The 7 Best Apps to learn Afrikaans fluently

Maria Claudia Alvarado Published on June 14, 2023
Afrikaans app guide

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If you want to learn Afrikaans in a convenient way, using an app is the best choice. Apps can be fun and usually integrate innovative teaching methods like games and animations. The hardest part of learning Afrikaans might be finding high-quality resources to aid your learning journey. We have compiled the best 7 apps to help you reach your desired level of Afrikaans.

Best Overall App

Mondly logo
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Best for Beginners

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Best for Vocabulary

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Learning Afrikaans can open doors to a rich linguistic heritage. Afrikaans evolved from Dutch in the 17th century and is spoken in South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana. There are around 6 million Afrikaans speakers in the world. There are also large communities of Afrikaans speakers in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Speaking Afrikaans is helpful if you want to visit a country like South Africa. South Africa has the biggest percentage of native Afrikaans speakers, with around 13% of South Africans speaking Afrikaans as a first language. It’s also where most wildlife safaris and the Cradle of Humankind, which is where most ancient human fossils have been found, are located. Knowing Afrikaans will help you move around the country, interact with the locals, and give you a unique opportunity to observe the culture up close.

While Afrikaans might not be one of the most spoken languages in the world, you could have an easier time learning it if you already speak some of the most common languages like French, or German. Afrikaans is a tonal language, which means that the meaning of a word could change with the tone or pronunciation. All of this may sound scary, but with the right app, it doesn’t have to be!

What Are The Best Apps To Learn Afrikaans?

To write this article, I researched the most popular app choices for Afrikaans learners. I downloaded each of the apps in this list and used them to test out their features. Then, I noted their areas of strength and listed who could benefit from using them.

Below you will find the best 7 apps to learn Afrikaans.

Best Overall Afrikaans AppMondly
Best for BeginnersAfrikaansPod101
Best for VocabularyLing App
Best for 1-on-1 Lessonsitalki
Best for Language ExchangeHelloTalk
Best for Learning in ContextClozemaster
Best for Quick LessonsSimply Learn Afrikaans


Best Overall Afrikaans App

Mondly Overview

Mondly is an app that uses modern technology to teach Afrikaans vocabulary in different contexts.
Mondly logo
Best for Overall Learning
Price $9.99/month
Free trial 7 days
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The Mondly app offers a comprehensive Afrikaans course that lets you practice the language with modern and interactive tools. Instead of following a set curriculum, you can pick the topics you want to study and learn related Afrikaans vocabulary and phrases. Each lesson includes audio by a native speaker and, at the end of each unit, you can practice conversation with the voice recognition tool.

Most language learning apps don’t offer voice recognition tools, and I thought that it was a valuable resource for Mondly to add to their Afrikaans course. Afrikaans is a tonal language, so pronunciation is important but often disregarded by app courses. Using Mondly to improve your pronunciation can be an efficient way to speed up your progress toward fluency.

Overall, Mondly is a good app for Afrikaans students of all levels to learn or refresh their vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and comprehension skills. You can also track your progress, which is a great way to stay motivated. You can learn more about the app in this Mondly review. 

Key Features

  • Pick what topic you want to study
  • Use the Chatbot to practice conversations
  • Voice recognition technology


Mondly offers some of its content for free, but if you want to access all the available features you will have to pay for a subscription. You can get a monthly subscription for $9.99, but you can pay for an annual subscription for $47.99 ($3.99 a month). There’s a 7-day free trial to test out all of its tools before purchasing a subscription.


Best for Beginners

AfrikaansPod101 Overview

AfrikaansPod101 has audio and video lessons to make learning Afrikaans easy. It’s constantly updating and adding new content.
AfrikaansPod101 logo
Best for Beginners
Price $8/month
Free trial 7 days
Try AfrikaansPod101

AfrikaansPod101 is well-known for its podcast-style lessons, but it also includes lesson notes, transcripts, vocabulary lists, and listening exercises. It provides a set lesson plan and an assessment test, so you will always know where you stand in your Afrikaans learning journey. Once you take the test, you will be able to complete the lessons that fit your level of Afrikaans best. This is a very flexible feature because you can start at the most convenient point but also skip or go back to previous units for study.

