like Babbel and Pimsleur to practice outside of class. You can also use an app like Drops to build your vocabulary quickly and use news words during your classes.

Lingoda Levels

The Lingoda curriculum followed the CEFR framework to create its levels. This is definitely an advantage because each level has clearly defined goals. Businesses, universities, and other institutions around the world also recognize these levels. Lingoda offers the following levels for each language:

Lingoda CourseLevels Included
General EnglishA1-C1
Business EnglishA1-B2

Lingoda Certificates

When you complete each level of a Lingoda course and attend at least 90% of your classes, you’ll receive a CEFR certificate from Lingoda. Lingoda is accredited by the German government, so most major institutions will recognize your certificate. This is something most other online schools can’t offer!

Lingoda Certificate

It’s a huge advantage for Lingoda over other platforms, and it makes Lingoda your best option if you want to enhance your resume or CV, get into study abroad programs, or include it in visa applications.

Lingoda Sprint Review

The Lingoda Sprint is a huge promotion offered by the company throughout the year. There are two ways you can participate: The Lingoda Sprint and the Lingoda Super Sprint. Both challenges are 3 months long. If you successfully take all of the required classes and don’t miss any, you can get up to 100% of your money back! The Lingoda Sprint is an amazing opportunity to dive in and learn a new language quickly, but be sure to read the fine print. The table below shows how each challenge works.

PromotionDurationClasses per MonthCashback Bonus
Lingoda Sprint90 days1550%
Lingoda Super Sprint90 days30100%

There are a few rules that can disqualify you from getting your money back, so make sure you understand them before signing up. Lingoda also automatically enrolls you in a subscription after your Sprint ends. If you don’t want to continue taking (and paying for) classes after your Sprint, you’ll need to cancel your subscription.

To find out when the next Lingoda Sprint starts, you can check the website below.

Lingoda Marathon Review

The Lingoda Marathon is a challenge similar to the Lingoda Sprint, but it’s available all year long and you don’t get as much of your money back. The Lingoda Language Marathon lasts 3, 6 or 12 months. If you’re committed to learning a language, the Lingoda Marathon is an excellent way to stay focused and track your progress. If you’re a more casual learner though, it may not be worth it.

The table below shows the different Lingoda Marathon options:

Marathon TypeDurationTotal ClassesCashback Bonus
Quarter Marathon3 months50$60
Half Marathon6 months100$250
Full Marathon12 months200$450

The Lingoda Marathon rules are similar to the Lingoda Sprint. Be sure to read them very carefully before signing up because they can be a little tricky. If you break a rule, you won’t be able to get your cashback bonus!

Lingoda Language Courses

Lingoda offers courses for the following languages: Spanish, French, German, General English, and Business English. Each course follows a similar format and structure, but there are some things you should know before signing up. Read more about each individual course below.

Lingoda Spanish Review

The Lingoda Spanish course covers levels A1 to B2 and has between 100 and 150 lessons in each level. Each class focuses on a different skill, like reading, communication, speaking, or grammar. The classes are organized and easy to follow, but it’s important to know that Lingoda teaches Spanish from Spain (Castellano), not Latin American Spanish. If that’s what you want to learn, it may be better to try a Lingoda alternative like italki.

You can also check out other Spanish learning apps to see more options.

Lingoda French Review

The Lingoda French course can take you from complete beginner to a high intermediate speaker (A1 to B2). The lessons cover everything you need to know, from grammar to pronunciation. The Lingoda French curriculum is really well-rounded and detailed. Sometimes the pace of classes can be a little slow, but Lingoda actively updates the lessons to make them more engaging and interactive. Overall, it’s a solid choice if you want to become conversational in French relatively quickly.

If you’re still not sure, these apps to learn French can also help you out.

Lingoda German Review

The Lingoda German course starts at the A1 levels and progresses all the way through C1. Lingoda’s online German classes teach you to navigate daily life in German and also understand the more difficult aspects of the language, like grammar. Because Lingoda is a German company, the German course is a bit more in-depth than the other language courses. Lingoda’s German course is easily the best option if you want a structured and well-rounded curriculum taught by native German teachers.

These German learning apps can also be a great supplement to your Lingoda lessons.

Lingoda English Review

Lingoda offers both General English and Business English courses. General English covers A1 to C1 and Business English goes from A1 to B2. Both courses are an excellent way to study English online. The General English course also offers a recognized certificate at the end of each level, but this isn’t available for the Business English course. Unfortunately Lingoda’s curriculum won’t prepare you for the IELTS exam (Coursera and Udemy have courses for that), but it’s perfect if your goal is to improve your conversational English.

