9 Best Apps to Learn Hungarian Quickly and Fluently (2022)

This article shows you the best apps to learn Hungarian. They’ll help you learn everything from vocabulary and grammar to pronunciation and conversational skills. By using the Hungarian apps on this list, you’ll be able to speak in no time!

Hungarian is one of the most difficult European languages to speak, but it’s definitely not impossible. And when you know a few words, you can unlock some of Hungary’s hidden beauties.

Hungarian Language Text

Even though Hungarian can be an intimidating language to learn, it’s actually pretty logical. Once you understand the common systems, you’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll pick up more words and phrases. Knowing the language can also help you get around in some of Hungary’s neighboring countries, like Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Ukraine, and Austria.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the best Hungarian learning apps.

What Are The Best Apps To Learn Hungarian?

To determine what the best apps to learn Hungarian are, I did a couple of things. First, I made a huge list of apps that offer Hungarian language lessons. Then, I read user reviews and comments on sites like Reddit and Trustpilot to see which apps people like the most. After that, I narrowed down the list and tried the most popular apps myself. The table below shows you which apps made the cut and what their main strengths are.

Best Overall App to Learn HungarianPimsleur
Best Hungarian App for BeginnersMondly
Best App to Learn Hungarian VocabularyDrops
Best Tutor App for Hungarian Learnersitalki
Most Flexible Hungarian Learning AppHungarianPod101
Best App with a Hungarian CourseMango Languages
Best App to Learn Hungarian in ContextClozemaster
Best Hungarian App to Meet Native SpeakersTandem
Best Free App to Learn HungarianDuolingo

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Best Overall App to Learn Hungarian

Pimsleur app homepage

Pimsleur is the best overall app to learn Hungarian because it helps you speak confidently in a short amount of time. It’s also one of the easiest language apps to use because all of the lessons are audio. Another one of the reasons the Pimsleur Hungarian course stands out from its competitors is its content. You learn how actual Hungarians speak their language.

Other apps have more games and activities to entertain you, but Pimsleur actually helps you get results. You can take the lessons anywhere, and they’re straightforward and easy to follow. If you’re like me and you struggle getting into a routine, Pimsleur is also an excellent choice because the lessons are all the same length and you can take them while you’re doing dishes, exercising, or anything else! Learn more about the app in this Pimsleur review.

Key Features

  • Audio lessons that are easy to follow
  • Useful vocabulary and phrases
  • No in-depth grammar that confuses you
  • Gain confidence when speaking


The Pimsleur app costs $14.99 per month for access to the Hungarian course. If you’re learning multiple languages, you can access all 51 of Pimsleur’s courses for $20.99 per month. Pimsleur offers a free 7-day trial, so I definitely recommend taking a few lessons to see if it’s a good fit for you!


Best Hungarian App for Beginners

Mondly App Homepage

Mondly is a language app that helps beginners learn important vocabulary and grammar. Grammar is one of the most difficult aspects of the Hungarian language, and Mondly has super helpful grammar tables that help you understand it. There’s no intermediate or advanced content in Mondly, so you’ll need to use another app one you reach those levels. It’s by far the most helpful for building a strong foundation in Hungarian though.

The aspect of Mondly I like the most is its technology. It’s easy to see and track your learning progress. This is really motivating for beginners. It’s a long road to learn a language, especially when you’re just starting. Mondly helps you push through these first obstacles though! Check out this Mondly review to learn more about it.

Key Features

  • Short and simple lessons for beginners
  • Extra features for grammar
  • Practice conversations with a chatbot
  • See your progress to stay motivated


The Mondly app costs $9.99 per month for access to the Hungarian course. There are also yearly and lifetime subscriptions available. Mondly usually has huge discounts on its lifetime subscription. You can try a couple lessons and a chatbot conversation for free. There’s even a 7-day free trial that lets you test out all of its features.


Best App to Learn Hungarian Vocabulary

Language Drops App Homepage

Drops is by far the best app to learn Hungarian vocabulary. It has the most useful lists of words and phrases I’ve seen. While other apps include general vocabulary, Drops takes it further. You can learn important phrases about medicine, traveling, politics, and a lot more.