You can also download the podcasts to your mobile device and listen to them when you are offline. AfrikaansPod101 provides thorough grammar explanations and lots of examples to make sure you understand the phrases, dialogue, and vocabulary in the podcasts so it’s a good choice if you are starting with Afrikaans. There are lessons for complete beginners to advanced Afrikaans learners, so everyone can enjoy the course.  

Key Features

  • Includes podcast-style lessons
  • Provides extensive grammar explanations and multiple examples
  • You can download the lessons to your mobile device


AfrikaansPod101 offers Basic, Premium, and Premium+ subscriptions. A Basic subscription costs $4.00 per month, Premium costs $10.00 per month and Premium+ costs $23.00 per month. AfrikaansPod101 offers a 7-day free trial and discounts if you buy a longer subscription.

Ling App

Best for Vocabulary

Ling App Overview

Ling App helps you learn Afrikaans with short lessons, flashcards, and multiple interactive exercises. All the lessons include audios that you can slow down to clearly hear the pronunciation of the words and phrases.
Ling App logo
Best for Vocabulary
Price $8.99/month
Free trial 7 days
Try Ling App

Ling App is similar to Duolingo in the way it uses trivia-like exercises to help you learn and retain the Afrikaans language. In each lesson, you will get a set of vocabulary words, followed by fill-in-the-blank and match-the-cards exercises to test your memory. Then, you can listen to a dialogue, read the transcript, and fill in the blanks with the right words.

There are lessons available for beginner to advanced levels, so you can use Ling App no matter where you are in your Afrikaans learning journey. You can also review vocabulary and transcripts, and use the chatbot to practice different topics of conversation like numbers, family, music, cooking, etc. At the end of each unit, you will have the chance to take an exam, but you can take the lessons in whichever order you want no matter how you do in the test.

Ling App is fun to use, and the lessons are short so you can complete them in less than five minutes. This is a good choice if you are looking for an entertaining way to learn Afrikaans vocabulary in your free time. You can learn more in this Ling App review.

Key Features

  • Entertaining, trivia-like exercises to test your knowledge 
  • Use the chatbot to practice conversation in Afrikaans
  • Flexible lesson plans


Ling App offers some of its content for free but, if you want to access all lessons and tools, you will need to pay for a subscription. Ling App charges $7.99 per month, but you can also get a yearly subscription for $79.99 or a Lifetime membership for $149.99. You can also try Ling App for free with a 7-day trial so you can see if it works for you.


Best for 1-on-1 Lessons

italki Overview

italki is a platform and app that connects you with an Afrikaans tutor for online classes no matter where you are. You can use filters to find the best community tutor or teacher for your learning style.
italki logo
Best for 1-on-1 Lessons
Price Varies
Free trial N/A
Try italki

italki is one of the best apps to connect with an Afrikaans tutor for online classes. The best way to become fluent in Afrikaans is to practice with a native speaker, but this can be difficult if you don’t know anyone who speaks the language. italki makes finding a tutor easy by letting you browse and filter until you find the best option.

You can filter teachers by the languages they speak, their price range, where they are from, and more. Overall, italki’s filters are a practical tool that will help you save time and find the best match for you. You can visit the tutors’ profiles to read their bios, see past students’ reviews, and check when they are available. The benefit of taking online classes is that you choose the most convenient time for you!

There are currently 53 available Afrikaans tutors on italki and most are from South Africa. Each tutor creates their own lesson plan and sets the price for their lessons, so there is an option for every budget. You can learn more about the platform in this italki review.