Lingoda Review: Overall Learning Experience

Overall, learning a language with Lingoda is a positive experience. The teachers are helpful and professional and the curriculum helps you get results. The lessons can be a little bit repetitive sometimes, but their structure and content teach you to speak naturally. Plus, all teachers are native speakers!

Immersion is the best way to learn a language. While some apps like Rosetta Stone and FluentU can simulate immersion, they’re no substitute for practicing with native speakers.

In terms of its price, I think Lingoda is definitely worth it. If your goal is to reach a conversational level, you’ll only need a few months with Lingoda to achieve that. The fact that Lingoda only hires experienced and qualified teachers really makes it stand out from other online language schools too.

Apps like Mondly and Busuu are excellent options if you want a cheaper way to study a language. If you’re on the fence about taking lessons, using apps these can help you start learning without paying for lessons with a live tutor.

If you want to go ahead and try a few lessons to see if it’s a good fit for you, you can take advantage of Lingoda’s 7-day free trial.

Lingoda Review: Areas of Improvement

Lingoda is definitely one of the best language schools online, but there are still some ways it could improve.

The main aspect I didn’t like was the pace of the lessons and the repetitiveness of the material. Sometimes the lessons seem pretty slow and they repeat the material too many times. Repeating is a necessary evil in language learning, but sometimes it can be really demotivating. The good thing about this is that Lingoda has been updating its curriculum and is releasing new lessons. This is a huge improvement!

The other area where Lingoda can improve is the extra activities it offers outside of class. You can take quizzes after each class to test what you remember, but I’d like to see some practice activities. This isn’t really a problem though, just something I think would add a lot of value to a Lingoda subscription.

Lingoda Price

The price of Lingoda ranges from $6.75 to $19.00 per hour for group classes and $19.00 to $40.00 per hour for private lessons. The cost depends on which language you study and how many classes you take each month. Overall, Lingoda prices are comparable to other online language schools, but a little higher than other tutoring sites like italki. This is because Lingoda only hires experienced and certified language teachers.

Lingoda Price Table

Lingoda Trial

If you’re interested in trying Lingoda, you can take advantage of the free 7-day trial. The Lingoda trial includes either 3 group classes or 1 private lesson. When you sign up, you’ll have full access to the Lingoda platform so you can see which lessons are available and what the schedule is. It’s definitely worth a try!

Lingoda Trial Screenshot

Lingoda Monthly Subscription Price

The most flexible way to take Lingoda classes is the monthly subscription, which costs between $56.00 and $520.00 per month. When you choose this subscription, you can take between 1 and 10 classes each week. There’s no penalty for taking less classes than and you can buy more lessons if you want them. The table below shows the monthly subscription price for Lingoda group classes.

Lingoda Course1 Class/Week3 Classes/Week5 Classes/Week10 Class/Week
Spanish, French, General English$56$138$200$380
Business English$76$186$280$520

Lingoda Sprint Price

The Lingoda Sprint price ranges from $716 to $1,406 for the total cost of the promotion. If you complete the Sprint successfully, you get 50% of your money back. If you complete the Super Sprint successfully, you get 100% of your money back. Although the cost may seem high, it is definitely affordable if you successfully complete the challenge and get your refund. The table below shows the total price of the Lingoda sprint for each language course.

Lingoda CourseSprint Price
(15 classes/month)
Super Sprint Price
(30 classes/month)
Spanish, French, General English$716$1,196
German, Business English$836$1,406

If you follow the rules of the Lingoda Sprint and complete the challenge successfully, your sprint refund will be between $358 and $703. To start each sprint, you need to pay a $59 down payment, which goes towards the fees mentioned above.

Lingoda Sprint Price

Lingoda Marathon Price and Cashback

The Lingoda Marathon price is between $575 and $2,500 for group classes and $1,300 and $5,000 for private classes. The marathon is available all year and you can choose between a 3, 6 and 12 month subscription. The table below shows the total cost of the Lingoda marathon (group classes only).

Lingoda CourseQuarter Marathon Price
(3 months)
Half Marathon Price
(6 months)
Full Marathon Price
(12 months)
Spanish, French, General English$575$1,050$1,800
Business English$775$1,400$2,500

It’s not possible to get a full refund for the Lingoda Marathon like it is for the Lingoda Sprints, but you can get a cashback bonus if you complete the marathon successfully. The cashback bonuses range from $60 to $450.

Lingoda Alternatives and Competitors

There are a lot of online language schools, and that means there are a lot of competitors and alternatives to Lingoda. However, most of them can’t match the quality or convenience of Lingoda’s lessons. The most popular Lingoda competitors are italki, Baselang, and Preply. There are also language apps that can be solid alternatives to Lingoda for a much cheaper price, like Pimsleur and Babbel.