My favorite aspect of the Drops app is that it has fun illustrations to help you remember the words. It doesn’t teach you to translate back and forth between languages. In the long run, this method actually teaches you the words instead of teaching you to memorize them. You can read more about the app in this Drops app review.

Key Features

  • Thousands of useful words and phrases
  • Cool animations to help you remember
  • Reviews words to keep them in your long-term memory
  • Only takes a few minutes each day


You can use Drops for free for 5 minutes every day. To have unlimited practice and access to the additional features, a Drops subscription costs $13.00 per month. The price gets cheaper if you choose a yearly or lifetime subscription. It’s definitely worth giving it a try for free though!


Best Tutor App for Hungarian Learners

italki app homepage

If you’re looking for a Hungarian tutor online, italki is the best place to find one. The platform is safe and secure to use, and all tutors are experienced in teaching Hungarian. There are also some additional features like blogging and communities on italki where you can practice your Hungarian skills.

Right now, there are over 50 Hungarian tutors to choose from on italki. You can filter them by different characteristics, like where they’re from, their availability, and price. To learn more about how it works, check out this italki review.

Key Features

  • Safe and secure platform
  • Reliable and experienced tutors
  • Additional features to enhance your lessons
  • Find a tutor for any budget


Hungarian tutors set their own prices on italki, and lessons typically range from $10.00 to $15.00 per hour. Most tutors also offer a discounted trial lesson if it’s your first time booking with them. Trial lessons usually cost between $5.00 to $7.00 per 30 minutes. You can sign up for a trial lesson with different tutors to find your perfect match.


Most Flexible Hungarian Learning App

HungarianPod101 app homepage

I really like flexibility when I’m studying languages, and that’s why I really like HungarianPod101. It has thousands of lessons that cover a huge range of topics. You can study what you want when you want. It also has a lot of different features available, like help from a tutor, to keep you engaged too.

HungarianPod101 offers lessons for all levels, so it’s a good choice for anyone from beginners to advanced speakers. I enjoy this app because it helps you develop multiple skills, like reading, writing, and listening. There’s no speaking practice, but you’ll easily be able to understand native speakers by using it.

Key Features

  • Thousands of lessons that are always updated
  • Practice reading, writing, and listening
  • Connect with a tutor to learn even more


HungarianPod101 has a free version that gives you an idea of what’s available. You can also sign up to receive a free Hungarian lesson every week! The paid subscriptions start as low as $4.00 per month, making it one of the most affordable apps to learn Hungarian. Give it a try for free to see if you like it!

Mango Languages

Best App with a Hungarian Course

Mango Languages homepage

The Mango Languages Hungarian course is an excellent choice if you like structure while you learn. It teaches you new concepts in a logical order and helps you build a solid foundation in Hungarian. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to navigate most everyday situations pretty easily.

I like Mango Languages because it has a goal for each level in the course. These are really helpful because they make sure you stay on track with your learning. They also tell you exactly what you’ll study in each part. To learn more about the app, you can read through this Mango Languages review.

Key Features

  • Structured course for beginners
  • Goals to keep your learning on track
  • Learn to navigate everyday situations


The Mango Languages app costs $7.99 per month for access to the Hungarian course. If you’d like access to all of Mango’s courses, you can pay $17.99 per month. The app offers a free trial, so give the course a try before paying for a subscription.


Best App to Learn Hungarian in Context

Clozemaster app homepage

While I don’t recommend learning Hungarian with only Clozemaster, I do recommend using it along with other apps. Clozemaster doesn’t have a full course, but it’s the best tool to fill in the gaps of your other learning tools. That’s because Clozemaster helps you learn Hungarian in context.

It has tens of thousands of native Hungarian sentences for you to practice with. There’s a word missing in each sentence, and you can either type it in or choose it from a few different options. Clozemaster really helped me build up my fluency in Spanish, and it will do the same for your Hungarian! Read more about it in this Clozemaster review.

Key Features

  • Thousands of native Hungarian sentences
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Excellent complement to other language apps
  • It’s free!


The basic version of Clozemaster is completely free to use. There is also a premium version, Clozemaster Pro, that costs $8.00 per month or $60.00 per year. Honestly though, the free version is what I use!