Key Features

  • Practice conversation with an Afrikaans native speaker
  • Take online classes from the comfort of your home
  • Use filters to find the best teacher for your language goals and budget


italki offers two types of teachers: Community Tutors and Professional Teachers. The price for a lesson with an Afrikaans Community Tutor starts at $5.00, but some Professional Teachers charge $15.00 per lesson. Most tutors in italki offer a trial lesson at a discounted price so you can see if they fit your learning style.


Best for Language Exchange

HelloTalk Overview

HelloTalk is a language exchange app that connects you with people from around the globe to practice speaking Afrikaans. It also offers some built-in language learning tools useful for communication.
HelloTalk logo
Best for Language Exchange
Price Free
Free trial N/A
Try HelloTalk

The HelloTalk app is a budget-friendly way to practice speaking with an Afrikaans speaker. After you create an account and choose the language you want to learn, you can connect with Afrikaans speakers available to help you practice conversation. Your language exchange partner can help you train your Afrikaans language skills by providing tips and real-time feedback.

The app also offers Translate and AI Grammar tools that will allow you to double-check and correct your phrases before you post or send them to your language partner. The AI Grammar tool is most helpful for beginners who are struggling with learning the grammar structure of Afrikaans because the app will correct the sentence and explain the correct use of the language. Unless you pay for a subscription, you can only use the free grammar help 3 times a day, but it is still a pretty cool tool.

HelloTalk also lets you post “Moments” in Afrikaans and receive feedback from native speakers. This is a great way to practice your writing skills. Overall, I think this is an excellent way to practice all your Afrikaans language skills and become part of the language learning community. You can learn more about the app in this HelloTalk review.

Key Features

  • Find a language exchange partner
  • Be part of the Afrikaans language learning community
  • Includes Translate and AI Grammar tools.


HelloTalk offers most of its features for free, but if you want to learn more languages and begin more chats each day, you will need to upgrade to a Pro subscription. A Pro subscription costs $12.99 each month or $79.99 ($6.67 for each month) for a year. You can also purchase lifetime access to the Pro subscription for $149.99.


Best for Learning in Context

Clozemaster Overview

Clozemaster uses fill-in-the-blank exercises and quizzes to help you learn Afrikaans words and their context. This is a good option for intermediate learners to expand their Afrikaans vocabulary.
Clozemaster logo
Best for Learning in Context
Price $8.99/month
Free trial 30 Sentences per Day
Try Clozemaster

Clozemaster uses fill-in-the-blank exercises to help you practice Afrikaans word context and vocabulary. You can study the most common words of the Afrikaans language, learn vocabulary in order of difficulty or create your own collection of words. The goal is to see if you can use different Afrikaans words in different contexts.

Unlike the rest of the apps in this list, Clozemaster’s lessons are more like quizzes. You can choose between “Easy” and “Hard” vocabulary and listening questions. An audio will play after you pick an answer, so you can hear the correct pronunciation for Afrikaans phrases. The lessons are short and feel a lot like a game, and you win points with each right answer.

This app is a good option for Afrikaans learners that want to test their knowledge. It doesn`t provide grammatical explanations, so it’s better when used in addition to another learning resource. You can learn more about the app in this Clozemaster review. 

Key Features

  • Fill-in-the-blank exercises that teach words in context
  • Learn words in frequency and difficulty order
  • Quiz-like exercises to test your knowledge 


A Clozemaster Pro subscription costs $8.99 a month or $69.99 a year. You can use Clozemaster for free, but you can only practice 30 sentences a day unless you pay for a subscription.

Simply Learn Afrikaans

Best for Quick Lessons

Simply Learn Afrikaans Overview

Simply Learn Afrikaans is an easy-to-use app for beginners that want to become familiar with Afrikaans vocabulary and phrases.
Simply Learn Afrikaans logo
Best for Quick Lessons
Price $8.99/month
Free trial Yes
Try Simply Learn Afrikaans

Just as the name implies, Simply Learn Afrikaans is very easy to use. It has a straightforward interface so you can easily find the lessons and quizzes. With the app, you study Afrikaans vocabulary and phrases for common scenarios, like shopping, eating out, or asking for directions.