Lingoda vs italki

italki app homepage

Lingoda is a formal online language school and italki is a platform that connects language tutors and students. Because of this, Lingoda offers a structured curriculum and a consistent experience no matter which teacher you have. italki, on the other hand, lets tutors create their own lesson plans, so the quality between tutors can vary greatly. Lingoda only offers 4 languages while italki offers over 150 different languages. Pricewise, rates tend to be a little lower on italki (although quality can also be lower). All in all, Lingoda is a more solid option if you’re learning Spanish, French, German, or English.

Or learn more about it in this italki review

Lingoda vs Baselang

Baselang Spanish School Homepage

Lingoda and Baselang are both high-quality language schools, but there are some key differences you need to know about. Baselang only offers Spanish while Lingoda offers 4 languages. Both offer structured lessons, but Baselang’s lessons can take you to a higher level than Lingoda’s lessons. In addition, Baselang offers unlimited Spanish lessons for $149 per month, while Lingoda charges higher prices for more lessons. If you’re learning Spanish, Baselang is definitely the better option.

Or read more in this Baselang review

Lingoda vs Preply

Preply language app homepage

Preply is a platform that connects tutors and students around the world. Like italki, the quality of tutors on Preply varies a lot. Lingoda offers a much more consistent experience and maintains high standards. Both Lingoda and Preply offer free trial lessons though, so it’s worth checking out each company to see which one works best for you.

Or learn more in this Preply review

Lingoda vs Pimsleur

Pimsleur app homepage

Lingoda gives you the opportunity to take live lessons with professional language tutors. Pimsleur, on the other hand, is a language learning app that guides you through a structured course without tutors. Both options will help you improve your communication skills, but practicing with a native speaker is always better than an app. However, if you’re on a budget, studying with Pimsleur is a lot cheaper than Lingoda. Pimsleur also offers a free trial, so it’s worth checking out!

Or read more about it in this Pimsleur review

Lingoda vs Babbel

Babbel App homepage

Babbel is a popular language app that has full courses for multiple languages. There are no live lessons though, which is exactly what Lingoda offers. Between the two, Lingoda will help you speak more naturally in less time. However, Babbel is quite a bit cheaper than Lingoda and can still help you become conversational. Because it’s an app, Babbel is also quite a bit more flexible because you don’t have to book lessons in advance.

Or learn more in this Babbel review

Lingoda Review FAQ

What languages can you learn on Lingoda?

You can learn Spanish, French, German, and English on Lingoda. All courses follow the CEFR framework and you receive a certificate when you complete each level of a Lingoda course. Because it’s accredited by the German government, Lingoda’s language certificates are recognized by businesses, universities, and other institutions around the world.

Can Lingoda make you fluent?

If you study consistently and review the lesson materials outside of class, Lingoda can definitely make you fluent. Practicing with native speakers is one of the best ways to become fluent in another language, and Lingoda makes this really simple and convenient. Lingoda courses follow the CEFR framework and all of them will help you reach a high intermediate level.

How long are Lingoda lessons?

All Lingoda lessons are 60 minutes long. This is true for both private and group lessons. Depending on your subscription, you can book between 1 and 10 classes each week. This means you can study a language up to 10 hours each week with Lingoda.

Is Lingoda worth the money?

In terms of quality and convenience, Lingoda is definitely worth the money. It also offers more long-term benefits than other language schools, like certified and experienced teachers and language level certificates. Overall, Lingoda may be more expensive than other online language schools, but the value it provides easily justifies the cost.

Is the Lingoda Sprint worth it?

The Lingoda Sprint is worth it if you can commit to taking at least 15 lessons each month. When you successfully complete the Sprint, you can get either 50% or 100% of your money back. Free language lessons are always worth it! If your schedule is already full and you don’t have time for a lot of language lessons though, do not sign up for the Lingoda Sprint.

What time are the Lingoda classes?

Lingoda classes are available 24/7, which means you can schedule them whenever it’s convenient for you. It’s best to book at least a week in advance though because some classes do fill up. If you don’t book in advance, the times and variety of classes may be limited.

Is Lingoda a scam?

Lingoda is not a scam. It is a fully-accredited online language school that offers courses in Spanish, French, German, and English. There have been many complaints about the Lingoda Sprint being a scam, but these are usually written by people who fail to complete it. There is a lot of fine print with the Lingoda Sprint, so make sure you understand the rules before signing up.

Lingoda Review Methodology

This is a completely independent Lingoda review. Lingoda did not sponsor this review and I am not an employee of the company. To write this review, I created an account with Lingoda and took several Spanish lessons to get an idea of the quality and overall experience. I also read other Lingoda reviews on major websites like Trustpilot and Google to see what other language learners experienced.

Chad started Langoly to help others learn and teach languages more effectively. He's a language enthusiast, and loves reviewing language learning and teaching resources.

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