Best Hungarian App to Meet Native Speakers

Tandem app homepage

The best way to learn a language is by chatting with native speakers. That can be hard to do if you don’t know any Hungarians though. And finding someone online can be even more difficult.

Tandem is an app that helps you find native Hungarian speakers to practice your language skills with. In return, you help them practice the language they’re learning. It’s a really cool app where you can find friends all over the world and learn Hungarian in a relaxed and informal way. Another app similar to Tandem is called HelloTalk. You can meet even more people by using both!

Key Features

  • Easily find Hungarian language partners
  • Practice whenever you want
  • In-app features enhance your learning
  • Make friends around the world


The Tandem app is free to use if you only want to chat. The additional features, like in-app corrections and translations, come with the premium subscription. This costs $6.99 per month and gets cheaper with longer subscriptions. I think the free version works just fine though.


Best Free App to Learn Hungarian

Duolingo App Homepage

You’ve probably heard of Duolingo. That’s because it’s one of the most popular language apps in the world. And it’s also completely free!

The Hungarian course in Duolingo will help you learn some useful vocabulary and phrases. It won’t make you fluent though. That’s why I recommend using Duolingo to get started, but moving on to another app like Pimsleur or HungarianPod101 once you know the basics. You can learn more about Duolingo in this review.

Key Features

  • Full Hungarian course is free
  • Practice reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  • Pick up some useful vocabulary


Duolingo is ad-supported, which means advertisements may sometimes interrupt your lessons. There’s a premium ad-free version of Duolingo that starts at $12.99 per month, but I wouldn’t recommend paying for it. The value of Duolingo doesn’t justify the cost.

Why You Should Use Hungarian Learning Apps

Hungarian learning apps offer a way to practice your language skills whenever you want. If you’re using a few different apps, you can also focus on practicing different skills, like speaking, reading, writing, and listening. While most apps won’t make you completely fluent, they’re still useful learning tools (the good language apps, at least!).

How To Use Apps To Learn Hungarian

To really improve your skills, there are a few best practices when it comes to using apps to learn Hungarian. The first is that you should always use more than one app. This is because no single app will teach you everything you need to know. Hungarian apps teach different vocabulary, different grammar, and have different practice exercises. By using more than one, you’ll be more well-rounded in the language.

Another tip is to use apps that complement each other. For example, you can quickly learn Hungarian vocabulary with an app like Drops. If you’re also studying with Pimsleur, you’ll be able to easily use that vocabulary when you’re speaking. An app like HungarianPod101 will also give you the cultural knowledge you need to talk with native speakers. And finally, an app like italki or Preply will help you actually practice with native Hungarian speakers!

Best Apps To Learn Hungarian – Final Thoughts

There are a lot of apps out there that offer Hungarian content, but not all of them are helpful. The Hungarian learning apps on this list are the best ones available. Now all you need to do is try them! Think about why you’re learning Hungarian and see which apps will help you achieve your goals. Most of them offer free trials, so take advantage and test them out for yourself too!

Best Apps To Learn Hungarian – FAQ

Is there an app to learn Hungarian?

Yes, there are quite a few apps to learn Hungarian. The best overall app to learn Hungarian is Pimsleur, but other good options are Drops, HungarianPod101, italki, and Clozemaster.

How can I learn Hungarian fast?

The best way to learn Hungarian fast is to practice with native speakers. If you don’t know any native Hungarian speakers, you can quickly find them with apps like italki and Tandem. By practicing every day, you’ll be surprised how fast you learn the language!

Does Babbel teach Hungarian?

Unfortunately, Babbel does not offer Hungarian. However, there are other popular language apps that do. Some of the best apps to learn Hungarian are Pimsleur, Mondly, Drops, and italki.

Is learning Hungarian hard?

According to the US State Department, Hungarian is a hard language to learn. This is because it has significant linguistic and cultural differences to English. It takes around 44 weeks to learn Hungarian to a fluent level.

Does Rosetta Stone have Hungarian?

Rosetta Stone does not have Hungarian. However, other popular language apps like Pimsleur, Mondly, Drops, and Duolingo have Hungarian content available. You can try all of them for free to see which one you like the best.

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