This is a good choice for beginners looking to learn the basics of Afrikaans with short lessons. You can select which topics you want to study in whichever order you want and take multiple-choice tests when you feel ready. You can also listen to the pronunciation every time you click on a phrase, so you can train your ear and repeat after.

Key Features

  • Study basic vocabulary and phrases
  • Complete multiple-choice quizzes to test your knowledge
  • Learn language useful for real-life situations


Simply Learns Afrikaans offers a good amount of its content for free, but if you want to access all the quizzes, +1,000 phrases, and get rid of ads, you will have to upgrade to a Pro subscription. A Simply Learn Afrikaans Pro subscription costs $8.99 per month.

Why You Should Use Apps To Learn Afrikaans

Apps are a convenient way to learn Afrikaans because you can practice anywhere you can take your phone or other device. They are entertaining to use and often have a variety of resources to help you practice the necessary skills to become fluent in the language. Most apps have brief lessons that you can complete in a couple of minutes, and even let you choose what topic you want to study.

You will also find apps with more innovative tools to help you learn Afrikaans, like lessons with voice recognition, AI, and AR. Even though most apps aren’t free, the price range is wide, so you can find one that fits your learning style and budget. You can also use apps to track your progress, which is a great way to stay motivated!

How To Use Apps To Learn Afrikaans

The best way to use apps to learn Afrikaans is to find one that helps you practice the skills you want to develop. Some apps focus on building vocabulary, while others are better for practicing oral comprehension skills. It’s best to mix and match apps or use other resources like books or videos.

Once you have found the right app, you will need to create a study routine and stick to it. Consistent study is the only way you will be able to learn Afrikaans using an app. Most apps have short lessons so that you can practice every day or a couple of times every week. This way you will see constant progress and reach fluency faster.

Best Apps To Learn Afrikaans: Final Thoughts

The apps in this list are all great tools to incorporate into your Afrikaans study routine. The lessons are short, and you can practice the language whenever you are and have free time. Apps provide visual aid and engaging activities, so you will constantly feel motivated to keep learning. With practice and consistency, you will be speaking Afrikaans before you know it!

Best Apps To Learn Afrikaans: FAQ

Which app can I use to learn Afrikaans?

There are multiple excellent apps that you can use to learn Afrikaans. You can use an app like Mondly to develop your oral comprehension skills, schedule a lesson in italki whenever you have free time, or test what you have already learned with Clozemaster. 

What is the best way to learn Afrikaans?

The best way to learn Afrikaans is to practice each day or at least a few times every week. Consistent study will help you retain what you have learned and see constant progress. Using multiple resources like apps, books, podcasts, and more is also a good way of developing all the necessary skills to speak Afrikaans fluently.

Is there a Duolingo for Afrikaans?

No, but luckily there are other apps available that offer Afrikaans. Mondly has some of the features you will find in Duolingo, like audio and voice recognition as well as spaced repetition exercises. LingApp also has a similar interface and trivia-like lessons.

Where can I learn Afrikaans for free?

You can learn Afrikaans for free using apps and other resources with free content available. You can also integrate authentic Afrikaans resources like videos, podcasts, newspapers, and more into your study routine. There are lots of resources available on the Internet!

Does Babbel have Afrikaans?

Babbel doesn’t have an Afrikaans course. But luckily, there are other apps available that can help you learn in a similar style. Mondly provides similar spaced repetition and conversation exercises. AfrikaansPod101 is another option with a very comprehensive podcast-style Afrikaans course.

Maria Claudia Alvarado

Maria Alvarado is a content writer and translator from Lima, Peru. She graduated from the Savannah College of Arts and Design in 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Writing. She is fluent in Spanish and English, has intermediate knowledge of French and German, and is learning Japanese. She hopes to bring consciousness about the importance of language learning through her articles and aspires to learn as many languages as possible.

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